Meri Hanikarak Biwi 20th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Mother’s Day Celebration in Pandey Niwas

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Meri Hanikarak Biwi 20th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mirchi cuts one leg of Adi’s chair because of which he falls down on the floor. How did it break suddenly? Devina says it cannot happen suddenly. Pushpa says he might have gained weight. Mirchi says it might be a hint from God that food is enjoyed the most when we are seated on the floor. Pushpa loves the idea. Devina is reluctant but has no option. The AC is off. Devina complains about it. It is so hot! Mirchi says we have to care about the environment too. It is time for your son to take care of you. Vansh hands a hand fan to Adi who starts fanning himself but Mirchi suggests it to do to Devina. Vansh whispers at Mirchi not to eat food by getting sentimental. She says I am not eating it. Devina wants to go but Mirchi suggests playing a game together. Ira is impressed. You are acting way too

smart today. Akhilesh nods worriedly. They start playing hide and seek. Mirchi is blindfolded while everyone else hides. She easily scans the room and catches Pushpa. It is her turn next. Pushpa is blindfolded. Devina says everything will become normal soon if everyone will be so happy together. I wont let it happen. She hits Pushpa intentionally but Ira holds her. Pushpa thinks it was Akhilesh but is surprised to see Ira as she removes her blindfold. They get awkward. Pushpa thanks Ira. Ira says now a mother would say thank you to her daughter. Pushpa shakes her head. She is about to pat her cheek but Devina pretends to be concerned for Pushpa. Mirchi asks everyone to sleep now as it is 10 PM. They head to their rooms. Adi tells his mom they have to do something about this ideal daughter. Devina says I will do something to ruin the entire ideal family now.

Next morning, Ira is working on her laptop. Akhilesh checks about Mishri’s condition with someone. Ira receives call from a nurse who shares that there is no improvement in Case number 52 since last week. Ira and Akhilesh say the same thing in unison. She asks him who he was speaking to. He lies that it was about a business deal. Who were you speaking to? She says the word hospital when Mirchi enters. She is dressed just like Ira. Ira asks her if she would like to become a doc when she grows up. Mirchi tells her to pay fine for using English. Vansh comes there with a box for fine. Ira says I don’t know the Hindi for all these words. Mirchi repeats everything in pure Hindi which surprises Ira. You start talking differently every day since some days! Don’t you find it weird, Akhilesh? Akhilesh says she got into acting classes recently. Ira asks Mirchi why she is dressed like her. Mirchi shares that it is Mother’s Day today. Ira asks her how she is so sweet. No one becomes a doctor by putting this stethoscope around their neck! You have to study hard for it. Mirchi replies that she knows everything already. She checks Ira’s pulse and blood pressure shocking Ira and Akhilesh. Ira asks her how she knows all this. Akhilesh tells Mirchi not to fool her mother. She gets scared. Mirchi and Vansh collect fine from him too. Ira is confused. I loved your attire though. Mirchi asks her to also dress like her mother today. She will like it very much. Ira says no and walks away sadly. Mirchi asks Akhilesh why Ira was crying. Akhilesh says she does not have a mother just like you don’t have one. She might be missing her.

Ira cries holding her mother’s photo. Mirchi apologizes to her for reminding her of her mother. Ira says I could never tell her how much I love her while she was alive. I miss you very much, Mumma. Mirchi reminds her that she also has Badi Ma. Bapu told me that she used to tell you stories and feed you whenever you were hungry. You should do something special for her today as she loves you very much. She would like it. She leaves with Vansh. Akhilesh and Ira are quiet. Ira recalls how sweetly Pushpa had welcomed her in this house.

Vansh is impressed with Mirchi’s idea. Now Ira aunty will dress up like Badi Ma. Your idea was great! I hope you will succeed. Mirchi says there are chances of 99% of it succeeding. There is a chance of 1% failure as we have Devina too. Vansh is sure her plan is full proof.

Devina and Pushpa are arguing over Prasad. Mirchi asks Devina to pay fine for speaking in English. Everyone must speak in Hindi today as it is Mother’s Day. You just 4 English words which amount to Rs. 200. Devina says I have no money. She ends up showing her purse. Mirchi scans her body. You have Rs. 1240 right now. You have hidden some of it behind the mobile cover and some of it in sandal. Vansh takes her phone. Mirchi shows the cash to everyone. Pushpa is shocked. Mirchi takes out the remaining cash from Devina’s sandal. Pushpa compliments Mirchi’s idea. Why are you dressed like a doc though? Mirchi replies that she has done it for her mother. Devina tells her not to become dangerous like her mother. Pushpa tells her to be quiet. I wish even I had a daughter who would do something similar for me. They hear someone talking like her and look in the direction from where the voice is coming. Ira is dressed like Pushpa and talks like her too. She offers parathas to everyone. Vansh tells her that she looks just like Pushpa. Ira says I will dress up like my mother on Mother’s Day after all. It is my genuine love and respect for her. She has done so much for me. She took care of me when I was ill; forgave me whenever I made any mistake. She never let me feel that my mother isn’t alive! Pushpa is touched. Devina cuts her off. This fancy dress wont change anything. You would have heard Pushpa sometimes if you really respected you. Pushpa tries to object but Devina says I wont let anyone harm you now. Mirchi tells Vansh how she spoke of that 1% virus named Devina.

Devina is about to take her away when Akhilesh enters. He gives a gift to Pushpa and Devina each. Pushpa is reminded of their village. You used to pluck mangoes for me back in the village. Devina is disappointed. They decide to make Aam Panna together.

Everyone sits down to drink Aam Panna together. Adi is irked by all the drama. He asks his mother when she will do something to break them. Devina tells him to wait and watch. Akhilesh keeps a competition as to who will finish off max glasses of Aam Panna. A delivery guy comes to give a parcel for Akhilesh. Pushpa receives it. Devina opens it but Mirchi snatches it out of her hand. It is bad manners to open the letter addressed to someone else. Devina is irked but Mirchi stays put. Akhilesh takes it from Mirchi. Inside, there is a small note with a photo where Ira is posing with some other guy. Devina smirks.

Precap: Mirchi says I know that the sender is Devina. Her writing is same in the letter she wrote before and in this note! Devina is in shock.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. The sooner Devina is confronted with her terrible tactics, the better! I hope they ask her to leave, as with her presence in the house, harmony will not exist, only destruction and conflict! Rotten character!

    Thanks Pooja for great update! 🙂

    1. Pooja

      You’re most welcome Summer 🙂

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