Meri Hanikarak Biwi 18th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Akhilesh and Ira’s Roka completes

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 18th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akhilesh lying to Pushpa about Ira. He reminds her that she isn’t a doctor here. He asks her to go and talk to him on call. Pushpa praises her smartness. Ira asks them to get water and let air come. Devina calls Indu Desai and asks about Ira. He praises Ira and says Ira isn’t greedy, don’t call again. Devina says she maybe good, why is Ira marrying Akhilesh after knowing the truth, there is something fishy. Akhilesh talks to Ira on call and follows her instructions. The phone falls down. Pushpa takes the call. She asks doctor to instruct them. Ira asks them to move the people away. Pushpa thinks how does doctor know this. She asks Ira how does she know. Ira makes excuse.

Pandit faints. Akhilesh says pandit fainted, what shall I do, tell me. Pushpa says feed him banana. Ira says don’t feed anything, I will call again. She calls her senior. Devina hears her and thinks who’s the doctor here. Ira gets the solution and calls Akhilesh. She asks Akhilesh to do CPR and revive pandit. Akhilesh asks her what is she saying. She asks him to give him mouth to mouth respiration. He says I can’t. She says fine, I will come and do. He says my mum will get a heart attack if she sees you doing this. Devina goes to see. Aditya comes and tells her that Akhilesh is taking instructions from a doctor on phone to save Pandit. She says I heard someone here. He says maybe you heard from the phone. She goes and looks for Ira. She thinks is Irawati the doctor. Akhilesh tries to revive pandit.

He bends for CPR. Everyone asks him what is he doing. Akhilesh stops and says what am I doing. He hits pandit. Supari comes out. Devina comes to see Ira. Ira gets shocked seeing her and shuts the door. She starts her drama. Devina shouts. Everyone comes. Devina complains about Ira. Akhilesh and Bhavik like that Ira was doing puja here. Devina says Ira was talking in English in this room, she was saying medical terms. Ira asks what, no, I m not much educated. She fools them and punches Devina’s nose. Devina gets angry. Aditya asks who was talking in english here. Ira says no, I was watching tv. She plays tv and shows an English program. Ira and Pushpa joke on Devina.

Devina says I will see you. Akhilesh calls Ira harmful. She asks him to get ready, she is going to become his harmful wife. She smiles and goes. The puja starts again. Pandit says there won’t be hurdle between them. Pushpa thanks them. She gives shagun and completes roka. Akhilesh and Ira pray. Pandit gives them mahurat for marriage. Ira says I have exams for next three days. Pushpa says I will become Dadi soon. Ira asks Bhavik to help her, who will write her exams. He says I forgot. Akhilesh hears them. Ira asks how will I manage. Bhavik says sorry. Pushpa calls them to hear the functions schedule. Ira says I can’t stay here. She makes an excuse. She worries for her exam. Pandit says I will leave now.

Akhilesh tries to bribe the pandit and says Saas and bahu can’t come in front of each other. Pandit says yes, Pushpa will get unwell if she sees Ira tomorrow. She asks him why did he not tell him before. Akhilesh says I can’t risk Pushpa’s health. He asks Ira not to come tomorrow. Ira says I m ready to sacrifice. Pushpa praises her. She changes the functions’ timings. Pandit goes. Akhilesh asks Pushpa to take some rest. She goes to do arrangements. Ira thanks Akhilesh. He thanks her for teaching him to lie. Bhavik says he has so attitude. Ira says his wounds are deep, I have given him these wounds, I just came here to make Pushpa fine, but I have to heal Akhilesh’s wounds.

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