Meri Hanikarak Biwi 4th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Mirchi help Akhilesh recognize the goons

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 4th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ira says I will be fine if I talk to Mishri for a while. You know she is more of a medicine than my daughter! Akhilesh nods and ends the call. He is in a fix as to what to say to Ira.

The goons change their plan. Mishri is still holding her head. He informs Devina that he has kidnapped Mishri. She tells him he did the right thing. Don’t call me again! Keep her with you. I will break your legs if you call me again! The goons feel as if Mishri wont do them any good but their boss decides to make her beg instead. Mishri demands to know who her Bapu is and who she is.

Akhilesh stops the nurse from informing police. Only Mirchi can help in this situation! He calls Bhavik and finds out that Dr. Pillai has taken Mirchi with him. Akhilesh asks him to stop him. Bhavik reasons that he must be at the airport. Akhilesh insists they need Mirchi. Bhavik shares the car details with him. Akhilesh asks the nurse to make sure no one, especially Ira is not able to find out about Mishri’s disappearance.

Akhilesh is on his way to airport. I have to find a way to stop Dr. Pillai. He notices Dr. Pillai’s car and stops his car in front of his. He asks him to return Mirchi. Dr. Pillai asks him how he can say this last minute. I booked the tickets only after confirming with Bhavik. Akhilesh offers to compensate him in case it is needed. Bhavik has also reached there and requests Dr. Pillai. He hands over Mirchi to them. Bhavik asks Akhilesh why he needs Mirchi. Akhilesh agrees to tell him everything. Reach hospital first.

Mishri asks the main guy as to why he wants her to beg. He replies that this is their bread and butter. We have been doing this since forever. She says I don’t remember anything. He convinces her that she isn’t well right now maybe that’s why she does not remember. Mishri gets sad. I am a beggar? The goon tells him not to be sad. We work hard and then eat! No one will give alms otherwise. He asks Bunty to ask someone to change Mishri’s attire / look. Mishri is walking with Bunty but feels as if all this isn’t true.

Akhilesh is assembling Mirchi again. Bhavik wonders who could have kidnapped Mishri but Akhilesh is clueless. Only Mirchi can help us in finding Mishri.

Mishri dresses up as a beggar. The goons applaud her look. She wants to comb her hair but they advise her against it. This will melt everyone’s heart.

Akhilesh is in a fix. I vowed I wont lie again at home but fate has some other plans. Bhavik tells him to be strong. What will happen to us if you will give up like this? Mirchi will fix everything. He switches her on. She shares the temperature and then notices Akhilesh. Why did you assemble me again? He replies that he needs her. She says I can measure from your brain waves that you are under stress. He hugs her. I am very worried. Someone kidnapped my daughter. I need your help to trace them. Will you help me? She readily agrees. You are my Hero after all! He says thank you sweetly. He plays the CCTV footage. Try to identify the kidnappers. She is able to see their faces minus their masks due to the advanced radioactive software in her.

The goons rub polish on Mishri’s hands and face to give her the final touch. Mishri is disturbed at the sight in mirror. I used to wear this before too? The boss nods. She asks him why he called her Beta. He lies that he is her Bapu after all. She experiences faint flashes of her past. She holds her head because of stress.

Mirchi says these guys have been recognized. She plays the image on her screen. Akhilesh also recognizes them. She points out that they are the same guys who trapped Ira earlier. Akhilesh wonders if they are making Mishri beg too. I wonder how my daughter will be!

Mishri is still feeling dizzy. They feed her water. She still cannot remember anything. I don’t remember you, this place or that I used to beg! The boss lies that he is very poor and couldn’t give her the life he always wanted to. I don’t even have any pictures of us to remind you of our past. I wanted to send you to school but you insisted upon begging so you can help your ill father recover from TB. He coughs to distract her. I don’t know for how long I will live. Let me die if you don’t wish to beg. It is no problem. She requests him not to say so. I will do it. He hugs her showing fake love. She assures him she wont let anything happen to him.

Mishri gets ready to leave. They decide to take her to a place from where they can earn money using her innocent face.

Akhilesh stops Bhavik from involving police. Everyone would then know that it was Mirchi who was staying with us all along! Ira will be heartbroken. They divide the areas to cover in their search. Ira reaches hospital just when Akhilesh is about to leave with Mirchi. Nurse points out that Ira is here. Akhilesh hides with Mirchi. Ira is talking to someone on phone. I have come to check on my patient. Nurse asks Akhilesh what they will do now. What will happen if Ira wont find the girl in the ward? Akhilesh knows that Ira wont sit quietly if that happens.

Precap: Mishri is begging in a temple. The goons see Akhilesh there and panic.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. I hope that Mirchi understands that Akilesh has his daughter returned to reasonable good health and she no longer has to play the ‘ideal daughter’ role’! Its about time Mirchi expose Devina and Adi and they should be shown the door! As for Akilesh ex girlfriend – can’t even recall her name; it’s about time she served her time for the crime!

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