Meri Hanikarak Biwi 13th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Pushpa warns Devina

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 13th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devina and Pushpa coming home. Devina says its good you didn’t accept Ira, you and Akhilesh go back to Banaras, I will manage everything here. Pushpa says we won’t go anywhere, I want Ira to return home. Devina asks did you go mad. Pushpa says I m saying the truth, I have hurt my children a lot, Ira always loved me. She cries for Ira. She says Ira’s vanvaas has ended, I want her to come back and fill light here. Devina asks what was that anger, don’t tell me that this was a drama. Pushpa says no, I was upset with Ira, I wanted her to leave from his life, but when she was ready to go abroad for my forgiveness, my heart melted, I understood that she loves Akhilesh and respects me, you have seen now, she fought with goons to save me. Devina says yes, Vallabh insulted


Pushpa says Vallabh expected that Akhilesh is a diamond, its time Akhilesh and Ira unite, if you think, I will change my decision by your tricks, you are wrong. Devina says it was my duty to explain you, what’s the use of this marriage, he can’t become a father. Pushpa asks why, I will get his operation done, when his child comes, I will throw you out of this house. Devina says but…. Pushpa says no need to follow me now, I will do Maunvrath and ward bad sight off them. She goes. Devina says I don’t believe this, its over, once the child comes, everything will go to them, I will get on roads. She shouts. Ira says Pushpa left, she will not accept me, she didn’t forgive me. Akhilesh gets bridal dress for her.

He asks her to come home wearing the red dress, Pushpa loves you, she will welcome you home with aarti plate, just come tomorrow, trust me. He asks Vallabh not to worry for Ira. He promises to always support Ira, I will get her rights, Pushpa will welcome Ira. He goes. Devina gets drunk at some bar and vents frustration about Pushpa and Akhilesh. Waiter asks her to clear old bills if she wants more drinks. She scolds him and creates a scene.

The famous cabaret dancer Monica comes to perform. Devina gets shocked seeing Monica. She faints. Akhilesh comes home and says mum has to accept Ira. He asks Bhoomi what’s the problem. Bhoomi says Pushpa isn’t talking to anyone, she has locked her room. He says don’t worry, I will convince her. Pushpa makes black thread and talks to Birju by heart. Akhilesh comes to ask her. She thinks he feels I m angry, I will show him this thread. He says Ira wants your forgiveness, she respects you, talk to me, you also love her. He sits outside and falls asleep. Its morning, Devina calls out servants. Chandu gets drink for her. She shouts. She goes and wakes up Akhilesh. She asks what are you doing here. He says Pushpa didn’t come out, I slept here. Devina says door is shut.

He calls out Pushpa and asks are you fine. He worries and says I have to break the door. He enters the room and says she isn’t here. Chandu and Bhoomi come. Bhoomi says Ira has come with her family for Grahpravesh. Akhilesh says mum isn’t here, who will do Grahpravesh, where is she. Bhoomi asks her to welcome Ira. Devina stops Akhilesh and asks him to think once. He says its too late now, Ira and I have a relation of seven births. He goes to Ira. He smiles seeing Ira in bridal dress. Sanu ek pal…..plays….. They smile and happily cry. Akhilesh greets Vallabh. Ira asks what’s the matter, you look worried, didn’t Pushpa agree. Devina smiles

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Update Credit to: Amena

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