Meri Hanikarak Biwi 29th December 2017 Written Episode Update: Pushpa learns Devina’s trick

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 29th December 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pushpa saying I will get Akhilesh marry the tree. Chutki’s dad apologizes and says I will break the marriage. Devina says fine, break it, Akhilesh will get many girls. Pushpa asks him to make her talk to his pandit, how did dosh come in his kundli. The man gets upset. Akhilesh says I m ready to marry a monkey to get rid of the problem. Pushpa praises him. Devina asks him to agree to them. Chutki’s dad says we want a wild monkey. He helps them find a money. Devina explains Pushpa that they will divide and find the monkey. Pushpa doesn’t believe her and takes Devina with her. She scolds Devina for hurting her. Devina and Pushpa argue.

Akhilesh stops Pushpa. Aditya gets a call. He says I will see you there. He tells his plan to Bhumi and Siddhi. He asks them to come to the car and reach home, he will go home, mom will find some way. Devina gets hurt by the thorn. She cries aloud. Akhilesh helps her. Bhavik emotionally blackmails Ira. He says I just want to get you married. She asks him to stop the drama. He asks her about Akhilesh.

He asks her if she is really in love with Akhilesh. She avoids him. She asks him to shut up. She takes him to give him an icecream treat. Akhilesh says Devina’s state is sensitive, I will take her to hospital. Aditya says I will take mom. Devina does drama and leaves. Siddhi and Bhoomi hit a honey bee hive and run. Akhilesh and others also run. Pushpa asks Akhilesh to find his sisters. Siddhi and Bhoomi reach the car and drive off. Devina and Aditya welcome Ahujas home. Devina boasts of her planning for Aditya’s marriage.

Ira and Bhavik have icecream. She says I know you want to get married so that your number comes, what type of girl do you know. He describes the girls. Bhoomi and Siddhi pass by and hit Ira’s scooty. Bhavik sees Bhoomi, who fits his wish list. He gets mesmerized. Bhoomi apologizes to him and goes. Ira comes and asks Bhavik why did she let that girl go. He says angel has to come back to me. She follows the car. Akhilesh doesn’t find Siddhi and Bhoomi. Pushpa prays for them. He asks her not to worry, Ira comes to Devina mansion and argues with the guard. She says I will get money for my loss. She calls Akhilesh and scolds telling about his sisters. Pushpa learns the matter. Pushpa says Devina’s function is going on, the girls are at home. She asks Ira not to worry, she will make them fine. Ira gets a call from doctor. She leaves. Aditya’s engagement ceremony starts. He drops the ring. Pushpa gets it. Devina gets shocked seeing her back.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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