Meri Hanikarak Biwi 13th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Suparna stays in Akhilesh’s house

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 13th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devina saying my dad didn’t accept this relation. FB shows Devina’s dad/Chandu getting angry on Devina. He disapproves the relation. Birju says I really love Devina a lot, even she loves me. Chandu says she loves dogs as well, it doesn’t mean I get her married to dogs. Birju says I can become a dog in her love. Chandu says this man loves my money, let me show you. He signs a blank cheque and gives to Birju. Birju refuses to it and says I want Devina, love has more power than money. Chandu asks do you think you will be happy with him. Devina says I will teach him everything. FB ends. Pushpa asks Devina to stop it now. She scolds Devina for trapping Birju in her love. Pushpa asks Ira to get ready. Ira worriedly goes. Akhilesh goes after her. Devina gets coffee for Suparna. She says you know your book will get superhit.

Pushpa gets lassi for Suparna. They argue again. Suparna looks at them. She says I got my answer. She gets a call. She says my landlord asked me to immediately vacate the house, I don’t know anyone here. Devina says you can stay here as my guest, you can complete the biography too. Pushpa says yes, you can stay here and write about me. They pull Suparna. She asks are you sure I can stay here. Devina says yes. She asks Chandu to take Suparna to guest room. Suparna calls baba and says I have entered the house as you commanded me. Baba says great, I m happy with this, just get Akhilesh to me. She agrees. Ira cries and says you can’t become a father because of my one mistake, Pushpa is celebrating happiness. Akhilesh comes to her and asks what happened.

She thinks I can’t share my pain, I don’t have courage to break your heart. He asks what happened. He jokes on her. They argue. She asks him to at least whistle seeing her. He goes. She says he has run away, Lord you gave me the most decent husband. Akhilesh comes singing Ae kya bolti tu…. She laughs. He falls down. She helps him and says you look a decent loafer, I m getting love on you. He says you look a loafer. She teases him. He asks her to spare him. He runs away. She smiles. Suparna gets a taweez and chants. Chandu sees her and gets shocked.

He says I have seen this taweez somewhere. He asks how did you get this taweez. She says don’t know, it was in guest room. He says Pushpa would know this, we will ask her. She says no, I already asked her, I was going to throw it. He asks her to go out and throw it. She coughs and asks him to get a glass of water. He agrees. She thinks to take Akhilesh to baba. Akhilesh says Ira is right, what will happen of me. He sits sad. Ira comes and thinks to make his mood better. She romances him. He asks her to teach their children everything. She gets sad and thinks how to tell truth to him about nil reversal chances.

Baba says get Akhilesh to me. Suparna thinks Akhilesh will forget his family when I sprinkle this fragrance on him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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