Meri Hanikarak Biwi 1st July 2019 Written Episode Update: Terrorist threatens Ira

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Akhilesh says I hope Minister is okay. Inspector nods. He is recovering quickly after his operation. Yout wife has been very responsible. Entire state is thankful to you for this. Ira has been very brave and responsible but due to the shock, she is not in a condition to give her statement. Please continue your search for those terrorists. They must be caught and punished. They are very dangerous. Inspector assures him that the best cops are chasing the terrorists. Akhilesh says I want to be with my wife right now. I will call you once she gains conscious. Inspector nods.

Akhilesh comes to his room. Ira is still unconscious. Akhilesh thanks him for coming over asap. I know I troubled you a lot. Doc / terrorist tells him it isn’t a thing to worry about. Ira is under post traumatic stress due to shock. She will gain conscious soon. Devina says Ira did not have to show off she was brave. It wasn’t required. Akhilesh asks her if Ira should have let the terrorists have their way. Pushpa seconds him. Ira is a star. Very few people can be this strong! Devina says she wasn’t being smart while being brave. Who will think about the security of the family? Pushpa asks her if she wants Ira to be afraid and succumb to the wrong demands of terrorists. They begin to argue. Terrorist interrupts them. Ira is already in stress. Don’t burden her with more. Mishri tells Pushpa and Devina to stop arguing. She also apologizes to doc. Just make my Mapu fine. She takes them with her.

Akhilesh asks doc / terrorist if there is anything to worry. He replies that patient can recover in short time if patient rests well enough. I need some antibiotic medicines for her right now. Bring them urgently. Akhilesh takes the prescription from him and goes. Terrorist says I will be with Ira till then. Terrorist asks Ira to open her eyes. Sit up slowly. Ira wakes up and looks at him. He says this is a miracle, right? He removes his fake moustache to reveal his true identity. Ira asks him what he is doing here. He says I knew you will be glad to see me. You thought I will let you get away so easily? You ruined my plan! I am going to shock you now. He hands her a file. She is shocked to see the details of her family members inside. Why did you give me this? He tells her to understand the hint. There shouldn’t be any mistake.

Akhilesh is unable to read the doc’s handwriting. He goes to confirm it with the doc.
Terrorist tells Ira to do as he says. You don’t have any other option anyways! Don’t try to act smart. You will decide for every person of this house! They hear Akhilesh calling out for the doc. Ira passes out. Terrorist hides the file behind a cushion. He pretends to check on Ira. Terrorist asks Akhilesh why he dint go yet. Akhilesh says I couldn’t understand your handwriting. He tells him not to worry. I will call at the hospital to order the medicines. Stay with your wife. She was mumbling your name in sleep. Akhilesh calls it a positive sign. I will stay with her till she recovers. Terrorist assures him Ira will be fine soon. He glances at Ira and then leaves.

Akhilesh promises Ira he will help her recover asap. You have to get well for Amma, Mishri and me. You know that this family is incomplete without you. We will face this problem like we have faced all the others till date. A song plays as their past memories flash in the background. Akhilesh wipes his tears. Mishri comes to convince his father to eat. He is reluctant but she reasons that she wont be able to eat if they both wont eat. You have to be strong in this situation. How will you take care of us if you wont eat? Please eat a little for my sake. She feeds him sweetly. Akhilesh says I wont eat alone. You will eat with me. We will take care of Ira together. Mishri notices Ira waking up. Akhilesh asks her if she is fine. Ira nods. Akhilesh says what can happen to you after all. You just fell asleep. Mishri gives her milk. Akhilesh says Mishri and I have decided to be a team and help you. Mishri calls out to Ira. I will sleep with you tonight. Ira says I don’t mind but why are you calling me Mapu. Mishri and Akhilesh get confused. Mishri asks Akhilesh what has happened to Mapu. Akhilesh says Mishri always calls you Mapu. Ira says I don’t remember. I have a headache. He tells her not to stress. Doc says you might be having difficulty because of post traumatic trauma. Rest now. Mishri says I will sleep with you guys and take care of you. Mishri wishes them good night. Akhilesh switches off the lights as they lie down. Ira goes away when Akhilesh closes his eyes. He wakes up and is surprised to not see her there. He checks in the washroom but she isn’t there. He heads downstairs. He checks in Pushpa’s room but Ira isn’t there as well. Pushpa gets concerned too. They call out to Ira repeatedly but in vain. Akhilesh finds Ira coming out of the kitchen. She spills water in shock upon seeing him suddenly. It douses the diya in the temple. She passes out in his arms.

Pushpa asks Akhilesh about Ira. Akhilesh says she got scared hearing me shout. He takes Ira to their room. Pushpa notices the diya. It is a very bad omen. What are you hinting at, Lord? Akhilesh asks her why she dint sleep yet. She points at the diya. He says it might be because of water. I will light it again. Why worry so much? She shares that she lit this diya for Ira’s wellbeing. It isn’t a good sign. What if something happens to Ira? A similar incident happened 5 years ago when we found out about Ira’s death in that accident! Akhilesh tells her not to think like that. He lights the diya again. Pushpa prays for Ira’s wellbeing. She keeps the family united and happy. Please keep her safe. Give her my life but please don’t let anything happen to her! She tells Akhilesh that Ira wanted to hold a Vat Savitri Puja tomorrow. She was going to do this puja after 5 years but her condition isn’t good. Akhilesh tells her not to worry so much. Everything is fine. Akhilesh thinks he cannot see Ira like this. Please return my happy go lucky Ira to me, Lord.

Precap: Akhilesh is doing Vat Savitri Puja. A lady remarks that maybe Akhilesh thinks of himself to be a woman after his surgery. This is why he came here for the puja. The thread breaks. Ladies call it inauspicious. Later, Akhilesh tells Ira he feels she is lying. You are hiding something from me. She tries to avert his gaze and his doubt strengthens. He tries to make her swear upon God but she shrugs his hand away.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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