Meri Hanikarak Biwi 17th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Mishri takes Monu’s avatar

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 17th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kunika laying some marbles on the floor. Devina messages her to ask her plan. Kunika replies that she will save Akhilesh from fall and assure him that she cares for him. Mishri sees Kunika. Akhilesh slips by the marbles and falls in Kunika’s arms. She smiles. She asks are you fine, don’t know who has done this. He says I m fine, thanks. She says I can’t see you in trouble. He says sorry I couldn’t understand your love. They get close. Her dream ends.

Pushpa comes to her and teases her. She asks her to see the engagement ring. Kunika thinks there won’t be anyone to save Akhilesh from falling. Mishri thinks how to save Akhilesh. He walks out of the room. He slips by stepping on the marbles. Mishri pushes a chair to his rescue. He falls on the chair and gets saved. Pushpa sees this and worries for him. Mishri runs. Pushpa asks are you fine, thank God someone has pushed the chair towards you. Devina asks who has done this. Akhilesh asks who is it. Mishri thinks I can’t come in front of him. She puts her face on the cake and wears a bowl to hide her hair. Pushpa says look there, this kid has saved Akhilesh.

Bhavik and Vansh worry. Bhavik says he is son of my friend, so I got him in engagement function. Devina says he has ruined this expensive cake. Pushpa says its fine, he has saved Akhilesh. Akhilesh asks who has dropped the marbles here. Vansh says I don’t play with marbles. Pushpa blesses Mishri and asks her name. Bhavik says his name is Monu, his parents are out of town, he will stay with us. Pushpa says its good, we will care for him. She goes to clean the cake from his face. Bhavik says I will take Monu. Pushpa says go and come fast, engagement won’t happen without him. Ira comes to her room to find the ring. She gets her ring. She wears it and gets leaving. She sees Akhilesh coming and hides. She hears him talking to Chandu. He says I feel I m not doing right by marrying Kunika, I feel restless, Kunika wasn’t with me that night.

Chandu says Kunika and your pairing isn’t like you and Ira. Akhilesh says don’t take her name, she was my life’s biggest mistake. Chandu asks are you sure Kunika won’t cheat you. Akhilesh says Ira has cheated me big time, thanks for clearing my confusion, I will go for engagement. He leaves. Ira says congrats for a new life. She also leaves. Bhavik cleans Mishri’s face. Mishri says Kunika has thrown the marbles, I had to save Akhilesh, she is very bad. Vansh says none will believe us. Bhavik says everyone will identify Mishri. Vansh says I have an idea, we will change her getup. Bhavik likes the idea and gives a new look to Mishri. Akhilesh asks Pushpa to start engagement rituals. Pushpa says its good, Bhavik will get Monu. Bhavik shows Monu to them. Pushpa likes Monu. Akhilesh thanks Monu. Mishri asks him to thank by heart. Akhilesh recalls Mishri and asks from where did you learn this. Mishri thinks he has recognized me. She changes her words. Akhilesh goes for engagement. Mishri worries and thinks this engagement won’t happen.

Ira says Mishri is my and Akhilesh’s daughter. Kunika falls down and gets a fracture in her finger. Engagement stops. Mishri smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. So hopefully Bhavik will tell Akilesh to end this mystery.

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