Meri Saasu Maa 15th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Saasu Maa 15th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Pari waits anxiously while maasa finally resignedly complies, and blesses her. pari stands apalled. sattu is tensed and still feeling guilty of having betrayed his mother. maasa then instructs the bhabhis, to get the room arranged wonderfully, for their wedding night. they comply. sattu says that she has just returned, and that she shouldnt stress herself over these petty issues, and should rest. She asks him not to worry as she has everything chalked out. she conceals her disgust and disappointment, and leaves. pari wonders if sattu even realises how much maasa hates her, and vice versa, or whether he pretends to be ignorant, even after knowing it all. sattu asks maasa to rfest, but she says that she has had enough rest, and doesnt need more. he leaves. pari exclaims that no one in her family knows whats going on, and they shouldnt, as they shall not be able to bear it. he comes back to find maasa gone, and then finds her coming with a glass of medicinal liquid. he asks her to stop taking care of him, when she is the one that needs care. he takes the liquid when she insists. she then hollers and addresses all the ladies, and eyes pari sternly, while she is tensed. Granny then gives pari a change of clothes, for the consummation of her rtelationship on her wedding night. pari stands aghast but resignedly takes it, wondering what maasa is upto now. Maasa hides her tension away, and barely smiles at her, and then moves on. pari stands tensed. maasa then goes to the other ladies, and asks them to take her home, and then prepare food. they silently comply. she and sattu are left alone. she then finally leans on the sofa, while he sits by her legs, to press her feet, as she relaxes.

Scene 2:
Location: Pari’s residence
Pari’s father is unable to locate his specs, and habitually asks for pari, and then realises that she nomore lives with them. he gets emotional. granny comes with teary eyes and reminds him that pari is in her sasural. he says that he is very happy, that pari got such a wonderful home, but is concerned that he wont stay quiet, if she has the slightests problem there. she asks him not to think so, as pari would rule there and wont have an inch of an issue, and shall be very happy. masi reprimands them to stop lamenting on pari’s departure, and asks them to come have breakfast.

Scene 3:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Later, in the night, the the bhabhis are commenting on the way, the dramas are unfolding in the house, and they all are in anticipation of every move of maasa, and wonder where shall this elad to. they have a good laugh, as to how it shall provide them entertainment for years to come. sattu and pari’s room, is romantically set for their wedding night. pari stands in it tensed and worried. pari thinks how much maasa hates her, and wonders why the pretense then. she starts wondering what all she had thought that she shall get her mother here, but her life has taken such an ugly turn, and wonders where she ended up. She then wonders whether sattu actually wanted to marry her. the ladies barge in, and comment as to how she isnt ready yet. She gets up to go. They all wait, while pari finally comes out dressed in the lehenga that maasa gave her. pari hesitatingly asks them to button her up from behind. babita rushes in to help, and ties the knot, and then makes it feel like she did the zipper, whereas she actually didnt. the other ladies leave to get sattu while babita comments that she is very shrewd, as they all live in maasa’s fear, but with her very arrival, she unnerved maasa so much so, that she landed in the hospital. pari says that its a matter of concern and not amusement, and that she shall always be her mother. meanwhile the ladies get sattu, who is reluctant to come in, saying that he wishes to be by his mother’s side. they tease him and ask him to be with his wife. they forcibly send him in, and then close the door. He turns around. they both awkwardly confront each other. pari tensedly and almost scared, looks up at him, while he stands tensed.Suddenly the winds start gushing and the cushions and papers are thrown out, and they both get to collecting them together, while he is mesmerised by her beauty, as she collects the papers hurriedly. her dupatta too falls away, and she is conscious of her exposed figure. she drapes herself by her hands, while he reaches out for the dupatta, and then draps it ahead, while they watch each other through the see through cloth. an awkward yet romantic eyelock follows. after draping the dupatta, she looks away, while he notices that the zipper is undone, and tries to hesitatingly and fumbling, tries to make her realise as to how its undone. she is flustered and mortified with embarassment. As sattu gets close and intimate with pari, trying to consummate their wedding, his hand slides down the zipper on her kurta, from her back, while she eyes him with nervousness and anticipation, as an awkward romantic eyelock follows. he assures her that its her house too, and he is here and maasa too, and if she needs anything, then she can tell either of them, and asks if she is okay. she then refrains herself and rushes away, while he follows her boggled and puzzled. she continuously says that nothing is okay. She asks him why he married her. she ardently says that she wishes to have her answers first. he asks whats the matter. she asks if he knew that his maasa wanted her to marry mastana. sattu says that he did. She is shocked to hear this, and asks if he knew about maasa’s betrayal. he says that she took mastana’s relationship, and they readily complied. She says that his maasa told her and her family about sattu’s relationship and not mastana. sattu is shocked, and says that this isnt possible, as mastana was always the groom. she says that he was dressed as the groom, and even on the card, his name is there. he is boggled, and says that this cant be, as he saw the cards which said mastana married pari. She asks how can this be, and then why did he marry her instead of mastana, if he was their groom. He says that mastana ran away, and she is shocked. she comments that only maasa can give the answers to all of her questions. He eyes her tensedly and shocked. The screen freezes on pari’s shocked face.

Precap: Pari asks sattu to come along then to maasa so that they can get the answers to the questions. He complies. She then takes his hand and they both reach maasa’s room. he comes to maasa and hesitatingly says that he wishes to speak with her. she asks him to speak up what is it. pari stands outside the door, and listens intently.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. Hmm. Lets see what happens tomorrow… But little boring… Partu scenes okay ? today

  2. So sad of pari

  3. PaTtu scenes were so cute today, loved it and m happy about the fact that neither Pari nor dattu misunderstood each other and loved the part in the precap where Pari holds sattu’s hand

  4. Wat is wrong with maasa n i feel bad for pari

  5. I am sure Maasa will cook up a story and make Park look like a liar.

  6. Hmm…let see what next…poor pari..

  7. We want that smart Pari who will fight for what is right,don’t make her weak,let her fight for what is right,it should be tit for tat.

  8. Pari♡sattu.. very cute couple..
    Maasa is seriously a devil.. nd how cum sattu believe her and love her..
    It is Maasa’s trick

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