Meri Hanikarak Biwi 3rd December 2018 Written Episode Update: Devina learns the truth

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 3rd December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devina saying Ira and Akhilesh are selling house for reversal. She says we have to give the property to them. Aditya asks how can this happen, selling the house was my idea, I cheated Pushpa to get her signs, I thought to get some money. She says but Akhilesh said he has sent Ira. He says maybe he lied to save Ira. She says then why didn’t Ira say anything, it means Akhilesh doesn’t know anything, Ira is playing a big game, I will try to find the truth. Ira meets Mishra and tells about Akhilesh getting sample. He asks Mishra to check the sample. Mishra says yes, its Akhilesh’s sample, I swear on my son that I m not lying this time, I will do this artificial insemination procedure to make up for my mistakes.

Bhavik and Devina look for Ira. Akhilesh says Ira would be busy. He defends her and goes. Devina says Ira will get reversal done soon, I have to do something soon. Pushpa sees Devina. She tries to leave. She then makes an excuse. She says I will take Devina to temple. Devina says no way, I won’t come. Pushpa happily goes. Devina worries to find a solution. Aditya says I have a plan, we can take dad’s sign and change the will, then it doesn’t matter if Ira gets pregnant. She praises him and likes the idea. She says I know how to get Birju’s sign. Mishra says there is a bad news, your pregnancy chances are just 20%, since the sample is old. She says its okay, I would get this procedure done even if there was 1% chance, if Lord wills, this 20% will take the family ahead. He wishes her all the best.

Lights flicker in OT. He says what’s happening, like Lord doesn’t want this procedure to get successful. Ira prays that she gets one sign that she can conceive Akhilesh’s child. Light gets fine. Ward boy says there is no issue. He keeps Hanuman calendar. She thinks I got the sign and smiles. Birju says Devina has blamed Ira for selling the house, she didn’t do right, just I know the truth. Devina comes to Birju. She says we didn’t celebrate Bhoomi’s marriage news, I got white wine for you. He gets glad.

She says we have many problems, we will keep it aside and celebrate. He agrees. She feeds him wine and thinks I know him, he will lose senses, I have to take advantage of that and take his sign on property papers. Mishra says procedure completed, lets hope that we get good news, get the pregnancy tests done after 10 days. Ira prays that the procedure gets successful. Devina fools Birju and asks him to sign on papers, even their children can get property. He refuses. She reminds him the old days. She gets scolding him. He shouts stop it Devina. She gets shocked and says you can talk, of course, you cheat, liar, I knew this. They argue. He shouts Akhilesh can’t become father ever, Ira told me that his case is so complicated that his reversal can’t happen, poor Ira is so worried, Pushpa and Akhilesh expect a child from Ira, Ira is cursing herself for her mistake. She gets shocked. He says Ira has broken down, I can’t see her state, so I have told her about…. She asks what, how did you help Ira, get up. He falls asleep. She says it means Akhilesh can’t become a father. She gets happy. She says now none can stop me from getting this property, I will expose Ira’s lie today.

Devina says we shall book OT for Akhilesh’s reversal. Pushpa says yes, we can’t wait for more. Ira worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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