Meri Hanikarak Biwi 17th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Amaya gets hold of Ira’s bangle

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 17th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mishri prays to Bajrang Bali. Please bring Mapu back. I only wanted to find her. I wouldn’t have lost that bangle ever.

My devotee does not know that the bangle will reach the right hands at the right time.

Vansh says Mamu went to find the bangle. Maybe it is a sign from God. He might meet Mami. Mishri smiles. Please make Bapu meet Mapu, Bajrang Bali.

A girl steps down from her car. Adi and Tanya are in a Japanese restaurant. Adi asks her why they are here to look for a bangle. Tanya says I said it intentionally that we are going to help your brother. I want to have Sushi. He looks at the price. This restaurant is very expensive. She shares that she sold a silver frame and came here to have dinner. He praises her.

The mystery girl walks inside the same restaurant. Her Manager walks in first. He gives compensation to everyone to vacate the restaurant as she (Amaya) isn’t comfortable around people. Adi and Tanya get intrigued. Tanya tells the Manager they wont leave. He tells them that no one says no to Amaya. Tanya stays put. He walks away. Adi reasons that they could have taken the money. Tanya replies that she is so rich and can certainly pay 1 lac as well. Another couple refuses to leave as they have come to celebrate their anniversary. Amaya overhears it. I am not used to hearing no. I will get out of here my way! She tells the restaurant manager to dim the lights. Mango people! Her manager explains her logic. Restaurant manager dims the light. Amaya drinks from the bottle. She asks for disco lights. He tells her that there isn’t any disco light in their restaurant. She hands him a bundle of money and tells him to get it done. Waiters flash lights at her as she steps atop a table and dances. She throws her shoes at the couple celebrating their anniversary. That guy’s wife asks for divorce from her husband. I dint know you came here to ogle at such girls! He chases her.

Adi tells Tanya he wasn’t staring at her. She smiles. I am thinking of something else right now. She asks the manager to change the song to a sad song. She gives him money to do so. Adi is worried about the money but Tanya tells him to wait and watch. Amaya complains about the music. Did someone die? Manager points at Tanya. Tanya murmurs at Adi to see how much she will earn tonight. Amaya looks at Tanya and Adi. She takes her clutch from her Manager and throws a bundle of money on the table. I want my music back. This is the payment of changing your bad music. Tanya finds it less and tells her. Amaya gives her 2 lacs. Tanya asks for hefty amount if she wants to strike a deal with her. Amaya calls her greedy. I can find out people like you from far. Do you know what I do with them? She aims her gun at Tanya and Adi shocking them. Adi shouts for security. Amaya shoots the recorder instead. I even ruin their parties! Restaurant manager asks Amaya for money to cover the damage. Amaya tells him to pick up the money she had kept on Tanya’s table. Adi looks at Tanya who says I did not know anything.

Amaya removes her shades and steps out in the light. It is Ira or her lookalike.

The voice is same but the nature is different. My little devotee asked for her mother’s love so I gave her this.

Mishri requests Bajrang Bali not to ignore her prayer this time. They see Ira’s photo on the floor and pick it up. Mishri smiles. I understood everything. It is Bajrang Bali’s plan. It means Mapu and Bapu will meet soon. Don’t disappoint me this time, Bajrang Bali. Make them meet soon!

Akhilesh is walking aimlessly on the road. I wonder where I will find the girl with the bangle in such a big city! Dirt falls in his eyes. He looks in that direction and notices a temple. You may try to attract my attention but I wont fold hands before you again. You have made my life hell! I killed my wife with my hands. You were just watching everything! My Amma lost her mental balance. You dint do anything! Entire world is still calling a terrorist and blaming her and you are getting praised! I should accept it that God does not exist in this world! Bring Ira back if you wish to prove me wrong. Can you do that? Can you bring Ira back in my life? He wipes his tears. She can never return. Amaya’s car breaks down near that temple. Driver steps down to check the problem. There is a problem in the engine. Amaya is feeling hot. She is told that there it will take some time. She complains of suffocation but it is pointless. She steps down from the car as well.

Akhilesh says you cannot bring my Ira back.

Amaya starts typing on her phone. She is walking towards Akhilesh with her face covered.

Akhilesh says you cannot do this miracle.

Amaya stumbles in her step. She is about to fall near Akhilesh but he walks away just then. Amaya complains of a sprain. The car is repaired so she sits in the car again.

Kabir tells Mira he had transferred money in her account. Why did you have to do those menial things? You dint have money to buy food which is why you went to that place? Mira says I cannot take money from you. I agree that I was raised in your home but my mother was a maid there after all. He tells her not to call Lali Ma a maid. You have grown up now. She also tells him about her meeting with Vansh during their convo. I will return it to him. He is looking for his Mami since long. The bangle slips out of her hand and lands in Amaya’s feet. She picks it up.

Precap: Amaya comes to someplace. Pushpa is at that stall. She notices the bangle in her hand and her face. Pushpa chases her car calling her Ira Kaki. Later, Amaya stops outside a place. Akhilesh is right there. He looks in her direction.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. I think Amaya is infact the real Ira, the fake terrorist one was shot, most likely real ira lost her memory and she became Amaya.

    There are a lot of points which show that real ira is alive, mishri keeps saying her mapu is alive and god keeps granting her wishes, akhilesh is now challenging god and now he brought ira back (although he did not see her)

  2. Ratna Solomon Rawat

    If Ira is really dead and her place is taken away by a lookalike we will definitely stop watching this serial.

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