Meri Hanikarak Biwi 13th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Happy ending

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 13th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Akhilesh holds Randhir’s hand. Not so easily! You wont be able to escape Bajrang Bali’s strength and wrath of Ambe Ma. He pushes him. Ira asks Akhilesh if he is happy now. They begin to argue. Randhir pulls Mishri but Akhilesh holds him. Ira hits Akhilesh for trusting Randhir. He asks her if this is a time to fight. He leaves Randhir. There is a time to fight. You start anytime! Pushpa intervenes. Randhir picks up gun again and aims at Pushpa’s head. Everyone panics. Randhir tells them not to act smart. Let me take Sharda and Mishri with me if you want your mother safe. Pushpa cries. Akhilesh tells Randhir this isn’t right. Ira also warns Randhir but they inch towards the door. Devina comes and pushes him from behind. Pushpa asks her how she came back. Devina says Adi dint pick my call. I had to come back. Randhir picks his gun again. Devina asks them what this new drama is. Randhir threatens them again. Akhilesh stands in front of his family. Randhir shoots aimlessly. Sharda notices him eyeing Mishri. Akhilesh saves Mishri just in time. Akhilesh warns him this isn’t right. The bullets are over. Mishri picks the stick and hits him on his hand. The ladies take over. They beat Randhir black and blue. Inspector enters just then. We will take care of him. Stop. Akhilesh asks them who called police. Sharda says I did. I have seen him stealing things till now but he has turned into a monster today. I wont support him if he will kill people! I don’t care even if he leaves me. She confesses her crime. Ira says you do realise your mistake. Sharda reasons that her husband hasn’t realized. I can spend my entire life in jail just to make him understand that. Police takes Sharda and Randhir with them.

Ira and Akhilesh look at each other. She heads towards the door sadly. I am also going as I am Hanikarak after all. You don’t need me. Akhilesh holds her hand. You are Hanikarak but my life has become bearable because of your Hanikarak actions only. I was acting in front of Randhir. It was important to show him that I am alone because of what happened between us. I only told Amma to instigate you so you beat Randhir. How will we be able to live without you? Everyone smiles. Pushpa thanks Lord. Hope we don’t fall in any other trouble now. Mishri hugs her Bapu excitedly. I got everyone. We are one happy family now. Akhilesh assures them there wont be any problem after today. He goes to bring something.

Everyone wonders where Akhilesh has disappeared. They make their own guesses as to what Akhilesh might bring. Akhilesh comes back with packed bags. We are going back to Banaras. We will start a new life there. Ira points out that Mishri’s school and her hospital is here. How can we leave suddenly? Devina nods. Ira starts smiling. I can say this but I wont. My home is where you are! We will be happy till the time our Sankatmochan is happy. Devina says I cannot go to a village. Don’t expect me to make dung upla’s there. He tells her she need not come with them. He asks his mother if he can transfer the house and company in Devina’s name. She has a right to stay where she is happy. Pushpa says my real treasure is Banaras. I don’t want anything else. I am very happy. Devina is overjoyed. Pushpa tells her to think before spending money. Stay healthy. Devina tells her not to worry about her. I will be fine. I will have everything in my name finally. I will eat whatever I want. I will be zero figure in 2 months. Let me tell my friends. She starts texting her friends.

Mishri asks Akhilesh if they are leaving right away. He nods. I cannot wait to breathe fresh air. You will be very happy there. Mishri asks Pushpa if they can have a cow. I will teach Vansh how to get milk from cow. Devina makes faces and runs inside to call her friends. Pushpa looks at her husband’s photo emotionally. Akhilesh, Ira and Mishri glance around the house. All the past memories flash in their minds.

Ira asks about the fifth bag. Devina says it is mine (in their style). I will come to Banaras with you guys. Very convenient. Now that I am used to all of you, you guys are leaving me alone? You called me your family member till date yet you are ready to leave without me? Have I spent 1 day without fighting with Pushpa? I don’t care whether you like it or not, I am coming with you. This property can go to hell. Pushpa is touched. They share an emotional hug. Pushpa says our family is finally complete. They all thank God. Mishri has brought a coconut. Ira breaks it. A piece flies in Akhilesh’s direction. He holds it just in time. I may go anywhere but my wife will always be Hanikarak for me. Everyone smiles. Akhilesh says I got saved though. They fold hands in reverence.

Pushpa tells Devina she will have to bathe in the river; freshen up in open fields and eat food cooked on stove. Devina makes faces.

Finally they have reached their destination. Keep smiling. Jai Sia Ram!


Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. It would have been more happy had their son Chuttan return to them. Its not easy for a parent to let their child leave them and go with his foster parents. Ira and Akhilesh are happy with their daughter, Pushpa and Devina. At the end Devina had a change of heart despite her planning, plotting and scheming to make them homeless and penniless.

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