Meri Hanikarak Biwi 14th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Akhilesh’s Swayamvar

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 14th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhavik asking Ira to go to Pushpa and return the keys. She says Devina will kick me out. He asks her to wear mum’s clothes and go, nobody will identify her. Chandu asks how will you get saved from all the girls. Akhilesh recalls his promise to Akhilesh. Pushpa says he is my son. She praises Akhilesh. Devina asks him to chit chat with everyone, he can know them and choose anyone. Akhilesh asks Chandu to go and start. Chandu asks Pushpa and Devina to leave, else Akhilesh can’t talk to the girls in front of them, he needs privacy. Pushpa and Devina agree and leave. Akhilesh says I will talk to everyone, but first…. The girls smile. He takes a girl to show his house. He says cupboard is my fav thing here, you know why. He shows the wine bottles. Devina says a Sanskari girl will come in Akhilesh’s life, I will celebrate now. She looks for the champagne bottles and says where did my expensive alcohol go.

Akhilesh says my life depends on alcohol. The girl says so many bottles. He says I have more, see I have kept wine bottles everywhere. He drinks and says this is my habit, I got to stay in this house by losing in gambling, I will get dowry from your dad and play gambling to win my big house again. She scolds him and refuses to marry. She goes. Chandu comes and says love taught you drinking. Akhilesh says this had juice, I promised Ira I will never drink. Chandu says love made you smart like me, you were foolish in Banaras. Akhilesh says you didn’t see anything yet. Devina says Siddhi might have done this, she took my alcohol. She shouts Siddhi. Pushpa asks her to calm down, she should have given good values to children.

Pushpa asks will Akhilesh like them, will he get shy. Devina says the girls won’t shy. Akhilesh takes another girl with him. He switches on the fan and gets an electric shock. She asks are you fine. He says its fine, I was given such electric shocks in mental asylum. She gets shocked. He says I get peace when I get current, will you try, give your hand. She asks are you mad and goes. Akhilesh prays. Lord says Akhilesh should get to see Ira now, and get paid for his hardwork. Devina says the girls will like his values. Pushpa says yes.

Chandu asks Akhilesh why did his finger turn blue. He also gets the shock. He asks did you really get a shock and smile, what’s this love. Akhilesh says there is no difference between love and madness. Chandu says I can’t believe this, you have become a Romeo. Akhilesh takes a girl to Pushpa’s room and shows toys. She says Pushpa likes children. The girl says I also like children. He says you made me glad, my children will get a mum. He tells her a funny story of his girlfriends.

He says you can manage my children, we will have a small family, I will show their pic, come. She says I have no interest in them, disgusting. She goes. Chandu comes. He says you are doing much for Ira, she doesn’t know what’s happening here, she must be having fun. Akhilesh says no, I know she will be thinking about me. Ira comes in disguise and collides with a girl. Ira sees the girls and thinks what’s happening. Chandu asks did you come for Swayamvar. She nods. Chandu says you came here late, its fine, go and sit. Akhilesh identifies her when she passes by. He smiles and says Chandu, I told you Ira will care for this, she is here in disguise. Ira thinks to keep keys in Pushpa’s room. Chandu says it means Ira also loves you a lot.

Akhilesh says she will run knowing I have identified her. He sends Chandu to stop Pushpa. Akhilesh calls Ira. He smiles seeing her when she answers. He says I called you to ask, where are you. Ira says I m frying samosa for yamraj. He says oh, then give him a digestion tablet. He jokes. She asks why did you call. He says I m in a problem, my Swayamvar is going on, I can’t decide whom to choose, pretty girls have come. She says all of them are bad. He asks how do you know. She gets shocked.

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