Meri Hanikarak Biwi 27th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Akhilesh gets close to find Pushpa

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 27th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Monica attacking Chandu doctors come. Devina says take her, she is the patient. Monica says no, I m not mad, I m not Pushpa. Akhilesh asks what happened to you. Devina smiles. Monica laughs and cries. Ira says don’t take tension, I m coming along. Akhilesh stops her and says we will go later. Ira asks how will she go alone. He asks her to come. Danny goes to Monica and asks what’s happening. She says they are making me mad, kill that Pushpa, if she gives statement, we will go jail, do something fast. He nods. She goes in van. He says I won’t leave Pushpa. Ira asks don’t you worry for Pushpa. Akhilesh says she isn’t my mum, this is the truth. Bhoomi asks what. Ira asks what are you saying, you said you believe she is Pushpa, you have gone mad, what proof you

have. He says I have many proof, Pushpa didn’t make badam milk like that, this woman counted money when lawyer got money, she was blaming Devina, so I made this drama by meeting Devina. FB shows Akhilesh apologizing to Devina and saying I doubt this woman is not my mum, will you help me. Devina agrees. FB ends.

Devina thinks he didn’t know I made Monica Pushpa. He says I have seen her adding poison in halwa to frame Devina. FB shows Akhilesh hearing her and saying I have to expose her. He says think what would have happened if I didn’t change that halwa, we would have not been alive. Devina says that’s true, so you had to act dead in morning, I noticed, this lady starts dancing when music plays. Chandu agrees. Devina says I made her drink pill, it had laughing pill, so we had sent her to mental asylum. Ira says these symptoms are of mental illness. Akhilesh says no, I know she isn’t my mum. Ira asks what, you are making a big mistake. He says fine, I will prove it to you. She asks how. He says I m sure this woman has kept my mum captive, I will find my mum, I feel mum is somewhere around. Pushpa wakes up and sees a nail on the table. She tries to cut the rope. Akhilesh prays and asks for some sign. Flower falls. Danny enters the house. Akhilesh worries for bad omen. Pushpa frees herself. Danny comes to her. He shuts her mouth and says I will free you from this world today. Akhilesh says we have to find mum. Ira says she is in mental asylum, she would be in pain. He says no, she isn’t my mum, she can hurt my mum.

Ira says I can’t believe you, Pushpa would have tried to alert us. He recalls hearing the sound from storeroom. He says yes, mum was trying to give us sign. He reminds the sound to Chandu. Chandu says yes, I also heard the sound. Devina worries and says I told you about water pipe sounds. Akhilesh says I want to check storeroom again. They all go upstairs. Devina and Chandu argue. Ira says calm down, there is no one, we came here before. Akhilesh says no, I m sure mum is here. He shouts to Pushpa. He asks her to give him some sign and not worry. Pushpa tries to shout. Danny asks her to shut up. They all check. Pushpa cries. Ira says there is no one here, we should be in hospital, stop this madness. Danny says your family is leaving you. Akhilesh agrees to go. Danny threatens Pushpa and laughs. Pushpa makes him fall down. She hits Danny. Akhilesh and Ira hear the sound and stop. Akhilesh says there is something behind this wall.

He shouts to everyone and asks Devina about the room behind wall. Devina says I m unaware of it. Ira asks can you break this door. Chandu says yes, wait a min. He gets a hammer and asks Akhilesh to break the wall. Akhilesh breaks the wall. Books fall from shelf. Danny and Pushpa fight. Danny says stop it now. Devina thinks you can’t break this wall. Akhilesh says I m sure mum is inside, why is it tough to break it. Ira says maybe there is some way to enter this wall. Akhilesh asks what way. Ira sees the books fallen. She says just one book didn’t fall. Danny strangulates Pushpa. Devina asks how is this related to wall. Ira says maybe its related. She holds the book. The door opens. They get shocked.
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Update Credit to: Amena

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