Meri Hanikarak Biwi 6th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Mishri and Mirchi’s hit and miss

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 6th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ira tells Akhilesh not to stress too much. I will get your cards blocked by calling at home. Akhilesh is worried for having lost his family photo. Mishri feels bad hearing it. I wont be able to do this! I will return him his wallet. She heads towards them but the main goon takes her away.

Akhilesh and Ira head downstairs. Ira cheers him up saying that his family is fine. It is no problem if a photo goes missing! Let’s go. Akhilesh thinks how to tell her that the girl in the car isn’t Mishri. It isn’t a good sign that the photo went missing. I don’t know what condition Mishri will be in.

Boss gives Rs. 100 to Mishri to celebrate her steal. Akhilesh’s words echo in her head. She refuses to accept it and returns it to the boss. He asks her what she wants. You should ask for something in return. She asks for the empty wallet which confuses him a little. She begins searching the wallet. One of the goons asks her what she wants from this empty wallet. She replies that she is going to return the empty wallet to Akhilesh. His family photo is inside. He was very much disturbed. I am going to return it to him. The goons panic but his Boss pats reassuringly at him. Mishri sees the photo but her face has been blackened. How to give it to that uncle now? The boss takes the wallet from her. I will return it to that guy and he will decide it himself. Go and play with the kids. Mishri goes. Boss discloses how he had seen the photo beforehand.

Akhilesh and Bhavik are on phone. Neither of them have a clue about Mishri as of now.

Vansh asks Akhilesh to come with him. Akhilesh says I am very worried right now. Vansh knows the truth about Mishri’s disappearance. I wont tell anyone about it but Mirchi is doing something because of which everyone will find out about it! He brings Akhilesh to their room. Mirchi is scanning / creating missing posters with Mishri’s name and photo. She tells Akhilesh that Mapu said that Mishri might have forgotten about her past. I created these posters to make Mishri aware of her family. She will return home then. Akhilesh hugs her. Vansh collects all the posters. Akhilesh thanks Mirchi. I know where the beggars sit. We will put them there itself. Ira comes there just then. She looks at Vansh curiously while he hides the posters from her. Akhilesh takes them from Vansh. They are about electricity conservation. He has done a great job. We used to write essays on My favourite festival back then. Schools have advanced these days. Vansh excuses himself. Akhilesh gives him the posters. Vansh offers to keep them in his car.

Ira gives their family photo to Akhilesh. I knew you got sad as the other one went missing. I had a copy. Akhilesh politely declines but she tells him to keep it. Mirchi asks Akhilesh to come with her. Ira asks them where they are off to. Mirchi replies that they are going to look for someone. I cannot tell you her name but it is a girl. She gives Mishri’s description. Ira says you are talking about yourself here. What is she saying, Akhilesh? Akhilesh lies that she is speaking of her imaginary friend. She had a fight with Vansh and this has gotten into her. I will talk to Vansh. Ira suggests adopting a baby. Mishri will have a company and there will be two girls who will call you daughter. He suggests discussing this later. It is time for Amma’s medicine. She nods and goes. Mirchi says you can adopt me if you need a sister for Mishri. Akhilesh says this isn’t something to say. Mishri cannot find a better sister than you. She reminds him to put posters first. They leave together.

Mishri looks around curiously. She notices the goons drinking and feels bad. I don’t even feel like that this place and Bapu isn’t mine! My Bapu is someone else.

Mirchi and Akhilesh are putting the missing posters. A couple looks on and wonders if Mishri is mad. She is pasting a missing poster with her photo only! Mirchi puts a poster right outside the wall of the goons’ hideout. Mishri is near the door but heads in another direction instead.

Mishri notices the kids arguing. A girl asks for Bhel first. I will take medicine afterwards only. Mishri goes to bring it for her. The other kid tells the girl to eat medicine now that Mishri has gone to bring Bhel. Mishri walks past Mirchi / the poster but they miss seeing each other. Mishri gives water to the little girl. The goons are going out. Mishri offers to come along. We want to have Bhel. He advises her to wait here only. I will bring it. she tells him to hurry up. We are really hungry. He agrees.

Akhilesh stops sadly near Bajrang Bali’s poster. My girl is your ardent devotee. Don’t let her devotion fail. It is her test today!

The goons notice the posters and remove them from every corner that they can find.

Mishri stands up. The Bhel vendor is nearby only. I will go and check on Bapu.

Akhilesh prays that Mishri notices these posters somehow and comes home asap.

Mishri notices the goons burning something and runs to check. She questions them. Boss says there was lots of scrap here so we were burning it. Why did you come here? She shares that everyone is hungry. He gives her money and directs her towards the bhel vendor.

Akhilesh says I don’t know how my daughter will be. Please make me meet her asap. I am badly broken. Please unite a father with his daughter! Mishri is right behind him while he is praying.

Precap: The kids find Mishri’s missing poster amidst one of the papers. She decides to find out the truth. She stealthily takes the phone of the goon and dials on the number mentioned on the poster. Mirchi picks the call. Mishri speaks of the poster.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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