Meri Hanikarak Biwi 8th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Bhoomi reveals her marriage

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 8th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone getting shocked to see Devina cooking. Devina says I have made pan cakes, Pushpa your aarti plate is ready, call me for aarti too. Pushpa asks are you in shock. Chandu jokes. Devina says what’s there to be shocked. Chandu faints when she calls him with love. Devina says I think you do all the work alone, its not fair. Chandu gets up and asks Devina to wash his shirt, its branded. Devina says sure, I want some money in return, not for me, I have to attend Mittals, house needs some getup and crockery. Pushpa says we won’t do any show and put up. Bhoomi says I don’t want to marry. Akhilesh asks why, the guy is from a good house.

Bhavik comes in disguise and lies that Mittal has sent him to check their house. Devina says our house is perfect. Bhavik

roams around and asks is this the girl. Devina says yes. Bhavik says then marriage cancelled, her husband’s name should start with B and end on D. He signs Bhoomi. Devina stops him. Pushpa asks how will we find this guy for Bhoomi. Bhavik says keep eyes open and find, maybe that guy is around. He leaves. Devina asks what will we do next. Bhoomi goes after Bhavik.

The goon and his sister plan to go out for work. He goes to feed Birju. He says your family will come finding you. Bhoomi asks Bhavik how did he take disguise. Bhavik says I will do anything for love, I hope your family understands that the guy is me, Bhavik Desai, I will go home and change. She says I love you. He says I love you more. They hug. The goon says Birju won’t agree so soon. Pushpa talks to Ira about Birju. The girl picks the paper and thinks I have hidden this paper from family. I will use this ad. Akhilesh says dad won’t come.

Pushpa asks him about the guy with initial B. Bhavik comes and tells his name to someone on call. Devina gets worried and cries for her carpet stain. Chandu drops the tea cup and saucer. Bhavik holds it and saves Devina. Pushpa and Akhilesh praise him. Bhavik tries to remind them about his name. Akhilesh tells about his friend Bhuvan Diwaan, he is from rich family. Devina says call him fast. Bhoomi stops Akhilesh. She says I got married. They get shocked. Devina gets dizzy. Bhavik holds her. Bhavik says yes, we both got married. Everyone gets shocked.

Devina asks what. Akhilesh asks how dare you have a relation with my sister, you cheated us. Bhoomi says stop, I respect you, it doesn’t mean that I will bear my husband’s insult. Akhilesh asks how much does it mean. Ira says please, you have no right to insult him. Akhilesh says he trapped Bhoomi for money. Bhavik says no, I would have eloped if I wanted money, we didn’t tell anyone as I wanted to become independent first, we decided to ask for Bhoomi’s hand when I become capable. Bhoomi asks him not to clarify to anyone. She says I didn’t give anyone the right to decide for my life, we both love each other, we have less money, we will spend life with love. Pushpa and Ira smile. Devina asks have you lost your mind. She asks Akhilesh to throw him out. Devina catches Bhoomi. Akhilesh raises hand on Bhavik.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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