Meri Manjil Maa Ki Sapna – Season – 2* – Part – 10…(Flashback Ended)…

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Hi i am Sakash.Love you all.Thank you so much for all your valuable comments and likes.Thank you so much for all your support and love dear ones.A warm welcome to my FF…Thank you…

Sorry for late update…

I am thankful to each and everyone who are giving their valuable time and commenting,

Mannat,Shika Oberoi,Rupa,Premamohan,
Anu,Amnaa and Rishika…

Premamohan : Hi Prema.After a long time i saw your comment Prema.I am glad that you liked it.Thank you so much for commenting dear.

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The story starts :

@Place – Kodaikanal…

Dr.Kabir : I asked Veer and others to go back.Because it is not safe for all of us to stay here.All agreed except Veer.He went out in anger.I followed him.

@In Park Area…

Veer is sitting alone on the bench and throwing stones in the water.

Kabir sat beside him.

Kabir keeps his hands on Veer’s shoulder and says,

Kabir : Veer…I want to tell you something as your Friend…May i?

Veer with teary eyes : Yes you can Kabir…

Kabir hugs Veer…Veer hugs him back…

Kabir : Veer…Nothing comes easy in one’s life.We must work hard to reach great heights.I know how much it pains,when the persons who are close to our heart cheats us?What ever happened in the Past,we can’t change it?Think about your life?Think about your life with Pragya? One thing,we all there for you.Veer…You are just going far away from Savitri Aunty temporarily.Your Maa is like my Maa.I promise you,i will shift her to safe place and i will appoint best doctors.Soon she will be fine…

Veer : I am not going far away from my Maa.She and her blessings will be always with me.She is in my heart.I trust you Kabir.Ok i am ready to go back.

Kabir : I am proud of you Veer.And one more thing,try to act normal infront of Dr.Malohtra.Control yourself don’t take any wrong step?

Veer : Ok…I will try to act normal.Trust me,i will show him right place for what all sins he did?

Kabir and Veer shares emotional Friendly hug…




(Saanchi and Kabir tells remaining FLASHBACK STORY in this way.Why Saanchi left SAVITRI DEVI COLLEGE & HOSPITALS?Why Kabir behaved rudely with Saanchi?)

Saanchi : After that,as we expected we got call from Dr.Malohtra.He pleased you to come back.So we packed our bags to go back.After few hours of journey we reached SAVITRI DEVI COLLEGE & HOSPITALS.

Kabir smiles and says,

Kabir : Yes Dr.Malohtra’s happiness has no limits after seeing me.As usual he did drama.I also did the same drama.Everything going normal.

Saanchi : After few days,Veer observed some functional changes in Saanchi Agarwal’s body.She got conscious.Veer, Pragya,Isha shocked to the core.They informed this to us.We came running, leaving all the works in middle.After seeing me,Saanchi Agarwal asked me to come closer.To the shock,she hugged me and thanked me for saving her life.I said sorry for taking her identity.She said,after listening to my words daily.
She understood everything.I gave smile and thanked God.Everything going well.

Kabir : Just then,i got call.So i went out to receive the call.To the shock i saw Riya and Saanchi Agarwal’s sister together. Riya laughing evily.She gave money to Saanchi Agarwal’s sister for telling whole truth.

Saanchi smiles and says,

Saanchi : After that,you changed whole plan.

Kabir : Yes…We can’t hide the truth any more.So i don’t want you to take any risk? After that,as i expected Riya came to my cabin and said everything.I acted very well like i hurted deeply by heart after knowing truth.So i sent Miss.Fernandes to call you.You said you are busy.I acted like this increased my anger.

Saanchi laughs and says,

Saanchi : We fooled her very well.She came to canteen.Isha gave signal to me to start the action and Pragya gave signal to Veer to start the action.Veer said that he loves Pragya and want to propose her.I gave him idea that imagine me like Pragya and tell everything.

Kabir laughs and says,

Kabir : Riya again came to my cabin and sent me forcefully to the canteen.Veer proposed you and you accepted his love. To be true,i know you are doing acting but i can’t see you with any other man.
Unknowingly i hitted my hand to the wall.It started bleeding.Seeing all this Riya smiled evily and i left the place.

Saanchi : Kabir…I never expected this from you.After that,i came to your cabin and did First-aid…
Without any one’s notice i left the cabin.

