Meri Hanikarak Biwi 24th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Adi gives idea to Mirchi to save Ira

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 24th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mirchi pulls the rods of the cell to make space for Ira shocking Akhilesh and Vansh. Akhilesh gives her a command to fix them again. She does as told. Ira asks Akhilesh to take Mishri home. She shouldn’t be here. Akhilesh asks Mishri to come. We will look for proof at accident site and come back to get your Mapu out of jail!

Akhilesh, Vansh and Mirchi reach the accident spot. Akhilesh wants to find someone who has seen the accident. I have to find out if Mirchi’s theory is right or wrong. Akhilesh cannot find a clue but Mirchi does not want to give up. Inspector calls Akhilesh asking him to come over asap. The case will go on for long now!

Akhilesh is shocked to see Pushpa in the police station. He questions Inspector who shares that she was bribing the victims so they withdraw the report. One of the guys says that this is what they were saying. These rich people only know how to buy out people! My other friend is badly hurt and still in hospital. Pushpa says I was giving them money for treatment. It wasn’t a bribe! The victims speak against them. Akhilesh tells Inspector that they dint intend to bribe anyone. We will follow rules diligently. Ira seconds him. We wont go against rules. She also tells Moti Ba to have faith in law. Inspector lets Pushpa go home. She takes the kids with her.

Akhilesh tells Ira not to worry. I am going to meet a big lawyer. It is about some time only! She assures him that she is fine. There are many sweet memories of us in jail. I will spend my time with them. He tells her he will get her out soon.

Pushpa sends food for Ira. Devina says it is sweet as she will eat the meal cooked by you even in jail. Mirchi calls her innocent. Devina says this is what every kid feels. Pushpa hopes she comes home asap. Devina receives a calls and is shocked. She tells Pushpa that one of the guys is in critical condition. His brain is damaged. Ira might spend her entire life in jail if he dies! Pushpa panics. I will pray the entire night. She will be fine. Vansh wants to be with her but Devina sends the kids to their room to rest. I will stay with Pushpa.

Mirchi asks Vansh how an ideal daughter can sleep when Mata Shree is in jail. Vansh reasons that they cannot do anything. Mamu is with lawyer. He will do something. Maybe Ira aunty will be out of jail by morning. You should go in sleep mode. She bids him goodnight as she puts herself in sleep mode.

Pushpa prays for Ira’s well being. Don’t let anything go wrong with her. Save that guy and Ira. She dint do anything intentionally.

Adi puts chloroform infected kerchief around Mirchi’s nose and thinks that she has passed out. It was such an easy thing to do!

Devina goes aside to attend Adi’s call. He informs her that he has made Mishri unconscious. She is glad that they can finally kidnap her now. She has troubled us so much! Thankfully, no one knows that I am behind that accident. Flashback shows Adi and Devina smiling at the victims because of whom Ira went in jail. Devina tells Adi that she wants Ira to go to jail so they can kidnap Mishri. Flashback ends. Devina tells Adi that she will ask for a fat amount in return of Mishri now. Take her to a safe place. He agrees. He pulls her pony by mistake and laughs. She wont wake up for next 24 hours because of chloroform! Mirchi wakes up and red alert is switched on in her mind. Danger! She looks at Adi (his face is covered with a mask). She jumps down from his lap shocking him. He wonders how she could wake up after smelling the chloroform. He dabs more in the kerchief but she holds his hand. Her strength shocks him. Wish there was a CCTV in the house because of which everyone could see you! I still feel there is something supernatural about you! She keeps the kerchief around his neck and makes him unconscious. We are out of danger now but this guy gave a good idea! If we show the CCTV image to police then Mata Shree’s innocence will be proved. She goes to inform Bhavik.

Devina steps aside to call Adi but he is unconscious. She decides to check upon him herself and notices Mirchi coming downstairs. Adi said she is unconscious but she just walked past me! Where is he! She goes upstairs. She is shocked to see him lying unconscious on the floor. It means Mirchi made him smell this kerchief. Why do I ask him to do something? She fails in waking him up. Thank God that Mirchi dint see his face because of mask. She might tell someone about her attempted kidnapping though.

Mirchi tells Bhavik the idea. He says there was no CCTV camera there. She speaks of the camera in her eyes. He gets thrilled by the idea. She tells him to praise the guy who came to kidnap her. He only gave me this idea.

Devina drags Adi out of the room.

Bhavik asks Mirchi why she dint tell him this before. She says an ideal daughter is more concerned about her mother. He asks about the guy and goes to check in her room. Devina notices Bhavik and Mirchi coming towards the kids room and hides him in another room.

Bhavik asks Mirchi about the guy. It is only Vansh! Mirchi says that guy was right here a while ago. He wants to call Akhilesh but she tells him to focus on Ira right now. Let’s use this proof. Let’s go to police station. He agrees. Devina comes out of the room after making sure they have left. She is curious as to which proof Mishri was referring to.

Inspector makes constable check food. Akhilesh asks them if they think his wife is criminal. It is homemade food! He insists upon following procedure which irks Akhilesh. I can bet she dint do anything! Mirchi and Bhavik enter. She tells Akhilesh not to get upset. I have a proof because of which Mata Shree will be set free. She can eat food at home. Bhavik seconds her. She has footage of accident.

Precap: Devina tells Adi that no one should know that they are behind that car accident. Mirchi overhears them. You dint do the right thing! They kidnap her. Pushpa is shocked to know that Mishri / Mirchi has been kidnapped. Adi pushes Mirchi while shouting on her. She passes out on the floor!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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