Meri Hanikarak Biwi 26th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Akhilesh makes a plan

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 26th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Monica making halwa to add poison and put blame on Devina. Devina calls her and threatens to kill her. Monica says what I m going to do today, you will go jail for this. Devina asks what do you mean. Monica laughs. She takes halwa for everyone. Everyone eats halwa and likes it. Monica thinks I will get all property. Akhilesh praises the halwa. He asks her to have it also. She says I can’t have it. Chandu asks her to have it. She gets angry and refuses. Chandu says its fine, I will eat it myself. Akhilesh asks why are you getting so angry.

Monica says I told him I can’t have it, I m fasting today since Devina has gone out of the house. They feel sleepy. Monica says you would be wishing to sleep, go to your rooms and sleep. Everyone goes. Monica thinks poison

is working, you will sleep and then die, its time to work out next plan. She messages Devina and asks her to come home in the morning. She says this entire property will be mine. She shouts happily. Pushpa struggles and cries. Its morning, Monica sees Akhilesh unconscious. She sees everyone lying dead and smiles. She calls Danny and asks him to come fast to celebrate, everyone has gone to heaven. Devina comes and asks why did you call me. Monica says no one is here to catch me. Devina says you are smoking openly here, what if anyone sees you. Monica does Pushpa’s act and asks Devina why did she do this with her. Devina asks what did I do. Police comes.

Monica says this woman killed my family, arrest her. Devina says I don’t know what is she saying. Monica says I didn’t know she will kill my family. Devina asks what, she is lying, why will I kill my family. Monica says for property, she was suffocating me for signs on papers. She shows papers to inspector. She says Devina added poison in food and killed everyone. Devina gets shocked. Monica cries and does drama. Inspector asks are you sure that your family members are dead. Monica says I have seen them dead. Devina says my Bhoomi….. inspector says we want to see their dead bodies. Monica asks them to come and see. She sees all of them alive. She gets shocked and screams. She thinks how is this possible. Akhilesh asks what happened, why is police here.

Devina says Pushpa has gone mad, she is saying I have killed my family. Chandu asks murder. He jokes. Inspector asks what’s happening madam, your family is fine. Monica says they were lying dead, Devina wants to kill them. Akhilesh says why will Devina try to kill us. Monica says because you have thrown her out. Bhoomi says why will we throw her out. They all act. Danny comes and looks on. Devina says nothing has happened. Monica says you just remember. Ira says relax, calm down, your mental illness has gone to advanced level, we have to give you shock. Akhilesh asks Chandu to get wire from his room to give shock. He recalls.

FB shows Akhilesh saying something happened to mom, she wants to oust Devina, till she gets fine, I have made Devina out. Ira says don’t worry, we will make her fine. Akhilesh asks Ira to help him in his plan. He says we have to act dead. Ira agrees. Monica says no, I don’t want shock, I can’t believe this. Ira says calm down, your state will get bad. Chandu gets a call. The ringtone plays. Monica starts dancing. Akhilesh asks is this time to dance. She says I will dance till this song plays. Ira says we shall stop this drama, her state is getting worse. Akhilesh says have patience, this will end now, we will have a solution. Monica drinks water. She laughs. Inspector says you need psychiatrist instead police. Ira says we have to take her to mental hospital now. Akhilesh agrees. Ira calls mental hospital. Akhilesh thinks when the doctors take this fake woman, she will say truth and tell us Pushpa’s address.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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