meri problem solver . mrs malhotra ( 7 heavens ) epilogue

hello guys i know i am late . plz maaf kar do . so here is the epilogue . guys plz read a note at last .

so a wedding is going on . a bride and groom our told to take wovs . groom pick bride up in his arms . both took 7 vows . their families were showering flowers on them . in background a pious sound was heard and all were admiring the blessed and newly wed couple . … ⚘⚘

the priest made groom put vermillion on girls partion . the girl winked at boy . he then adorn her neck with mangalsutra ( sorry dont know th
e eng word ) . ragsan ( offcourse) stand and took blessings . both were smilling brightly . soon it was time to off . reema ( rags mom) and rags was consoling her . she wiped her tears and made her laugh .

rags : mom y r u crying . u should be happy right . ??
reema : yed darling , be happy and enjoy ur new life . she kissed her forehead .
raj : i guess i should also flow my tears bcz my daughter wont meet me otherwise .
rags : i love u dad and she yugged him .

soon ragsan went . ragsan were happy . they did all rituals .

suji : welcome to malhotra house. from today u r the head of this house . thanks for bribging colours to our life and making it more beautiful than before . . she kissed her forehead .

sanky’s cousin ria made her way to room and then went . sanky enters and see her bride in her beautiful attire . he came and back hugged her . . he kissed her nape and whispered . thank u for making my life intresting . . they both went to balcony . keep on talking and romancing . they talked about things which they will do in future together . soon sanky saw rags yawning he peck her lips and pick her in arms and layed her on bed . he hugged her said ” u look tired so sleep well . good night ” they both hugged each other tightly and slept .

next morning . 9 : 30 .

sunrays entered and rags wake up . she saw time and screemed : sanky wake up its 9 : 30 … she instantly went to washroom and wore a hotpink and dark blue combination backless shiffon saree . lookng exteamly hot and gorgeous ( u can also imagin the saree which anushka wore in adhm ) . she came out and took sanky cloth out . laod them on bed hurriedly went down stairs. she went to kitchen and saw suji there with few servants . she came and stand next to her .

suji : gm ragini
rags : good morning mom . i am sorry i was late
suji : its kk . and ya i also wake at this timee but u k ow today there were sanky ‘s bua and massi so i have to wake early . she patted her cheekes and told to take these dishes . they both came out . rags wished everbody . she mixed well .
then sanky came he said ” gm everyone ”

gm all said .

theu had bf on table . soon it wasmuh dikhai . rags was ready in forn and pink colour lengha .she wore big danglers and a neck piece . she sat down all come and gift her things . day was over with fer rituals and all . all guest went . after 3 days ragsan were going to Australia for honeymoon. they slep in each other embarace .

2 days after .

all was set ragsan were ready in their comfortable dresses . they both were going to airport . they landed soon . they stayed in le meridian . it had awesome views . they enjoyed alot in Australia.

four years later . in a hospital ot .

a girl was on bed . she was badly sweating and crying .

girl : nonoo i cant its difficult .
doctor : plz maam push . push hard . relax take deep breathe . all was set . soon the sound went and there were a cry. sanky entered in and was havinv years he saw his lifelines . rags was fainted due to to much tiredeness and sanky picked his babies . yes babies . they were twins . he pecked there babies . 2 boys . soon suji and ram came. they were happy . rags was now good . she was too emotional . and happy .

babies were in cradle and rags on bed.

sa ky : tha k u so much jaan . for such wonderful gifts . ??? he captured her lips in a pastionate kiss . soon swalak entered and were shocked to see . them . rags was a bit blushed whereas sanky was normal .

swara : congo u both . blessed with too boys . aww now i will be called chachi . she was soo excited . there was boom sound a boy of 3 yrs entered . seeing his face all were happy . he said to rags : chachi , thank u for giving me 2 brothers . he kissed her cheek .
rags : aww really . thank u sweetheart .


MY MOM … MY DAD … TWO BOYS WERE SHOWN . cut clumpsy and fighting . they said . mom im naught or he is naughty .
rags : neil u r naughty he is so intelligent ..
sanky : yeah my champs he is intelligent . ur naughty .
neil : dad u too . crying .
sanky : oh noo . kk sorry . eant a ice cream treat
??? .lets go . the 3 went down .
arnav : dad i am i tellige t na .
sanky : yes yes my hero ..

24 yrs later .

neil malhotra from naamkaran . arnav malhotra from iss lyar ko kya naam doon .

arnav : busy in work .
a girl enters in sborts and crop top in his cabin
girl : me tumhari hi gf hoon na . yeh laptop toh nahi .
arnav . sorry woh i was busy khushi .
khushi : ha ha ur imp meeti g . we r having our marriage after 1 week . where are we going for honeymoon . me shadi pe kya pehen rahi hoon .
mere next movie konsi aa rahi hai . TUMHE KUCH BHI PATA HAI NAHI . PAR SIRF KAAM KAAM KAAM .
arnav . ( pull her infront of him ): i am sorry she landed on her lap .
khushi ( she melted with this much love only ). its ok. she pulled him into the kiss .

wheras . a boy and girl r making love . girl relize

girl : neil . get up mom is coming .
niel : riya so what we r getting married next wek only .
riya : yes but next week not now . now stand and jump the window .
neil : what riya ? plz . plz .
riya : get out ??

3 week later .
2 girls came out wearing crop top and rugged jeans . 2 boys came wearing yellow and blue shirts . sleeves rolled up and top 2 buttons
open . sanky shouted cmon everybody come fast for familt pic . rags also came . they settled
in lounge which has a perfect bg arnav took kgushi in his lap . neil kissed riya cheek and sanky back hugged rags . and perfect family picture clicked ….

the end ⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘?????

tha ks everyone for reading i will definately write subbhah ka sitara but after 1 month sp wait

wait . …….

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    definatly ✔✔✔ i will come up with a story … but guys not so soon . may end of september .

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    thanks to all my lovely readers . guys i will post subbah ka sitara on weekend , guys plz first fully read it . it is going to be a very meaning ful and heart touching ff . so bye for a span ,,, tc and love u all ,,,,,,,,,,,,, plz read my swasan ff as well . imagine rags as swara guys ,,,, ( hahaha i am not forcing you ) once again a big thanks and with this i end this os …. love to all

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