Meri Hanikarak Biwi 13th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Ira announces Mishri’s punishment

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Meri Hanikarak Biwi 13th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Akhilesh comes to his room but finds it empty. He locks it from inside. He asks Ira why she is sitting in the dark. Ira asks him if Mishri is fine. He asks her why she left her alone when she cared so much. Ira says for the first time I felt as if Devina was right. Maybe she is turning into me. I always wanted her to be like you! I don’t wish to create another Hanikarak Ira! He says I always wanted our daughter to be just like you.

Devina jumps excitedly in her room. She opens the cupboard and looks at Mirchi. She brings her out of the cupboard.

Akhilesh says I am very glad to hear it that Mishri has taken after you. What did you? Ira asks him if he really wants proof. Is it not enough? He calls it his profit. I had accepted that I will never get blessed with a baby. You fought with my destiny and gave me our daughter. You even pretended to be dead to save her. How are you Hanikarak? It is luck if she is indeed like you. Ira is concerned about Rahul. He reasons that kids fight. She is the daughter of me after all! She asks him if he will give Mishri leverage now. He denies. I am sure she will accept it. Ira feels bad as Mishri isn’t willing to accept it. Akhilesh calms her down. It is a part of raising a kid. Can we not do it together? We will make her understand she dint do the right thing. Remember how I told you about adopting a baby? I am very serious about that idea. The baby will give Mishri company too. Ira is still very much concerned about Mishri.

Devina tells Mirchi she took the first step in the ladder today. If this continues then Mishri will be out of everyone’s lives very soon. She crosses out on Mishri’s photo. Mirchi says Mapu and Bapu will only love me then. Devina nods.

Akhilesh suggests Ira not to stress herself too much. I need your help. My Manager in Pune has a son. He has started behaving weirdly after his brain surgery. Do you know why it happens? She shares that it happens due to the medicines. They are very strong. You can talk to them once. I can examine the kid if they are willing. I can reduce the dosage. Akhilesh agrees. He tells her not to worry s much and hugs her. He realises that Mishri is behaving weirdly this way because of her dosage.

Mirchi asks Devina if it was important to hurt the kid. Devina agrees. Mishri got all the blame after all. You might have to do something more dangerous later on but it wont be difficult for you as you are a robot after all! This isn’t a heavy price against your Mapu and Bapu. Mirchi says I can do anything to gain Mapu and Bapu’s love. Devina tells her to do what she says. Mirchi nods. Devina says it is good that Akhilesh and Vansh aren’t trusting Mishri. Making your dummy parts with your help was such a good idea! By now everyone must be thinking that Mishri has gone mad. Akhilesh decided to send Vansh to hostel when he was acting strange. Why will he keep Mishri at home now? Mirchi says if that happens then we will become one happy family. Devina nods but thinks that she is only concerned about ruining Ira and Akhilesh. It is good that I found Mirchi the other day!

Flashback shows Devina going in the storeroom. She is talking to Adi. I will send your stuff and some money that I stole from Pushpa’s cupboard. She brings Mirchi’s bag to her room by mistake. While juggling through the stuff, she touches Mirchi’s ponytail and she gets switched on. Devina looks around but cannot see Mishri anywhere. She is stunned to see Mirchi’s head popping out from the clothes. What are you doing inside a bag? She finds the dismantled parts inside. She finds her manual inside as well. You are a robot? Mirchi affirms. I was living her for the duration while Mishri was in coma. Devina connects the dots. Doc also said it was next to impossible for Mishri to come out of coma. Adi was right but no one paid heed to his words. Who brought you here? Mirchi shares that Bhavik brought her here to make sure Mapu and Badi Ma are fine. Mishri is home safely so I must leave now! Devina says Adi got thrown out of the house because of a machine. Akhilesh dint object to it even after knowing everything! I will seek revenge. I will make sure everything is fair in this war! She browses the manual and assembles her. Devina tells her to accept only her commands from here on. I want you to destroy Akhilesh and Ira’s happiness. Mirchi says I cannot do it as I was brought here to keep them happy. I only wish I was also loved like Mishri. Devina tells her to put Mishri in trouble to make it happen but Mirchi points out that she is a human centric robot. Devina removes her antivirus chip and crushes it. This is what was stopping her to do anything negative! Now she will simply follow my orders. Mirchi reboots. Devina becomes her new master. Flashback ends.

Devina thinks her robot will avenge for all her insults. She will ruin Pushpa, Ira and Akhilesh’s happiness once and for all!

Mishri and Vansh set the breakfast table. They turn as soon as Ira comes downstairs. She asks them what they are up to. Mishri shows her the surprise. Mishri and Akhilesh have made dhokla for Ira. Akhilesh adds that Mishri wanted to make her mother feel special so we made this especially for you. Vansh asks them as to who invented this word. Akhilesh says it must be some Gujarati. Mishri apologizes to her Mapu. Pushpa says this is what they were up to since morning. Mishri again says sorry to her Mapu. I wont trouble you ever again. Ira says I cannot forgive so easily. Akhilesh asks her why she is so upset. Your daughter has made it with so much love. Please forgive her. Ira insists that Mishri must learn some discipline. We cannot cover up for her naughtiness. Mishri tells her she will accept her punishment willingly. Ira says you wont step out of your room for the entire day today! Mirchi looks on from above. It is time for Mishri to leave this house for forever!

Precap: Devina tells Mirchi to do anything to destroy Pushpa, Ira and Akhilesh’s trust on Mishri. Mirchi goes downstairs where Vansh is sitting. She puts crackers in his leg. He runs around the room in fear shouting for help. Ira confronts Mishri who tells her that she was upstairs all this time. Ira slaps her. Mirchi looks on.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. When will Bhavik take Mirchi? Why oh why does the devil Devina have to destroy the happy plot? Why can’t we just enjoy some positive ness then maybe a little drama? Surely Devina needs to be punished any time soon.

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