Meri Hanikarak Biwi 18th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Mirchi lies against Akhilesh and Ira in front of police

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 18th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Akhilesh tells Mishri to eat something but she refuses to eat till the time Ira forgives her. Vansh says I accept that Mirchi did all that. Ira aunt must have also calmed down. Please eat something. She refuses. Mapu has never shouted on me till date. I don’t feel like eating. Akhilesh says your Mapu will also not eat anything till the time you wont. She loves you very much. I thought to tell her once you ate something so she can eat too but you are stuck on remaining hungry. I will have to give her medicine if she falls ill. Mishri says I cannot let her health get affected because of me. She eats food. Vansh does thumbs up at Akhilesh. Mishri tells him to show the empty tiffin to Mapu. Ask her to eat too. He agrees. Think of ways to surprise her till then so she calms down. He goes to meet Ira. Vansh suggests her to draw something for Ira but Mishri decides to surprise her with a dance performance on Ira’s favourite song. They go downstairs to make preps for the same.

Ira tells Akhilesh she isn’t hungry but he tells her to eat. You teach your patients to eat well and now you are doing this! Ira feels bad for slapping Mishri. I have never done this before. I shouldn’t have done this. He tells her to take deep breaths if she gets that angry again. I have learned this technique from you only. Ira still cannot fathom why Mishri is behaving like this. I don’t understand any of it. Why don’t we show her to child psychiatrist? He rubbishes the idea. I had a long conversation with her. She promised me she wont repeat it again. She has patched up with Vansh and was more concerned about you. She sent this tiffin with me so I can feed you something. Ira eats reluctantly. Did she eat too? He nods. She is also planning a surprise for her Mapu. Finish your work and come home asap. Even I want to see what she is planning for you!

Mishri gets ready. She reminds Vansh of his role. Bapu called to tell that he is bringing Mapu home. He nods and tells her to practise. He goes. Devina eavesdrops on Mishri’s prayer. Mishri prays to Bajrang Bali to help her melt her Mapu’s heart. Devina thinks it will burn now. She locks the door from outside. Mishri tries to open the door but fails. Her shouts go unheard.

Devina comes to her room to check on Mirchi. Mirchi tells her she is ready. Everything is done. Devina tells her to make sure nothing goes wrong downstairs. Mirchi accepts her command.

The house is all dark when Akhilesh and Ira enter. They look at the decor. It must be Mishri’s doing. Vansh welcomes Mirchi on stage thinking it is Mishri. Pushpa also joins them.

Mirchi dances on Twist Kamariya song. Devina looks on from upstairs. Akhilesh and Pushpa clap as the song comes to an end. Akhilesh tells Ira that Mishri worked so hard for you. Ira hugs her and compliments her. Mishri apologizes to her and so does Ira. I shouldn’t have slapped you. Don’t surprise me after the performance though. Mirchi says some surprise is still left. Everyone gets confused. Doorbell rings. Akhilesh thinks it must be ice cream but he is shocked to see police at his doorstep. Inspector shares that he has come to arrest Ira on the charge of beating her 6 year old. Akhilesh asks him as to who filed the complaint. Mirchi says I did. I called him here. I told Mapu that some surprise is left. She shows the video to the Inspector. This is what happens with me in the house. Ira is heartbroken. Inspector tells Ira she must come with them. Devina comes there. what’s happening? Akhilesh tells inspector it isn’t what it seems in the video. Mishri did something wrong and it isn’t something unusual. Pushpa adds that every kid gets slapped in childhood. I am sure you too must have! Mirchi tells them not to fall in their words. Even Ira should be punished when I can! Akhilesh holds her hand. She is your Mapu! Mirchi runs to Inspector. I wont get afraid of you today. You can beat me black and blue later. She tells Inspector this is what happens with her always. I get threatened and beaten like this only! I am kept hungry for straight 2 days! They beat me so much sometimes that I get blue marks on my skin. Please save me. Pushpa asks her what she is saying. Inspector tells her she is trying to pressurize the kid. I dint expect this from someone like you guys! Why did you give birth to her when you cannot handle her? Akhilesh says that video isn’t the complete truth. Ira scolded her for a mistake she committed. Inspector is still on Mirchi’s side. I can see how scared she is of you guys. Mirchi requests the Inspector to take her with him. I wonder what Mapu and Bapu will do once you leave without taking any action against them! I don’t want to stay in this house. Akhilesh, Pushpa and Ira look at her stunned. Inspector reprimands them but Pushpa says we love her like a princess. Don’t know what has happened to her! Ira also requests Inspector to believe them that they don’t do any violence on Mishri. I slapped her for the first time today. Akhilesh calmly explains to Inspector. Devina signals Mirchi to go. She opens the lock of Mishri’s room and runs.

Mishri is not able to get in touch with Vansh. I don’t know how the door got locked! She notices the door unlocked and runs downstairs. Inspector is speaking of sending Mishri to childcare but she refuses to leave her parents.

Precap: Vansh asks Akhilesh and Ira to stop Mishri. Mishri tells them that she will stay in hostel after today. Ira confirms with her if it is her last decision. A teary eyed Mishri confirms.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. I am finding this story ridiculously stupid!
    1) where does Devina find identical clothes, jewels for Mirchi?
    2) How is Mirchi so human like?!!!
    3) where is Bhavik and Dr Pillai?

    Please show us a realistic story.

  2. Frosties

    I can’t believe writers are coming up with such a silly story.
    1) in reality how does Devina find identical clothes and jewellery and hair style etc in such short time to dress Mirchi?!
    2) How is the robot behaving so human whereas before Mishri was in coma she made robot movements?
    3) You would think Akilesh would click his daughters honesty
    4) Why is Bhavik out of the picture when he’s needed?

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