Meri Hanikarak Biwi 24th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Ira and Pushpa return home

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Meri Hanikarak Biwi 24th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bhavik receives call from Dr. Pillai and finds out that the model is complete. No one would have seen it in the world! Bhavik tells him there is some family complication. Dr. Pillai requests him to see it on video call. Bhavik asks for 5 minutes.

Nurse informs Devina and Adi that Ira has gained conscious. She is calling Akhilesh. Devina agrees to bring him. She thinks to make use of this opportunity to worsen Ira’s condition. Mishri is already out of our way. Now I will tackle the second obstacle! Adi wishes her luck as she goes inside.

Ira takes Akhilesh’s and Mishri’s name as she sits up. Devina tells her to relax. Ira shares that they fell from a height. Is Mishri fine? Devina agrees to tell her everything. Ira is panicking seeing her silent. Where is Mishri? Before Devina can tell her anything, Akhilesh says she isn’t here unfortunately. Ira asks him about Mishri again. He says she fell in water and has reached another village. She is fine. Villagers have kept her safely. I will bring her. Ira is relieved. I was so scared. Mishri is fine! She is crying by now. Mishri must be scared. She hasn’t spent a day like this. Don’t know if she has eaten anything. Let’s go. He assures her he will bring her. She wants to accompany him. I will be at peace after seeing her once. They look at each other. Judaai plays in the background. She asks him why he is standing like this. Let’s go and bring Mishri. He tells her she needs rest. Doc comes just then. He advises Ira to have complete bed rest. Ira explains about Mishri but doc reasons that if her condition worsens on the way then Akhilesh will have to turn around mid-way. Akhilesh seconds him. Mishri will feel better seeing you recover soon. Don’t take any stress. She is fine. Ira asks him by when he will return with Mishri. Akhilesh says very soon. I will call you. He goes. Nurse tells Ira to lie down. Devina also excuses herself. Ira is crying silently.

Bhavik is on video call with Dr. Pillai. He looks at their invention (a robot). She can do almost every task. she is energy efficient and her boot time is 0. He notices Bhavik sad. Bhavik says I cannot show it to the 2 people for whom I created it. My niece is in coma and my sister is struggling with post traumatic stress. How can I be happy? This machine can neither return the missing smile on my sister’s face nor can it save Moti Ba’s weak heart. He suddenly realises it isn’t true. This is a mind blowing creation! There cannot be a better solution than this to our problem! He excuses himself to speak to Akhilesh.

Devina asks Akhilesh why he isn’t telling the truth to Akhilesh. He shares that she wont be able to take any further stress like the doc said. Amma should also not know anything about it. I might have lost my daughter. Now I cannot lose them. he requests Devina to tell the same story to Pushpa that he just told to Ira. I will try to contact the best neurosurgeon till then. Devina nods. Akhilesh goes to make a call. Devina and Adi leave to eat something. Akhilesh calls someone asking her to message some contacts asap.

Bhavik tries to talk to Akhilesh about his project. Akhilesh says this isn’t the right time. Mishri is in coma. Ira just gained conscious and is asking for Mishri. Bhavik tells him that only his machine can save them now but Akhilesh does not seem interested. He walks away worriedly. Bhavik tells Dr. Pillai he is coming over asap.

Bhavik decides to use his invention to save Ira and Pushpa. Dr. Pillai agrees. I would need some things to customize this machine as per your requirements. He tells the same to Bhavik.

Vansh holds Pushpa and Ira’s hands as they enter. He asks for Mishri. Ira tells him the same story that Akhilesh had told her. Vansh hopes Kunika gets punished for her misdeeds. Adi assures him she will be caught soon. Pushpa is thankful that they are fine after whatever happened. She thanks Lord for listening to her prayers. Ira says I don’t believe in it but I still feel it is because of that bad omen. We can make Mishri do a shanti puja once she is back. Pushpa nods. Vansh tells them to rest first. He takes them inside.

Devina says who will they ask to do the puja. Wish they knew Mishri is in coma! Adi asks her why she isn’t telling them this. Devina is bound by Akhilesh’s warning. That cannot stop me. I will find a way to tell them the truth!

Vansh brings Ira to her room and brings juice for her. He switches on her favourite film which surprises her. He shares that Mishri told me this. She also told me what to do when you are upset. Ira calls herself lucky for having Mishri. I will love her so much once she is back that she will forget everything about the accident! Devina and Adi are eavesdropping. Vansh makes Ira call Akhilesh to know about Mishri. She puts the call on speaker as Vansh wants to speak to Mishri too.

Akhilesh is talking to some doctors in regard of Mishri. He receives Ira’s call as soon as he ends that call. She asks about Mishri. He lies that Mishri is with him. Vansh and Ira are eager to speak to Mishri. Akhilesh goes speechless. She cannot talk right now. I brought her to hospital. I will make you guys talk in a while. She is fine. She was in water for long so she cannot talk. Doctors are testing her. Ira wants to come too but he tells her docs will manage everything. Please take rest like you promised. I don’t want Mishri to stress too. Please rest till the time we come back. She asks him to bring Mishri home asap. He promises her.

Adi says I wish I could tell the truth to them. I want to see those heartbroken expressions! Devina says there is one way how we can tell Ira the truth. We must take her to hospital asap.

Akhilesh cries thinking about Mishri. Epi ends on the split screen of Akhilesh, Mishri and Ira.

Precap: Akhilesh asks Pushpa about Ira. Pushpa shares that she went to hospital. Ira reaches hospital and finds out that Mishri is in ICU. Mishri speaks to her and calls her Mapu. Later, Bhavik plugs a switch on Mishri’s head. Akhilesh asks him what he is doing. Bhavik tells Akhilesh this isn’t a human being but the most advanced robot of India – Mirchi 2.0!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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