Meri Pyaari Ammi — OS

Aliya was getting ready for her concert with guilt in her eyes when Mishti came.

Mishti: you happy?

Aliya: matlab?

Mishti: you tried to kill mum! Thanks god she is alive! What happened 2 years ago, leave it please!

Aliya: and why should I? That woman who gave me to a snake, should I forgive that woman?

Mishti: you know what, you deserve to know what really happened.

Aliya put the papers away and said: what happened that day?

Mishti: you were kidnapped by Snakelana and mum was told to give her money. So mum went to give the money but the snake said no police. The police idea was Rudy chachu and Anika chachi’s idea. Mum is so innocent that she agreed to their plan. When the snake saw the police, she took you along with her and then that’s when you and her fell off the cliff. Everyone thought mum was the guilty. EVERYONE!! She was thrown out with Pari in her womb. NO ONE KNEW SHE WAS PREGNANT AND THEY TOSSED HER OUT!

Aliya was shocked. She fell on the chair and Mishti said: I’m out! But I hope you realized your mistakes!

She storms out of the room leaving Aliya crying silently.

Gauri on the other hand was in a room alone looking at old childhood pictures of her and Aliya.

Aliya’s room:

Aliya went on the floor, the lights went out, pearls fell from her eyes and she letted out a scream… a scream of guilt….a scream of pain and she cried again.

A aa e ee oo uu ri ae ae..

O oo ann ahaa

A aa e ee oo uu ri ae ae..

O oo ann ahaa

Ka kha ga gha da

Ch chh ja jha

Ta tha da dha da

Te tha da dha na

Pa pha ba bha

Mai yay ray lay vay

A aa e ee oo oo ri ae ae..

O oo ann ahaa

Gauri’s voice in Aliya’s head: Laado..

Ungli pakad ke phir se sikha de

Godi utha le na Maa..

Aanchal se meri munh ponchh de na

Maila saa laage jahaan

Aliya remembered when Gauri would teach her. She remembered when she would make her learn how to walk as Gauri held her tiny fingers.

Gauri saw a picture of Aliya on her laps as she would make Aliya listen to her stories.

A aa e ee oo oo ri ae ae..

O oo ann ahaa

Aankhein dikhaye mujhe jab zindagi

Yaad mujhe aati hai tere gusse ki

Daata bhi toh tune mujhe, phoolon ki tarah

Kyun nahi maa saari duniya teri tarah

Aliya remembered when she would hug Gauri when she told her off. She also remembered when Gauri would scold her like flowers.

Gauri remembered when Aliya would smile hearing her scolding her.

Maatha garam hai, subah se mera

Rakh de hatheli na Maa

Tune kuch khaaya?

Der se kyun aayi?

Koi na poochhe yahaan

Scenes played in Gauri’s head that whenever Aliya came home, she would ask many questions which Aliya loved listening to.

A aa e ee oo oo ri ae ae..

O oo ann ahaa

Aliya remembered the days that whenever she was ill, Gauri would get so worried and cancel everything just to stay with Aliya.

Heera kaha, kabhi nagina kaha

Mujhe kyun aise paala tha Maa

Teri nazar se mujhe dekhe na jahaan

Duniya ko toh daantegi na, daantegi na Maa

The scene kept replaying in Aliya’s head when she was so angry with Gauri that she pushed her onto the road and a car hit her. The blood coming from Gauri’s head. The guilt was eating her alive.

Teri nazar se mujhe dekhe na jahaan

Duniya ko toh daantegi na, daantegi na Maa

Mujhko shiqayat karni hai sabki

Mujhko sataate hain Maa

Ab tu chhupa le

Paas bula le, mann hai akela yahaan

Aliya saw a knife laying in the corner. With the guilt in her heart, she grabbed the knife and placed it near her wrist crying.

A aa e ee oo oo ri ae ae..

Gauri felt something weird and realised that Aliya was about to do something. She went out of the room she was in and run as fast as she could to where Aliya was

O oo ann ahaa

As Aliya was about to cut her wrist, she heard someone’s voice.

Gauri shouting: LAADO!

She threw the knife out of Aliya’s hand and gave Aliya her angry face. Aliya looked at her with tears and said: why did you come maa? Why?

Gauri: what did you call me?

Aliya: maa.

It felt like magic when Gauri heard Aliya call her ‘maa’ once again. She hugged her tight crying as well.

Aliya crying: maa, I tried to kill you. I deserve to die.

Gauri: ALIYA!

She broke the hug and continued: don’t ever think like that again! That woman brainwashed you into thinking like that. You know that when you were born, I was the most happiest person in the world. Yes I gave up a lot of things but that was to bring you in this world. My family broke ties with me, I didn’t care because you were coming. I had to give up my education until you were six so that I could raise you! I didn’t give up everything for you to try and kill yourself! Aliya! Listen, that woman wanted you because she hates me for marrying your papa. Never think you are responsible for anything. When you tossed me on the road, you were angry, you weren’t in your senses, that woman’s words was in your head.

Aliya: I am sorry maa.

Gauri hugged her tight and said: shh! Kuch maat bolo.

Om and their other daughters came and saw Gauri-Aliya hugging each other.

Om: finally they made up.