Kabir : After that i said whole truth to everyone.I acted like you didn’t came to my cabin and you are busy with Veer.

Saanchi : I came there like i don’t know anything.You again repeated everything and you forcefully took me to your cabin.

Kabir : Seriously Saanchi…That Riya didn’t leaved us for a second.

Saanchi sleeps on Kabir’s shoulder and says,

Saanchi : After that,with the help of Shilpi you sent me to U.S.A forcefully and i continued my Internship there and completed it successfully.I missed you a lot.I know we are in contact through phone.Don’t know how i stayed 7 years without you?I want to spend time with you Kabir.

Kabir holds her by waist and says,

Kabir with smile : Finally my wife agreed that she missed me a lot.I know i send you forcefully to U.S.A because i don’t want you to stay here and spoil your life with these things.You have a bright future a head.I know i can’t stay without you?But my lovely wife left me only this option. Daily my day starts with seeing your photo and ends with seeing your photo.I missed you too a lot Saanchi.

Saanchi with teary eyes : Really Kabir?

Kabir : Oh my god!What you are thinking about me wifey?I will lie in this much serious matter.Of course yes…

Saanchi hugs him tightly.Kabir hugs her back and smiles.

Kabir : One thing?

Saanchi : What?

Kabir : You didn’t changed a bit?

Saanchi make faces.

Kabir laughs seeing her antics.

After seeing Savitri,they came back to MISHRA MANSION…



Jaya and Dadi welcomed them.

Kabir and Saanchi took their blessings and enters inside the mansion…

Sunny hugs Kabir.Kabir hugs him back.


Sunny jumps in happiness and says “Thanks JIJU.You are the best”…

Kabir laughs…

Jaya and Dadi laughs seeing their bond.

Saanchi with Puppu face : For me?

Kabir : I became your chocolate for whole life.Especially which chocolate do you want Saanchi?

Saanchi blushes…

Kabir,Jaya,Dadi,Sunny laughs…

Kabir : Maa,Dadi…How you all know that i am coming here?

Dadi : Tillu told me beta.

Kabir with shocking face : Tillu…Who is tillu?

Dadi : Arrey…You don’t know Tillu?

Kabir with question mark face : No…I don’t know?

Saanchi gives signal to Dadi that “Not to say anything”.

Dadi with smile : Tillu is Saanchi’s nick name beta.

Kabir laughs and says,

Kabir : Tillu…Wow…Dadi it sounds good…

Dadi : Yes na beta?

Kabir : Of course…Double yes from my side…

Saanchi : K…a…b…i…r…???

Kabir : What had happened Tillu?You also used to tease me with my nick name Gollu.Now it’s my turn Tillu…

Saanchi : Dadi…How many times i must tell you,don’t call me Tillu infront of any one?

Dadi : Tillu…

Saanchi : Dadi…Again?

Dadi : Beta…He is your husband only na not any outsider know?

Saanchi : Ok…Fine…

Dadi,Jaya,Kabir & Sunny laughs…

Saanchi was about to go from there,

Just then,

Kabir calls her and says..,

Kabir : Hey Tillu!Wait i am also coming…

Saanchi : Oh ok Gollu…

Saying this,

Saanchi runs…

Kabir runs behind Saanchi…

Jaya closes Sunny’s eyes…

Saanchi runs into her room.

Saanchi was about to close the door,

But Kabir pulls the door and enters inside.He locks the door.

Saanchi : Kabir…What are you doing?

Kabir : You want to spend some time with me na?Let us spend some time together.

Saanchi : Kabir…No…No…Don’t come closer?

Saanchi throws pillows on Kabir…

Kabir too throws pillows on Saanchi…

Both laughs…

She runs here and there.

But Finally Kabir catches her.He pins her to the wall and kisses her on lips.She too kisses him back with same passion.

Both shares a passionate Lip lock…

Like that,

The night ended with their beautiful smiles and sweet talks.


Precap : To give them PRIVACY…

Dadi : Kabir beta we are going out to attend our relatives wedding.We will come after 3 days and servants are also on leave.Hope you 2 don’t have any problem?

Kabir : No Dadi.No problem.We will manage everything here.But Saanchi and I will miss you 3 a lot.

Dadi : Then we will cancel our wedding program beta.

