Meri Hanikarak Biwi 22nd August 2019 Written Episode Update: Kabir mixes something in Akhilesh’s glass

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At the dining table, Mishri says I am missing Mapu’s cooking. It’s been so long since I ate something which she cooked. No one can cooks like her! Akhilesh overhears her. Vansh calls it impossible. Eat all this. Mishri declines sadly. I am not hungry. She heads upstairs followed by Vansh. Akhilesh decides cook something before Mishri makes Amaya cook something for her while mistaking her to be Ira. I only taught Ira how to make parathas after all.

Akhilesh is thinking about Ira while kneading dough. Pushpa notices him adding too much water in the flour and laughs. He realises his folly. What should I do now? I get so lost in Ira’s thoughts that I don’t understand anything. Where am I lost? I will make parathas for the kids with full concentration. He has kneaded the dough and makes parathas. They get burnt as he gets lost in his thoughts yet again. All the parathas meet the same fate. Akhilesh gives up. I don’t know why I cannot do anything nicely! Pushpa comes back to check on him. Did your Amma not teach you anything? He decides to try again when Mira enters. She asks him to move aside. I will cook for everyone. Pushpa refuses to eat anything from her hands. You separated Mishri’s Bapu from Mishri’s Mapu. Go away! Mira tries to explain but Pushpa ends up shouting on her. Akhilesh calms her down. I will make parathas. Mira wont even touch it. Pushpa nods. He tells Mira to go to her room. You know Amma is a kid right now. She will be fine in some time.

Kabir is speaking to his daughter. He narrates a story to her. Tanya opens the room’s door and calls out to him seductively. He goes quiet for a moment sensing Tanya’s presence but continues the story. Tanya asks him who he is telling stories to. I like listening to stories too. I feel like listening to music today. She plays a song and smiles at him. Kabir smashes her phone on the ground shocking Tanya. She panics. Why did you break my phone? It was so expensive! He pushes her out of the room and closes the door on her face. Her hand is stuck in the door. He is leaning on the door with his face towards the room. Tanya shouts at him that it is hurting but he does not hear any of it. Kabir ends the story and his call. He wipes his tears and opens the door. Tanya asks him if he is in his senses. I am shouting out in pain and you are telling stories to someone! He glares at her.

Ira can smell burnt food. She asks Pushpa what she is doing here. Pushpa tells her how Akhilesh tried to make parathas for Mishri. She wanted to eat food cooked by her mother but these ones got burnt. Ira tells her to go. I have to make pancakes for Kabir and myself. Pushpa calls her bad. You will soon grow horns on your head. Ira sends her away and smiles. She makes parathas for Mishri. She hasn’t eaten the parathas made by me since so long. She tastes the parathas cooked by Akhilesh. He burnt the parathas and dint even add ajwain. He does not know she likes ajwain. My parathas are just the way Mishri likes it! They look a little burnt as well. No one will know I made them. She keeps the plate of parathas on the dining table. Mishri will come running because of the fragrance.

Akhilesh drinks the glass of water kept on his room’s small table.

Mishri and Vansh run downstairs as soon as the fragrance of Ira’s food hits Mishri’s nostrils. She smells them. My Mapu has made them! The fragrance is just the same. Vansh says it isn’t possible. How would Mami know you want to eat the parathas made by her? Mishri says my Mapu is very smart. She knows everything. She takes a bite and jump in excitement. My Mapu only has made them!

Akhilesh hears her shouting but does not pay heed. Mishri calls out to him and Pushpa. Akhilesh wonders what happened now.

Mishri is doing her happy dance around the living room. Vansh and Pushpa are also jumping in joy. Akhilesh asks Mishri what happened. Ira asks them what they are shouting about. Did you have some lottery? Mira also comes there. Mishri says yes. I wanted to eat the parathas cooked by Mapu. She made these for me. She shows the plate to Akhilesh. Akhilesh is taken aback. Ira says in your dreams. Akhilesh says I made them. I dint give you as they got burnt a little. She says I am not lying. Take a bite and you will know. Ira thinks Akhilesh will realise he dint make it once he will taste ajwain in it. Mishri gives Akhilesh a bite. Akhilesh takes a bite and passes out on the sofa. Ira’s eyes widen in shock. Everyone gets tensed. They try to wake him up but in vain. Kabir smirks from upstairs.

Flashback shows Kabir adding few drops of something in the glass.

Kabir says the medicine has started showing its effect. Poor Akhilesh does not know that he is looking at his daughter for the last time.

Mishri sprinkles water on Akhilesh while Mira is rubbing his hands. Pushpa is crying. She tells Mira to stay away from her friend. Don’t touch my friend. Mishri realises that Akhilesh’s body is turning cold. I am with you Bapu. Devina comes out hearing the commotion. She gets worried seeing Akhilesh unconscious. What happened to him? Mishri shares that they are clueless too. Ira wonders how Akhilesh fell unconscious suddenly.

Kabir stops Ira from intervening in the situation. She requests him to let her save Akhilesh but he asks her to go upstairs instead.

Devina tells Mishri to call doc. Pushpa says there is a doctor. Mishri’s Mapu is doctor. My friend would have been fine if she was here. Ira looks on helplessly. How to help Akhilesh avoiding everyone’s eyes?

Precap: Mishri begs Ira to help Akhilesh. Ira says I am not a doctor. Pushpa and Mishri drag her with them. Mishri whispers in Ira’s ears that they will take everyone outside so she does not have to tell her truth to anyone. She leaves Ira alone with Akhilesh and closes the door from outside. Ira begins to go when Akhilesh holds her hand. Don’t leave me alone Ira. She looks at him.

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  1. There is a traitor and snakes in the family. Kabir wants to take two lives. When God step in an save them from those demons and snakes

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