Meri Hanikarak Biwi 6th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Sharda supports her husband in his evil plans

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 6th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Devina tells Pushpa she has cleaned the guest room completely. I don’t know who is coming but I did my best. Who did you cook all this for? Is someone ill? Mishri says for her. Mishri, Akhilesh and Ira bring Sharda on the wheelchair. Mishri shares that she will stay with them for some days. Pushpa asks her if she was the one she was telling her about. Mishri nods. Akhilesh shares the entire story with them. Devina asks him why he brought her here. this isn’t an Ashram! Pushpa tells her to be quiet. You wont know what it means to do something good for someone. She leans closer to Sharda. God shows solutions for all the problems. Think of this as your home till the time you are fine. We will look after you. Sharda moves her eyelids. They take her inside. Devina wonders which beggar they have brought home this time!

Ira checks Sharda. You will be fine and on your feet in a few days. Mishri brings soup for Sharda. You need it to recover quickly. Akhilesh gives her a bell. Ring it in case you need anything. Mishri says you would need it only when I am not here. Have soup first and then eat khichdi. She keeps a towel around Sharda’s neck and feeds her soup followed by khichdi. I know you cannot talk but I can talk just as much as 4 people in one go! My name is Mishri. I don’t like maths but after studies, I enjoy dancing and wrestling. Ira and Akhilesh smile. Ira says she was so scared of Sharda a while ago and look at her now! She is my brave girl! Akhilesh says I wasn’t convinced about bringing her here but now I am glad that we took this step.

Next morning, Akhilesh wakes up. He teases Ira by pinching her toes. She asks for 15 minutes but he asks for a kiss instead. She suddenly runs towards the bathroom feeling pukish. He gets concerned. She says I was feeling restless and pukish. He smiles. Even I am feeling restless now. He calls out to his mother. She is still confused but he lifts her in his arms and swivels her. She feels dizzy. He says it is good news. I will share it with everyone. Pushpa comes there. Akhilesh tells her about Ira’s symptoms. Pushpa dances overjoyed but Ira stops her. It isn’t what you think. It is acidity. Akhilesh asks her if she is sure. Ira nods. I am a doctor. Pushpa laughs at the irony. Akhilesh asks Ira if she needs medicine but Ira denies. I will have buttermilk. I will check on Sharda first. Pushpa shares that little nurse (Mishri) has fed her food and fruits already. She is sleeping now. Pushpa leaves. Akhilesh double-checks with Ira if this is indeed acidity. She pulls his cheeks sweetly.

Ira takes a day off from hospital. She asks the nurse to send her some scans on email. She switches on a plug but the electricity goes. Her phone has no network. She goes to check meter box.

Devina is fanning herself. Someone invites her to an event on call. She asks for 3.5 lacs for the guest appearance. I should keep earning like this! I love my life! She realises there is no electricity. I must take bath with cold water. Someone locks the door from outside as soon as she enters in the bathroom.

Watchman isn’t at his seat. Ira notices that the fuse has been pulled out. She fixes it back.

Devina is glad that electricity is back. Sharda increases the temperature to maximum. Water turns extremely hot. Smoke emits from the bathroom. Devina shouts for help. Sharda apologizes to her mentally. I dint want to put you in this situation but my husband will leave me if I wont listen to him. Where will I go then! Flashback shows Pushpa giving medicines to Sharda. Sharda wonders if her husband ate anything or not. She calls police station and speaks to her husband. He scolds her for not getting him out of jail since yesterday. Sharda shares that Ira brought her to her home to treat her. I have to pretend that I am sick. Shall I tell them the truth? They are nice people. They will forgive you and get you out of jail. He calls her inauspicious. Entire village knows it! You killed our daughter and your parents. I will leave you if you try to tell anything to anyone. You will be begging on the streets then. She requests him not to do that. He tells her to do as he says. Destroy Ira’s family by staying in her house only. You will see my dead face if you fail in doing that. She panics. Don’t do that. I will do as you say. He has asked his cellmate to get a mobile. Remember the number well when I will call you. You will have to follow my plan. She agrees. Flashback ends.

Sharda says I have no other option. I must listen to him. Devina calls out to Akhilesh. Can someone hear me?

Precap: Akhilesh, Ira and Pushpa hear Devina calling for help. They rush to her room. Her face has turned red and she is literally crawling on the floor. Few ladies walk in just then. They call Akhilesh and Pushpa murderers. We will send you to jail for this!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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