Meri Hanikarak Biwi 21st May 2019 Written Episode Update: Pushpa and Ira’s sweet reunion

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 21st May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Akhilesh takes it from Mirchi. Inside, there is a small note with a photo where Ira is posing with some other guy. Devina smirks. She asks Akhilesh what happened. why do you seem upset? Whose letter is it? He lies that it is something related to office but she keeps insisting upon the letter. Is everything fine? She asks Pushpa if she does not think that this letter upset Akhilesh. Pushpa asks Akhilesh but he lies to her too. She catches his lie. You wouldn’t have turned pale if it was about work! Devina takes the envelope from his hand and drops the photo on the floor intentionally. She acts surprised. Even Pushpa is shocked. Devina says Ira is posing with a stranger. I was right that the letter has something which upset Akhilesh. I cannot believe that Ira is cheating us! She dint let us find

out anything. Akhilesh calls it a dirty trick of someone but Devina calls out to Ira to confront her. She shows the photo to Ira who looks at the photo in confusion. Who is this guy? I don’t even know him! I fail to understand as to who sent it. Devina says the sender isn’t important. What is in this photo is to think about! I understand you have needs as you have been away from Akhilesh for 5 years but how can you do this after being married. Ira tells her to stop. She asks the kids to go to their room. She tells Devina she cannot hear all these things about her. Devina says I would have thrown you out of the house right away if you were my DIL. Akhilesh tells her she is making a mountain out of a mole but Devina turns to Pushpa. Would you let it pass or will you act like me? Only an Agnipariksha can testify Ira’s honesty here. Do it! Akhilesh tells them against it. Pushpa says I don’t understand who I should trust but I think Ira must give Agnipariksha. Akhilesh and Ira are shocked but Pushpa stays put. Pushpa leaves. Akhilesh tells Ira not to do anything. He holds her hand to take her inside but she walks away. He follows her.

Devina and Adi shake hands. He compliments his mother’s plan. I am sure Ira wont be able to bear this insult. Akhilesh will support her and Pushpa will head back to Banaras. Devina nods.

Vansh asks Mirchi if she has any solution to this problem. She denies. He says now only God can save us from this problem.

Everyone has gathered in the house temple. Devina asks Pushpa where this Agnipariksha will happen. Pushpa says Ira will have to hold this burning Kapur in her hand and take 20 rounds of the temple to prove her innocence. Akhilesh tells his mother it isn’t right. Devina fuels Ira’s ears this time. Akhilesh tells Pushpa that last time she was proved wrong. If this happens again then I will stop respecting you. She tells him she doesn’t mind. Akhilesh tells Ira not to do this but she agrees to do it for Pushpa’s sake. He again tells her not to do it but she lifts Kapur. Pushpa tells Ira not to do this. It isn’t your but Akhilesh’s Agnipariksha. Devina and Adi are surprised. Why would he do this? Pushpa says even he stayed away from Ira for 5 years. Can fingers be not pointed at a guy? Adi says we have proof against your DIL. Pushpa warns them not to call Ira her DIL. She is my daughter. Pushpa and Ira look at each other emotionally. Pushpa says this photo was fake. Look at Mishri if you want proof of her love. She has raised her so well. I trust her all the more after hearing out Mishri. Everyone is curious to know what Mishri said to her.

Flashback shows Pushpa asking God if she should ignore what has just happened. I don’t want to doubt Ira or take her Agnipariksha but I am in a fix after all this. Why do you keep testing me? She overhears Mirchi praying for both her parents. Vansh asks her why she is praying for Mamu. Mirchi says even he was away from Mapu for 5 years. Vansh says you are right but women get blamed all the time. Flashback ends.

Pushpa says she opened my eyes. All those who doubt Ira can leave the house right away! I will even fight with God if I have to for her! She has fulfilled all the duties in every way! She died every day for my sake. She has saved me so many times from Devina’s traps. She is dressed like me today on Mother’s Day. I trust her fully. I am sure if I had a daughter, she wouldn’t have loved me like her. Ira hugs her overwhelmed. Pushpa says all this happened because of Mishri. I am very happy today and I will dance too. She dances with Ira. Akhilesh smiles. He looks at Mirchi. Pushpa pulls the kids too. Akhilesh stops Mirchi. For a second I felt Mishri is in this house. You have touched everyone’s heart even after being a machine. She takes fine from him for using English word. Devina says I am so happy to see everyone together. I couldn’t bear to see Ira and Pushpa not on talking terms. Mirchi says we haven’t found out who sent that letter. Devina coughs. The sender’s plan failed. It isn’t needed.

Mirchi insists upon finding out as to who sent it. She reads the note and scans the stuff in the room. It matches with a note kept inside Devina’s bag. Devina is the one who sent it. Devina calls it a lie but Mirchi takes out a paper from her purse. The writing matches perfectly. Pushpa checks it too and looks at Devina in shock. Ira says I wont be surprised. I told you that she wants to create a rift between us. The truth is in front of you now. Pushpa tells Devina she gave them enough chances. You proved that you cannot stay with us! Leave with your son right away. Devina and Adi request Akhilesh and Pushpa they wont do it again. Akhilesh asks her to leave. She agrees to do anything but again requests him to let them stay. Pushpa refuses to melt seeing her crocodile tears. Leave! Mirchi stops them. we are an ideal family where we should guide a misguided person to the right path. She thinks of such things as she does not do anything. Give her so much work that she has no free time. Ira tells Pushpa to let them stay. Pushpa gives in. We have to find out what they will do. Mirchi asks the servants not to come from tomorrow. Devina will do everything from tomorrow. Devina is stunned. Mirchi does thumbs up at Akhilesh.

Devina paces angrily. That little scoundrel! I never thought she will expose me before everyone! Adi tells her that no one can change what happened already. He gives her mop and soap. She hits him with the mop. You think I will work like a servant? He reasons that she has no option. We will be thrown out of the house otherwise! I am sure you have no experience to beg! She tells him to shut up. I was born to wear rubies and diamonds. I will pacify Akhilesh emotionally but I need a beauty sleep to act well. Don’t disturb me!

Next morning, Mirchi greets Akhilesh and touches his feet. My world is in my Bapu’s feet. Bless me. He says you might be a machine but girls don’t touch feet. When will this drama end? It is looking filmy. Why are you up so early? She replies that he put an alarm in her. He asks her to be on sleep mode again but she wants to check on Devina first. He nods. Let’s go and see what she is up to now! He receives a call from nurse who informs him that Mishri’s condition has worsened!

Precap: Akhilesh demands to talk to the doc who is treating Mishri. Her hand has swelled! Nurse dials Ira’s number and hands him the phone. Akhilesh panics seeing nurse apply too much pressure on Mishri’s hand. He tells her to not to do that.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Summer

    Good to see Devina finally exposed! What a rotten character, making her a slave is too kind. She should have been shown the door!

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