Meri Hanikarak Biwi 5th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Mr. Gupta gets arrested

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 5th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ira points out that Sharda isn’t here. We have been fooled! They check with the receptionist and a staff member but they haven’t seen Sharda too. Mr. Gupta in disguise is trying to wheel out Sharda stealthily but the wheel gets stuck. Mishri is running towards her parents when she collides with Mr. Gupta. Ira and Akhilesh notice the paper on the floor. What is this? I dint ask for 5 lacs or MRI! Answer me or I will call police. Akhilesh stops him from fleeing. Mr. Gupta says I am doing this for my wife. Please let me go. Ira tells Akhilesh to not let him go. Police will take good care of him. Mr. Gupta requests her not to call police. Akhilesh dials someone.

Devina is pleased to see the cheque. I wish I knew it earlier that it is this easy to fool Pushpa! She smells continental food and rushes to the dining table. Pushpa tells her that she has cooked all this for her. Devina is thrilled to see continental food. Why are you showering so much love on me suddenly? Pushpa says I realised how wrong I have been in separating you from someone you love so much. This is my penitence. Devina thinks she is feeling bad for she hid BP’s spirit from me. I dint know I could fool her so easily! Pushpa serves her spaghetti. Devina compliments her food. You should have been a chef of some 5 star! Pushpa takes her to show some surprise.

Ira tells police that Mr. Gupta was trying to commit fraud of lacs. Insurance company rep says he has done it in the past also but this time the amount is huge! Mr. Gupta swears upon his wife. I wont do it again. I was doing it for her only. Insurance rep tells Ira not to melt down. He is trying to fool you again. Mr. Gupta keeps apologizing but Ira is determined. We will get your wife treated but I cannot overlook what you have done. You must be punished for cheating the hospital. Akhilesh seconds her. Mr. Gupta reprimands Akhilesh for not thinking about his wife. Ira tells him to remember he is in hospital. Mr. Gupta refuses to leave his wife. I will break out of jail if I am taken away! Sharda starts breathing heavily.

Pushpa shows jewellery, office papers and bundles of cash to Devina. Even the locker key is yours now! Devina is in disbelief. Why? Pushpa says you don’t disappoint someone who is about to die. Devina asks her who she is talking about. Pushpa takes Devina’s name. I added poison in your food. Devina panics. Call the ambulance. Pushpa says you will die by the time ambulance will be here. Switch on AC in your office and embrace your end peacefully. Ira asks nurse to bring nebuliser. Akhilesh tells Inspector to take Mr. Gupta. His wife is in this condition because of him only! Mr. Gupta ends up blaming them only. He warns Ira that he will destroy her family just like she has destroyed his! Inspector arrests him. Mr. Gupta shouts that he will be back soon.

Devina asks Pushpa why she did this. Pushpa says it was important. I forgot to tell you that our husband has entered in some Dr. Dang’s body. I thought he will get inside your body if I kill you and then he will stay with us forever! Devina calls her fool. There is no Dr. Dang or BP’s spirit. It was me! I did this to extract money from you! Pushpa says there will be flowers on your photo in an attempt to fool me. Devina starts feeling uneasy. Pushpa assures her that everything will be fine in sometime. Devina requests her to save her. I don’t want to die at such a young age. Keep everything. Just save me. Pushpa agrees to check. She gives her some blue coloured water. This is stronger poison. It will kill you quickly. Devina realises she is feeling better and looks at Pushpa pointedly.

Ira is still shaken by what just happened. Akhilesh helps her relax. I know you are upset because of what happened today but he is behind bars now. Ira says I feel pity for Sharda and at the same time, I am angry with her husband. People aren’t ashamed of anything anymore! We will get Sharda treated but shouldn’t she have a family who will look after her. She lost her daughter and her husband was of no good too! Akhilesh assures her that he has spoken to an organization. She will be taken care of once she recovers. Ira reasons that she needs love and attention of people right now.

Pushpa shares that she gave her kadha. I wont waste money on poison for you! I just mixed jamalghota in your food. Devina is glad at the realisation that she isn’t going to die. Pushpa warns her not to try to fool her again. I wont spare you next time! Devina thanks her with a hug. Pushpa tells her to clean the guest room. Devina agrees and hugs her again before going.

Ira requests Akhilesh if they can take Sharda to their home. I can monitor her condition then. Akhilesh reminds her of Mr. Gupta’s warning. What if something happens to his wife and he tries to attack you? Ira assures him nothing of that sort will happen. Sharda will recover quickly at home. He is reluctant but Mishri supports Ira in her decision. They convince Akhilesh. Ira tells Mishri to call Moti Ba to inform her that a new guest is coming over. I will arrange for the ambulance. Akhilesh is still bothered by the entire episode. I feel something wrong is about to happen.

Precap: Someone locks Devina in her bathroom as soon as she enters inside and increases the temperature to maximum. Smoke emits from the bathroom. Devina shouts for help. Akhilesh, Ira and Pushpa hear her voice.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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