Meri Hanikarak Biwi 21st June 2019 Written Episode Update: Mishri finds out Devina’s truth

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Meri Hanikarak Biwi 21st June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mirchi uses her powers to break a vase shocking Mishri. If you touch Mapu or Bapu one more time then I will do something because of which you wont forgive yourself ever. If they cannot accept me as their daughter then I will kill them using my laser beam too! Should I show you? Mishri begs her not to harm her Mapu or Bapu. Devina is pleased. Mirchi asks Mishri to leave the house if she wants to save Mapu or Bapu. You have no one here! Mishri asks her what has happened to her. Bapu called you his angel. How can you turn evil then? He risked his life to save you. How can you harm them then? Mirchi gets thinking. Mishri says this isn’t you. You only said that robots are human centric. How did you turn evil? Devina wonders how the colour of Mirchi’s eyes changed. Did Mishri’s words reprogram her software? I cannot let it happen! I must do something.

Mishri tells Mirchi she can turn into a nice robot again. I know you are nice. Please be good for their sake. I request you. Mirchi turns to her normal size and looks in shock. Devina comes back with her phone. Mishri compliments Mirchi for turning into the right robot again. Now Bapu and Mapu wont be upset with you ever. Everyone will love you then. Mirchi smiles. Devina uploads a file. I will see how Mishri will save her Bapu and Mapu now. Mishri thanks Mirchi but the very next second, Mirchi pushes her on the sofa angrily. Her eyes have turned red again. Mirchi shouts that she isn’t and can never be good. I wont change my decision. Mapu and Bapu are mine, only mine! I will finish them if they cannot be mine! Mishri requests her not to do so. I am ready to leave but please don’t harm them. Mirchi asks her to leave right away. Don’t come back ever again. Mishri agrees. Can I take their blessings once before leaving? Mirchi allows her.

Mishri touches her parents’ feet sadly. Please forgive me for leaving you like this. I am helpless. Mirchi shouts at her to leave. Mishri leaves with a heavy heart. Devina joins Mirchi. Now Mishri will never come back here. Your Bapu and Mapu will be yours now. Make them normal again. She hands her Aamras for Akhilesh and Ira. Mirchi unfreezes them. Mirchi gives them Aamras. Ira thanks her. I am very happy as you are back now. Mirchi assures them that no one will be in trouble because of her now. Now we will stay happy together. Devina thinks of the irony in Mirchi’s words.

Mishri is crying. I cannot live without Mapu and Bapu. She notices Bajrang Bali’s idol and folds her hands. Why did you do this? Why did you bring me out of coma if I was going to be pushed away from Mapu and Bapu? Why did you turn Mirchi evil? I don’t know if I should fight for my family and try to expose Mirchi or not! I will stand here on one foot till the time you show me a sign. She stands on one foot. Hanuman Chalisa plays in the background. A flower falls near her feet. Mishri picks it up. It is the same flower which Bapu brings for Mapu. It means you want me to save my family and expose Mirchi in front of everyone. I understood that it is only me who can make them happy. I will fight for them but how should I do that? She notices Dr. Pillai going to their house. He is the same scientist who created Mirchi. She thanks Bajrang Bali for giving her the hint. Please protect me. She goes after him.

Devina notices Dr. Pillai coming towards Pandey House and runs to stop him. She asks him what he is doing here. He reminds her that she took Mirchi only for 2 days. It is time. I have come to take Mirchi. Mishri overhears them and realises that Devina has brought Mirchi in the house this time. Devina tells him to let her stay. Her work isn’t done. He insists he needs to give her demo in US. She repeats her lie. My SIL wont fund any of your project from now onwards. It will be better if you leave. I will personally call you once her work is done. She does not let him speak and forces him to leave. Devina laughs. How to tell you that your robot isn’t human friendly anymore? She can only create destruction since the virus I have put in her! Mishri decides to tell it to Akhilesh somehow. I must get inside somehow.

Ira is standing on a stool and tries to take a bag kept high above. She thinks to get a bigger stool but Akhilesh picks her in his arms. They cute bicker over her weight. He keeps pulling her back as she tries to reach out for the bag. You only said I am not romantic. She cutely pulls his nose. I used to say that earlier. Now you are a Bapu of a 6 year old. He says I can still romance. I am very happy today as we got our Mishri back. She says the same. He pulls her on the bed. They are cutely talking to each other, unaware that Mirchi has walked in and takes down the bag from above. Ira promises Akhilesh she wont let Mishri go away from her ever. He reminds her that Mishri is a 6 year old girl. Don’t scold her like this. She nods. I know I have turned harsh. Devina stops in shock seeing Mirchi extending her hand towards the bag.

Devina asks Mirchi to make her hand normal. Mirchi touches the bag but withdraws her hand and goes with Devina.

Akhilesh offers to life Ira again but she advises him to take it down himself. They both look up and wonder how the bag’s position changed. They are unable to think of what could have happened. no one came in the room.

Devina reprimands her for acting like a robot in Akhilesh and Ira’s room. What if they had seen you? They would have recognized you and you would have been sent back immediately! Remember to act like innocent Mishri. She reasons that they wont love her if she wont help them. Devina orders her to help like a normal human being. Stay here. Come out only when I tell you to. Mirchi accepts her command.

Mishri tells Dr. Pillai she can help him get Mirchi back. You will have to do just as I say. He asks her if she is sure. She affirms and tells him a plan (in mute).

Precap: Mishri enters in Vansh’s room. She tries to pull Mirchi’s ponytail but Mirchi recognizes her presence near her and turns her head towards her without moving her body. I made a very wrong decision by sparing your life. I will kill you today! Mishri shakes her head.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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