Meri Hanikarak Biwi 20th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Akhilesh tries to earn money

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 20th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akhilesh seeing Pushpa and Devina arguing. He leaves. Ira gets the jewelry and says I m going to return this to Pushpa. Vallabh says I will give her. He feels sorry to cheat her. He thinks I can’t let you fall in love with an illiterate man, this wasn’t our dream. Akhilesh comes and sees Ira. Vallabh asks her to make tea for him, he has headache. He goes to apply balm. Ira’s saree gets stuck. She stops and asks why are you doing this Akhilesh, you have hurt my heart and now you aren’t letting me go. He says I can’t stop you now. They see her saree stuck in his bracelet. He frees it. Hamari adhuri kahani…plays….

Vallabh comes and looks on. He asks Ira didn’t you go till now. She goes. Vallabh says Ira has got these things to return it to

you. Akhilesh asks why does she want to return. Vallabh says she means to say if you have to pay the value, then pay by your earnings, not by family money. Akhilesh cries and says she has slapped me well, I got to know that she is unhappy because of my failure. He goes. Vallabh says forgive me Akhilesh, you will understand my helplessness when you become a father. Akhilesh says Ira wants my hard earned money, I will get it. He checks newspaper. He reads that the person who pulls the truck for 50 kms will be given 5 lakhs.

Akhilesh goes to Pushpa and asks her to bless him, he is going for some imp work. Pushpa says I have oil in hand. Ira gets curd and sugar. Pushpa asks him to have it by Ira’s hands. She goes. Ira asks for what work are you going. He says you will get all answers, your demands will be fulfilled. She asks what demands. He says I m in hurry. He dislikes the curd and says you want my day to get spoiled. She tastes the curd and says its really sour, wait. She gets another bowl. He leaves.

Akhilesh comes to the ground and hears the rules of the contest. He says this time I won’t disappoint you. He registers his name. The contest begins. The men try their best to pull the truck. The man says it seems there is no one brave here who can pull this truck. Ira calls Akhilesh and says he is not answering, I m mad, I should have tasted the curd first, don’t know where he went. Lakhan comes and says Pushpa ordered these sweets. She asks where did Akhilesh go. Lakhan says he was asking me address of some ground. She thinks why would he go there.

Akhilesh sees the money bags. Ira checks the ad flier and understands. She thinks it means Akhilesh went to participate. The man says now the prize money got high, its 10 lakhs, is there anyone, who can pull this truck. Akhilesh says I will do it. He removes his shirt and goes. He ties the ropes to his hands and pulls the truck. Kar har maidan fateh….plays… The truck moves. Everyone looks on shocked. A guy says this man has expelled a banyan tree all alone, he is really powerful. Akhilesh falls down. Akhilesh thinks of Ira and goes ahead. The man thinks Akhilesh will make me bankrupt, I have to make him lose by some way. Ira comes there and gets shocked. She asks Akhilesh to stop his madness and come home. He asks her to go home. The man sends his aide to open the rope from the truck. The guy loosens the ropes. Akhilesh drags the truck. The truck front part gets off and is about to hit Akhilesh. Ira sees it and shouts Akhilesh.

Ira confronts Vallabh. He says I have seen love in Akhilesh’s eyes, promise me you will forget him and marry the guy I choose for you. Ira gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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