Meri Saasu Maa 25th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Saasu Maa 25th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Pari asks maasa who was she talking to, but she distracts her into another topic. but she does find the bandage that she was tying to bunty and is boggled. the next morning, pari again brings up the same topic with maasa, and she distracts her yet again about her new project. Pari excitedly starts narrating it to her.

On the roof, bunty lies, lost and immersed in pari’s thoughts, when pari’s dupatta falls on him, and he is taken into a romantic dream imaginary sequence. in doing so, he falls off the bed, and then realises he was dreaming all along. he finds pari standing in front of him, and still in the haze he caresses her and talks lovingly. she is curt and stoical, and asks him to spill the truth, as she knows he was with maasa last night. she asks him not to meddle in her business, as she can handle her problems and her enemies. but he warns her about the ones, who she doesnt even have a clue of.

At the breakfast table, as kamlesh sits to eat, chaaya tauntingly tells him that there is nothing, as the shopkeepers have refused to give anything to them, after the way pari humiliated them publicly. just then, maasa comes and gets to know whats going on. she asks pari to go to the supermarket and get food, and pari complies. she leaves. Meanwhile, kamlesh continuously ignores guptaji’s incoming calls, who starts fuming as to how he shall have to teach a lesson now to pari, and her family.

scene 2:
Location: On the road
Pari gets injured in the leg, and he helps her get back, and hurriedly rushes her home.

Scene 3:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Back home, pari and bunty are shocked to find guptaji waiting for them, for a prospective groom for pari, his brother, whose wife is dead, and he has a teenage son. maasa and pari both deny vehemently. Bunty is enraged but is barely able to control himself. Gupta ji is unable to take the rejection and starts bad mouthing pari and her character. bunty is unablek to restrain himself, and slaps him tight on his face, while they are all shocked. Bunty shoves them both out, asking them to never step foot again. they resignedly leave.

Kamlesh is thinking in his room, that even after being the eldest son, he isnt able to do anything. chhaya asks him to stay mum, and its better that they leave rightaway. he gets a suitcase and starts packing, while she is boggled and continuously asks whats he doing.

While bunty is working, maasa applies antiseptic on pari’s feet, reprimanding her for coming with so much stuff, on foot. pari apologises and says that there werent much conveyance options and still the stuff got ruined. maasa asks ehr not to worry. bunty gets turmeric paste for her, for pain relieving, and asks maasa to put. but pari asks him to take it away. maasa smirks, while they both argue, about applying the paste. Pari finally stuns him by asking what right he has on her, that he is arguing. pari says that what he did to gupta was wrong. he says that gupta deserved treatment like that. she reminds him that hooliganism doesnt run the society. he shows her the true side of gupta, but she is defiant that they wouldnt become like him. she asks him to agree that he did wrong. he says that he does, that she is the most adamant woman he has ever met. maasa is amused. then she hollers him to come closer, and also applies paste on his injury. maasa says that he is right, and pari is egoist like her. the police siren rings, and he asks them not to worry as he shall just speak to them and come back.

Scene 4:
Location: Gupta’s residence
Gupta fumes as to how dare bunty slapped him, and plans to ruin the entire family. he dials someone and asks if the work he asked for is going on. relieved by the anbswer, he shuts the call, asking them to hurry up. his men get kamlesh from hiding. he is surprised to see him. Kamlesh asks him whats he planning to do with his family. gupta eyes him angrily and then smirks.

Location: Maasa’s residence
The police come in muttering about indecent behaviour and hooliganism beyond tolerance, regading bunty. he comes and asks whats the matter, pretending to be very casual about meeting them. maasa comes and wonders why is the police here in his house. the police tells him that he is under arrest, with a warrant. all are shocked to hear this. the screen freezes on bunty’s shocked face.

Precap: Bunty is enraged and is about to argue with him, when pari intervenes, and asks who filed a complaint, that he is arresting bunty. she is told that the complaint is by guptaji. maasa says that bunty isnt at fault. the inspector says that the court shall decide, but for that, bunty has to go to the police station, and then goes onto do that.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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