Meri Hanikarak Biwi 4th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Chuttan saves Ira

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Meri Hanikarak Biwi 4th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chanda flees from the house.

Everyone is laughing at Mishri which makes her sad. Please don’t laugh Mapu. Please be quiet. Akhilesh joins them. Chuttan points at Mishri and even Akhilesh starts laughing. Mishri feels all the more bad now. Why are you all laughing? Ira says you look way too cute. Mishri requests them to scold Chuttan. Pushpa says entire family is laughing seeing your cute face. Let it be. Ira cups her face. Mishri decides to wash her face but Chuttan shares that it is permanent marker. It wont go away. Now Akhilesh gets serious. Mishri runs off to her room. Akhilesh says I thought Mishri drew it herself which is why I was laughing. Ira stops him from charging at Chuttan. Let’s bring a smile on Mishri’s face first before she starts crying. Mishri locks herself in

her room.

Chanda gets inside Devina Mansion stealthily. I will find out my son today and take him with me!

Pandey family knocks at the door. Mishri shouts at them to go away. I wont open the door. She thinks it will be Chuttan’s prank. She opens the door and her entire family comes there wearing fake moustaches. Ira says why we should only let you look cute. We will always look cute. Mishri smiles broadly. Pushpa asks Mishri who is looking cuter – me or Ira. Mishri says both. Pushpa taunts Devina. She has put Langdu Chacha’s moustache. Devina says someone blackmailed me to put them on. Pushpa says you deserve it. Akhilesh says we were laughing as you were looking very cute. It wasn’t because of what Chuttan did. He advises Chuttan not to do this to Mishri ever again. Pranks shouldn’t harm anyone. Chuttan looks on upset. Entire family clicks a selfie which irks Chuttan all the more. They have kept me away from my family and are clicking a family photo! Ira feels bad for him. He too must be missing his family. Akhilesh clicks their pic. Mishri tells Chuttan that her family will never leave her side unlike his family. They even made moustaches on their faces to make me happy. Chuttan stomps out of the room. Devina runs away with the phone with Pushpa chasing her. Akhilesh says the boy wont change after whatever he did. Ira says he wasn’t at fault. He is already worried for his family. He saw us all together and Mishri scolded him. She tells Mishri she did wrong by saying those things to him. He must have felt bad. You shouldn’t talk to anyone like that when they are upset. Teach them a lesson without hurting them. We must make him smile now. Mishri nods.

Chuttan comes out in the parking area. Guard stops him from going outside. Chuttan says I am not going anywhere. Can I have some fresh air for 2 minutes? He sits on the bench sadly. Ira comes there with a plate of food. She dismisses the guard. She asks Chuttan what happened to him. You were laughing hysterically a while ago and now you are sad. I brought your favourite food. Chuttan refuses. She says I understand that you are sad as your parents have deserted you but don’t take it out on food. Chanda cries looking at him from far. He never eats from anyone else’s hands. I wonder how he would have spent all these days! He isn’t eating food from Ira’s hands too. I don’t know how he will be. Ira tells Chuttan she will have to give him injection. He gets curious. I am perfectly fine. She says you are very ill. You need treatment. She checks his eyes. Patient looks sad. She checks his tongue too. You have a lot to say but you are quiet. By checking his hands, she says you have become less naughty now. Patient is very critical. Chuttan is unable to understand anything. What has happened to me? She replies that he has the same illness that Mishri has. He panics. What is it? She says you have become the ideal kind of boy. Because of it, you will wake up early; have milk in one gulp; go to school and remember every bhajan on your tips. He requests her to do his treatment. She makes him rest his head on her lap. You should be the way you are. He is still confused but she says you will understand everything once you will eat food. She feeds him herself. Chanda feels bad to see it. He might forget me soon. I wont let it happen! My son is mine only! I will send her away from my son’s life for once and all. She will meet the same fate that Kamla Chachi has met. Ira must die!

Chanda picks a sickle kept nearby. I will kill every single person who will try to separate me from my son! No one can do it!

Chuttan compliments the paratha. Ira smiles seeing him eat to his heart’s content. Chanda hides behind the car and aims the sickle at Ira. Chuttan shows the empty plate to Ira. I finished everything. Even the plate is shining. Ira jokes that they don’t even need to clean it. He nods. He notices the hand’s reflection in the plate and throws it at it. Chanda screams in pain. Ira looks back alarmed. What happened? Chuttan tells her that a bad woman was attacking her. They notice her running away. Chuttan picks the sickle. Ira throws it away. Chuttan reprimands the guard for being careless. Catch the bad woman. He guides the guard. Ira is tensed but guard assures her that he will bring Chuttan with him.

Chanda is running on the streets. Chuttan calls her Buri Kaki as he chases her. The guard is following them at a slow pace. Chanda hurts her feet on a brick and stumbles in her step. Her pallu comes off. Chuttan is stunned to see her. Mother India? She runs away hearing the guard’s voice. Chuttan thinks that she must be doing it so she can take him with her. Guard asks Chuttan about Chanda but he thinks to divert his attention so he can go with Chanda. He asks the guard to go in the opposite direction. He lifts him in his arms. Chuttan tells him to put him down but the guard refuses. Chuttan thinks his Mother India is so eager to take him with her.

Ira tells her family how Chuttan saved her today. He chased the woman as if his own mother was attacked. Akhilesh asks her if they found the woman. Ira shakes her head. Guard and Chuttan return home. Guard tells Akhilesh that they couldn’t see the woman. Akhilesh asks Chuttan if he saw the woman. Chuttan remains quiet.

Precap: Devina says this report states that you had twins. Later, Mishri and Chuttan get into an argument. Ira and Akhilesh try to stop them from hitting each other. Chuttan hits Akhilesh during the tussle. Akhilesh looks at him. Chuttan is praying in the house temple when he notices Chanda outside the window.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. This Chuttan is really a spoilt brat,,Ira is supporting him too much,,while what he did was really wrong,,,she is scolding Mishri.
    This chuttan needs a good lesson.

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