Mishti smiled thinking: finally Alu di got her senses back. Finally she realised mum was innocent.

Aliya saw Om and her sisters and said: join the hug.

They smiled and joined the hug.

Just then…

Voice: Aliya! COME QUICK!

The hug broke and rikara became angry seeing Snakelana. The one who was angry the most was Aliya.

Snakelana to Gauri: what did you say to her? Don’t forget she is my property so don’t steal her like you did with Omkara!

Gauri was about to speak when…

Aliya: I am very sorry, I am your property? I always thought I was your animal because you would always beat me up and tell me stuff about my mum which are fake!

Snakelana was shocked and said to Gauri angrily: WHAT DID YOU TELL HER?

Again Aliya spoke.


Snakelana: don’t forget I made you a singing sensation!


She shoves Snakelana to the side and goes with her family. As she walked to the stage, she covered her face with the burqa she was wearing and went on. Her family went in the crowd and everyone cheered as they saw secret superstar.

Snakelana quickly went in the crowd and to the front.

Aliya: hello everyone, before we begin tonight’s show, I want to tell everyone the truth. I am not an orphan as Miss Svetlana Kapoor says. I have parents. Omkara Singh Oberoi and Gauri Omkara Singh Oberoi. I have a big family where everyone loves me a lot. Due to circumstances, I separated from my family two years ago because they thought I was dead and blame… blame went on my mum. But my mum wasn’t guilty. She didn’t try and kill me. I was kidnapped. By my so called guardian and manager Miss Svetlana Kapoor.

Snakelana was about to ran but security caught her. As they took her out, she screamed: GAURI THIS IS NOT THE END! JUST YOU WAIT! AND YOU (to Aliya) I WILL NEVER FORGET THIS.

And she was out of sight.

Aliya: thanks god she is gone. So tonight’s song is for someone special. Someone who fought the world for me to be born. Someone who raised me with love only. Meri maa.

She grabbed her microphone as Gauri’s eyes teared up.

Aliya: Thodi si cute hai. Thodi si karari bhi. Thodi si cool hai. Thodi si purani bhi. Jaise garmi mein thanda sa sharbat. Khatta meetha sa. Jaise sardi mein chaahat ka koyi. Kambal mota sa. Meri pyari ammi jo hai… (x4)

Childhood memories were shown when Gauri would take Mishti and Aliya to have ice cream and when Mishti dropped her ice cream, she would buy them kulfis to cheer them up and Gauri does this without complaining. When she and Gauri would see a horror film and hide in the blanket when really scared.

Aliya: Mushkil mein hoti hoon. Ammi meri roti hai. Khushi mein bhi meri woh. Dupatta bhigoti hai. (she remembered when she had a bad problem, Gauri would feel upset as well. When Aliya scored a really good mark or something, Gauri would cry in happiness) Ek ek aansu mein. Duaayein piroti hai. Koyi bataaye kya hai. Ammi aisi hoti hai.

She remembered when she had a cold, Gauri would be damn worried. She remembered that Gauri introduced her to the world of music. She saw Gauri playing the guitar in the flashback.

Aliya: Thodi si sayani hai. Thodi si emotional. Ammi jo hans de to.Tal jaaye har mushkil. (she remembered when Gauri and Aliya would have a talk on boys) Jaise kismat ki chaabi hai woh. Jo khole har taala. Maine apne sapno ka. Har baksa unko de dala. Meri pyaari ammi jo hai… (x4).

She remembered when Gauri, herself and her sisters would see a Salman Khan movie in secret without letting Om know. She remembered when she and Gauri would get ready for events together.

Aliya: Ammi ke haathon mein. Jaane kaisi barkat hai. Daal khichdi mein bhi. Daawaton ki lazzat hai. Chehre pe fiqron ki. Laqeerein hain phir bhi. Ammi meri duniya mein. Sabse khoobsurat hai. Thodi si moum hai. Thodi si — Ammi ki ammi ki god mein. Tham jaata hai waqt bhi. Jaise unke seene mein. Tik tik tik meri dhadkan hai.

Gauri’s eyes teared up hearing these sweet melodious words coming from Aliya.

Aliya: Mujhe unke seene se lag ke. Mill jaati jannat hai. Meri pyari ammi jo hai…

Just then she took the burqa off revealing her face to public, wearing a plain pink kurta. Her eyes were full with tears and she ran from the stage and people moved out of the way for her as Aliya hugged Gauri tight.

The remaining of the song playing in b.g:

Meri pyari ammi jo hai… (x3)

Ammi jo hai

Ammi ammi jo hai

Ammi ammi jo hai

Ammi ammi jo hai…

Gauri kissed her forehead as everyone’s eyes welled up seeing this mother-daughter bond.

The end

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  1. Jasminerahul

    Ur Gauri Aliya Swetlana version of Ishita Ruhi n Nidhi was awesome.It was better than YHM.Aliya trying to kill Gauri was shocking,how she got shattered knowing the truth n trying to hurt her…gauri feeling that n stopping…gauri aliya reunion was so emotional.Aliya revealing her identity on stage exposing Swetlana was nice.Aliya singing 4 gauri was so nice.fb scenes of Gauri n Aliya were beautiful.

  2. Nikita_jai29

    It is lovely dear

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