Kabir,Saanchi at a time : No Dadi.We mean our relatives will feel bad na?

Kabir,Saanchi feels uncomfortable.Dadi, Jaya laughs and left the place.

(I gave a lengthy PRECAP.So that you will have small idea about next update.)

I am giving 2 options below.Choose one and say how you want next update like?

1)Saanchi and Kabir became one.
2)Saanchi and Kabir shared their feelings how they missed each other in 7 years?


I hope you all liked FLASHBACK STORY. Please give your valuable comments and likes if you like?
Silent readers please share your views if you like my update?Thank you…

(AUTHOR NOTE : I am so sorry i can’t update my next update.Because i got exams from 7th to 16th.Sorry for that friends.After my exams,i am promising you all i will update regularly or day-leaving-day.Hope you all will understand me.)

Keep smiling have a good day.Love you all.Bye.Take care…


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    1. Sakash.

      Hi Aditi.Ok dear thanks.Thank you so much for commenting dear.Sure i will continue.Thanks dear.Bye.TC???

  2. Ziyarasheed

    How can you give all the five chocolates to one person…not fair???(pouting)

    1. Sakash.

      ???In upcoming update he will give more chocolates????

  3. Ziyarasheed

    And ya, ofcourse option one after a little bit of option two ?

    1. Sakash.

      Hi Ziya.Thank u so much for commenting dear.Ok dear thanks.Bye.TC???


    1. Sakash.

      Thanks SAYA???

  5. Amazing episode sakash, I am going with option one. Best of luck for your exams

    1. Sakash.

      Hi Samidha.Thank u so much dear.Ok dear thanks.Thanks for wishes dear.Bye.TC???

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      Hi Risu.Thank you so much dear.Ok dear thanks.Thanks for wishes dear.Bye.TC???

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    best of luck
    whichever option u want

    1. Sakash.

      Hi Vanu.Thank u so much dear.Ok dear.Thanks for ur wishes.Bye.TC???

  8. Aafiya

    Superb ..Amazing…
    I will go with Option 2..
    Don’t be sorry yaar… May good results for your exams.. All the very best…

    1. Sakash.

      Hi Aafiya.Thank u so much dear.Ok thanks dear.???Ok…Thank u so much dear.Bye.

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      Hi Shreeshma.Thank u so much for commenting dear.Ok thanks dear.Sure???Bye.TC…

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    1. Sakash.

      Hi Anee.Thank u so much dear.Thanks for wishes dear.Ok dear i will come back and will continue story.I will come back soon dear???Ok thanks dear.Bye.TC???

  14. Anu88

    Awesome and outstanding episode……… episode stole my heart yaar………kanchi scene toh oi dhamaka dar and superb tha and their nick name are so so cute yaar……. precap ke bare mae kuch bolne ki layak hi nahi chora tum ne……..such a excited full precap………sakash i chose both 1 and 2 koto for next………thora sa pyaar or thora sa miss karne ka feelings………. eagerly waiting for the next post soon soon soon soon……….tc yaar

    1. Sakash.

      Hi Anu.Thank u so much dear.My pleasure???Mujhae accha laga aap ko pasandh aaya dear.Oh yeah nick names scene???.Oh thanks.Ok dear.If possible i will add both scenes together.I will post soon dear.Bye.TC???

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    As usual u rocked it dear.I loved nick name scene.Come back soon.Best of luck for ur exams……1st option……If possible both…… Bye……Tc……

    1. Sakash.

      Hi Sai Sree.Thank u so much for commenting dear.I am glad that u liked and enjoyed nick names scene.Ok dear thanks.Sure.Thanks for ur wishes.Bye.TC???

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      Hi Mannat.Thank u so much dear.Ok dear.Ok thanks.Sure dear.I will come back soon.Bye.TC???

  17. AAYU

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    I read all your post now and so I’m commenting on this one. Hope you don’t mind.
    The story is superb and please update soon I’m waiting for it and I would like to go with the first option and later the second one.
    Sorry once again and keep writing dear
    Post soon

    1. Sakash.

      Hi AAYU.No need to say sorry dear.I am so glad that you read all parts and liked it.Thank u dear.Sure dear i will update soon.Ok thanks for telling your opinion.No need to say sorry dear.Comment whenever u r free.Ok dear.Bye.Take care dear???

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