Meri Saasu Maa 22nd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Saasu Maa 22nd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Temple
As they arrive at the temple, pari’s folder falls. he helps to pick her paper, when he finds that they are official documents related to the curt. he eyes her tensedly. maasa gets tensed, but nevertheless asks pari to come along, also for the lord’s blessings, as she is going for a good work. she complies. pari prays to the lord, that she be given the right decision. pari prays that she might be given the strength to have success in what she plans to do, and be able to do justice to her decision. Maasa prays that pari understands that she can never do a heinous crime like adulterating milk. sattu too prays that he hopes whatever pari decides shall be in the benefit of the family. she finds that sattu has decided for alms distribution to the poor, since she has recovered. maasa smiles. pari turns around and hears intently. maasa asks sattu to help pari reach the court, so that she doesnt get late. She turns around to find maasa, who ardently wishes that god has given her the strength that she took the right decision of refraining the case, so that she might be able to salvage some respect that she has in her eyes. Pari touches her feet for her blessings. they eye each other tensedly. then she eyes them both, and finally leaves with sattu.

Scene 2:
Location: Maasa’s residence
At home, all are shocked to know that pari reached at the court, and if that happens, then noone shall be able to save them. She says that she is more scared of maasa, who would kill them if she gets to know. the husband is distraught, wondering wht to do now. Later, the bhabhis axiously wait to see what she has decided, and what if she decided to get the samples checked, that might expose their husbands.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
In the car, sattu drives tensedly, while pari eyes him worried as an awkward silence follows. he asks if going is necessary and she complies, saying thats necessary. He drives unmindfully escaping an accident barely, as pari warns him just in time. He makes a crash halt and asks if she is okay. she says that she okay, but misplaces her specs, and when she finds it, its broken. he is tensed too, and says that he shall fix it back up. He complies.

Scene 4:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Back home, sattu is washing his bike, when suman comes and asks why is he paying so much attention on bike. he fumbles. She teases him that he is actually waiting for pari, and knows whats going on, and has the belief that she shal take the right decision. she asks him to go in, as when pari comes, she shall send her to him. he complies and goes in. He then dials her number, but then cancels the call. he goes in after suman.

Inside, the bhabhis are all tensed as to what decision pari shall take. Suman’s mother is tensed, but babita says that they neednt worry, as they have a plan, by which noone shall be able to catch them. She complies, but says tat still its better if pari doesnt fight. just then, pari enters tensed and worried. they all cater to her, appeasing her, so that they can get news out of her. But she denies, and is about to walk ahead, when suman’s mother blurts out if she took her case back. all wait for her answer, and before she can respond, suman comes and takes her to sattu. they are frustrated. pari comes in sttu’s room, tensed, and finds him walking upto her, confronting her. she says that she knows what he wants to ask, as she knows what maasa’s relation to dudh sagar, and how she has toiled hard to achieve this glory. he smiles, a little relieved. she says that this was easy for her to take, but she had to do this, for preserving maasa’s respect and dudh sagar’s integrity, and that she shall fight the case. He is shocked and distraught. she says that she believes that neither maasa nor anyone else tampered with the milk, in the family, but there is someone,and when investigation begins with the court, that person shall be nabbed. She holds his hand and asks if she did right. he jerks her hand away. she again holds his hand, and tries to make him understand that this case isnt against maasa, but against the culprit. he again jerks her hand away, saying that if she had wished to find out, she should have come to him, and investigted. But she went on and did this on her own. he leaves the room in a huff. pari is tensed. meanwhile, in her room, maasa is sitting tensedly, when sattu comes and says that he is tensed and mortified, that his wife is doing this, and that getting the best lawyer, he shall settle the case easily. she listens on. he says that he promises that he shall rectify the mistake that his wife did. she turns away resignedly, without saying anything. then she says that if pari did rong, why is he tensed, and whats done is done, but now she trusts her dudh sagar, as much as she trusts her lord, and that this is true, that pari hurt her, by accusing her and her severeal years of hard work, and she shall get all her answers and her lesson too. sattu then comes to pari’s room, while she is sad and tensed. she tries to talk to him, but he ignores her, and then asks him to try and understand her position, as to what would have happened had her mother drank the bad milk. she asks him to answer what would have happened had he gotten the incident with his mother. She says that today he isnt listening to her talk, and that this case isnt against maasa, but against the person, who is maligning the name of the brand, so that he can be exposed. he wrenches her close to himself, and asks her to understand that by doing his, she merely called foul on the family. Glaringly, he says that he has kept her glasses as before, and leaves resignedly.

Scene 5:
Location: Dudh Sagar Factory
The husbands dress up as police guards, try to sneak in the factory, but are held by the guard. they fumble, as they are enquired of their identity. They manage to pull through. they tell the security guards that they have been sent by maasa, for internal checking. they go in, unnoticed by the guards. they are allowed in. Then they hurriedly get to work, to taking out the adulterated milk. Just then, policemen arrive at the factory, to take a sample. they hurriedly go up to the godown so that they can take some samples, for investigation. fnally, they break in, and find noone, and wonder who locked it from inside then. they continue on with their investigation.

Scene 6:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Later, Maasa comes and asks why the bhabhis why are they relaxing around, and asks them to go and make food. pari comes and says that she shall make food. maasa stops her, and goes to her, and asks her to let be, as she needs to relax, after the heavy work she did today. pari says that she knows the reason of her anger, but asks her to try and understand once. she says that she isnt doubting family, but there is someone who is tampering. the bhabhis get tensed. pari says that person should be punished. Maasa stops her right there, saying that whatever she did, her factory shall be disgraced. pari still argues, and says that she had been told to take her decision which her heart feels right. maasa complies, and says that she feels sorry that her heart didnt agree to her family, and that one wrong hunch, and she tarnished their image. she says that she did wrong, and took the wrong path too. She says that she hd never thought that her own bahu shall make their prestige the butt of the jokes in town. The bhabhis are amused. sattu eyes her tensedly. Sandwiched in between, pari eyes maasa and then sattu tensedly. the screen freezes on pari’s tensed face.

Precap: As they sit down to dinner, the doorbell rings. Maasa wonders who is here at this time of the night, and is shocked furthermore when she finds police at their doorstep, saying that they found adulteration in their milk, and are here to arrest satendra. all are shocked. pari is apalled and aghast to hear this.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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