Meri Saasu Maa 25th August 2016 Written Episode

The episode starts with pari asking maasa that whom she was talking?? Masa denies and goes. Pari find bandage that she tied to bunty.
Next day pari again ask maasa but she change the topic and ask about new project. Pari happilies tell her.
On terrace bunty is sleeping and just than pari’s duppta fall on him and he start imagining pari and with romantic song. (Sorry i forgot song name). And smiling he falls from bad. Actually he was dreaming.. just than pari stands infront of him and he starts doing his baakwas. And pari say that she know that he was talking to masa last night. Plz leave us and our trobles will be born my me. Bunty says that he knows that she can fight the known enemies but not the enemies whom is unknown to her.

Kamlesh sits for breakfast but chhaya tells her that their is nothing to eat and even vendors have stopped giving us food products due to that Pari incident. She ask kamlesh to agree with Gupta ji. Just than maasa ask her about food, chahya tells her everything and maasa ask pari to go to big bazzar and get food. Pari goes. Gupta ji calls kamlesh again and again but he cancels . He gets angry and say he is good for nothing, i will do somthing. Pari is hitted by rope and glass in leg and bunty helps her and take her home. Gupta ji waiting for her and tell maasa that he is here for to take bride as Pari for her brother whose wife is dead and have 12 yr old son. Maasa and pari denies. Bunty gets angry but tries to control. Gupta ji start bad mouthing about pari’s charachter and Bunty finally slaps him hard and throw out both saying you both were guests thats why going on two legs; otherwise……… would have not walked on legs..

Kamlesh thinks that i am helpless being elder son of house. Chahya provokes him to leave house. He start packing her bag. Chahaya ask him what is he doing??
Maasa does bandage pari and ask her to be careful; she must have taken rickshaw atleast. Pari says that i was getting late that why.. Bunty brings haldi lepp and ask maasaa to apply it on wound and she will get fine. Pari ask masaa to tell him to take away the lepp and goes. He says you are angry on me but what is the problem in applying lepp??

Just than Pari say that why did you slap Gupta ji?? He tells her that he is behind all bad work. Pari says that its his wish but if we do same than their will be no difference between us and him. Bunty says that Amma ji your daughter is only your parchai, bilkul ziddi. Maasa smiles seeing both of them. Maasa call bunty and does his bandage and tell that you are right. Just than police van comes.
Gupta ji say he slaped so hard, still paining and calls someone to do work. Gupta ji men get kamlesh and he ask what is gupta going to do with his family???
Bunty greets all police people. Inspector ask constable to arrest him in charge of doing Gunda Gardi. Maasa, Bunty and pari is shocked to hear this. While chahya and her sister smiles.

Precap- Bunty gets angry on inspector and pari ask about charges on him? Inspector inform gupta ji launched FIR (how can police arrest for this slap that to with FIR; dumb police; do not know law that they can only warn him for this).

  1. Why Chhaya’s sister appeared last minute? Cant see her so irritating face. She is totally waste.


      Actully evils are less as phele 4 sons and 4 DIL the but ab 1 son or 1 bahu hai to evil bada diye …

  2. Totally time wastage
    It’s better show goes off air now

    1. Isha, why you totally against the show. In that case you should not have watched the show. Anyway the show is ending so pls at least support or dont complain. Actually the show was very good compared to other boring, dragging serials.

  3. Idiot bunty toh pagal yeh dream ma bhi pagal hota hai .sattu is so handsom we all miss him badly

  4. Saba auntie please tussi sattu la aao request hai aap nu .bunty na serial da styanash kar diya hai

  5. Arjun sir u r rite.Noboy like bunty track. He is so irritating. BUNTY is side line of this show. Pearl is original hero of this show. Nobody stand in front pearl personality. He work so hard for this show. But maker of this show forget all these things.He is only one person who goes for different cities for the permission of this show but maker forget all these things and introduce new person who’S acting is so irritating that the people lost interest in this show .I saw every people request to saba mumtaz mam.but she is not ready to lisen single word .How rude she is.RITE shraddha mam.You also miss pearl sir

  6. Wow bunty nice episode good job keep it up

    1. Please finish bunty track so bore please bunty commit suicide then pearl will come back easily


    Readers plz stop abusing bunty, he is not at fault; team took all this bakwas decision… and show is already ending by coming week… so plz enjoy last week of show…

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