Meri Hanikarak Biwi 15th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Mira finds Ira’s bangle

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Meri Hanikarak Biwi 15th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vansh rubs his eyes to look at the lady and finds Ira calling out to him (he isn’t wearing his specs). Mami? You are here? We found you because of this bangle? He passes out on the sidewalk. The girl (same girl who had helped Mishri) wakes him up. She gives him his glasses. He looks around. You are someone else. I thought it would be my Mami. She replies that he isn’t seeing clearly without his specs. I am not your Mami. She gives him umbrella. Vansh says I might have started seeing images because of my head injury. I read it on google. She calls it confusing. Are you alright? He nods. He calls her aunty but she shares her name. Where are you taking these bangles to? Vansh shares that they belong to his Mami. Everyone thinks she is no more but she is simply missing. Mira assures him he will

find his Mami today. He offers her chocolate but Mira tells him to keep it. He goes. She thinks Vansh will find his Mami but how will I arrange for my college fees. I don’t even have money for food. She too notices the pamphlet. Food also got arranged. She does to dry herself.

Tanya is angry with Adi for not stealing the bangles. You couldn’t steal a bangle from a 7 year old? He replies that Vansh isn’t just a kid. Tanya tells Adi that she would have committed suicide if his mother would have been here. Your mother did one good deed by taking that insurance policy. We can atleast fool Akhilesh and earn something!

Akhilesh is angry with someone. He demands to meet Pintu. I lost the game as per plan! The guy is worried seeing blood but Akhilesh replies that he pulled the saline out which is why it is bleeding. Who got me here? The guy tells him that a small girl got him here. Akhilesh finds out that Pintu would be at the same venue where the Var Vadhu Swayamvar is happening.

Tanya comes to her room upset with Adi. He cannot do a small thing and here I keep dreaming about when he will start his business. She sees someone moving under the quilt and calls Adi for help. Adi suggests stealing from the thief itself as they have nothing. Devina shouts as she pushes them away. She removes her fake moustache and glares at them. She reprimands them for faking her death. You guys are enjoying with my insurance money and I have been put in a dingy place! Tanya lies that it was spent on Adi. She keeps the fake moustache back on Devina’s face. We will be in trouble if someone sees you. Adi seconds her but Devina scolds them. Tell everyone that I am your relative. Pushpa sees Devina and runs to her calling her Langdu Chacha. Devina says Pushpa’s condition has worsened. Pushpa asks her to call her by her nickname Pichkari. Devina thinks that her Chacha was mad like her. Tanya tells her to stay as Pushpa’s caretaker if she wants to stay here. Devina looks on helplessly. Tanya tells Pushpa that Devina / Langdu Chacha will stay with her from today. Show her your house. Devina runs as Pushpa runs towards her.

Vansh reaches the venue. Mishri had told me to pray before looking for Ira Mami. He prays. Please unite me with Ira Mami. Everything will be fine if I find her. Please send an angel to help me. Mira enters in the venue as well. Guard tells her she cannot go inside without her pass. Mira threatens her. You don’t know who I am! Manager apologizes to her and reprimands the guard. Mira tells him to make sure media does not know she is here. I don’t feel like giving interview. Manager nods. Just write your name in the register and go. Mira marks an entry. She asks for the food menu next.

Vansh wonders why Mishri gave him such a difficult task. Vansh notices people making entries in the register. It means anyone who has gone inside has made an entry here. Security guard goes to drink water. Vansh reads the list of names. He hides seeing the guard return. Manager tells him to stand outside on the gate. Guard lowers his glass and someone hits him on his hand. Water falls on Mira’s name. Guard rubs the M by mistake. Vansh reads the list again once he is gone. He is excited to see Ira’s name. Guard tries to stop Vansh but Vansh insists his Mami is inside. Guard allows him to shout out to his Mami from the door. Manager thinks he came here for free food and is about to send him away but Mira saves Vansh. She takes Vansh with him. Why do you keep meeting me again and again? Dint you find some other place to look for her? Vansh says she is here. I saw her name in the list. Please take me inside. She calms him down. How will I look for her amidst all these people? Do you have her photo? He nods. They hear some commotion and go to check.

Akhilesh is beating Pintu. Mira is excited to see the fight but Manager asks her to collect her invitation first. Pintu asks Akhilesh to give him some time. Vansh is thinking about Ira. He is unable to see Akhilesh’s face. A guy pushes Vansh as he walks. His glasses and the bangle rolls down. His phone starts ringing. It is Pushpa. She asks him to come home asap. Tanya has got someone to take care of me. I thought it was Langdu Chacha but it never pained when he used to take out lice from my head earlier. This is painful. Vansh gets concerned for her and promises her he is coming over asap.

Vansh finds his glasses but realises that Ira’s bangle is missing. He checks everywhere but in vain. Please take that bangle to Mami. I have to rush to Pushpa. He leaves.

Akhilesh demands his money from Pintu. Mira returns to that room but does not see Vansh there. She notices the bangle lying on the floor and picks it up. It belongs to Vansh’s Mami. I will give it to him later on. She wears it. She notices Akhilesh hitting Pintu. He will throw away the food that I have come here for! Akhilesh shouts that he has to pay his daughter’s fees. Mira holds Akhilesh by his collar trying to pull him out of the fight. Akhilesh recognizes Ira’s bangle in her hand.

Precap: Akhilesh holds Mira’s hand. I was sure you will come, Ira. A guy twists his hand and pushes him away. Mira looks at him. At home, Mishri tells Akhilesh that she is sure Mapu isn’t dead. She will certainly return. Akhilesh tells her to be quiet. I killed your Mapu with my own hands. She will never return. Now you have lost her last memento as well. You must be punished!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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