Meri Hanikarak Biwi 13th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Mira is falling for Akhilesh

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 13th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mishri asks Ira to say it. Ira is about to melt down but Kabir asks her to leave. We talk to you nicely but it does not mean you will dance on our heads. He closes the door on her face. Ira breaks down. I cannot do this anymore. What kind of a mother am I? I cannot see my daughter in pain like this. I cannot be like this. I cannot lie anymore. I will tell everyone my truth. I cannot see it anymore. People mocking Moti Ba; Mishri’s tears and Akhilesh’s pain! I will tell everyone the truth. He tells her not to fall weak after all this hard work. My entire plan will be finished otherwise! She gets confused. What do you mean? He lies that he is talking about her plan. You must be strong for your family’s sake. She insists she cannot take it anymore. I must tell the truth to everyone! I will tell everyone I am Ira. He thinks that he wont let her hamper his plan at any cost.

Vansh asks Mishri about the cake. She is still positive that Ira will tell everyone her truth today. She will also cut the cake. Vansh asks her what if that does not happen. Mishri is sure she will come.

Ira is about to step out of the room when Kabir reminds her that the world sees her as a terrorist. Do you want everyone to taunt Mishri, Akhilesh and Moti Ba? They will be just glad for few minutes after knowing your truth but they will be rewarded with insults later on. Do you want that? Your family’s future is in your hands. Decide yourself. She cries. Please don’t say this. I wont be able to live if anything happens to any one of them. I don’t know what had gotten into me. You are right. He smirks.

Mishri and Vansh are sitting near the cake. Vansh asks her what if Ira does not come to cut the cake. Mishri says she is my Mapu. She will come to cut the cake. Akhilesh shouts at them. How many times have I told you guys that this woman isn’t your Mapu? Will you let her cut your Mapu’s cake? She was about to throw Amma from the stairs! Such a woman shouldn’t even stay in the house. This cake shouldn’t be in this house! Mishri stops him from throwing it away. I got it with love. She will come to cut the cake for sure. He sends her to her room. Mira enters just then. Akhilesh throws the cake towards the door without looking and it lands straight on Mira. I am so sorry. I dint see you coming. Your clothes are messed up because of me. She says water will clean it. He wipes the cake off her hands. I am sorry. She asks him why he threw the cake. Akhilesh shares that the kids wanted to celebrate Ira’s birthday. Mishri still feels this Amaya is Ira but this woman is nowhere close to her. She was so innocent and valued relations. She was a simple girl like you. You would have known her had you met her once. She was just like you. Mira looks at him in surprise. Romantic song plays in the background as she stares at him wide eyed. He cleans the cake from her face too. He goes to throw the tissues. Mira finds herself smiling for no reason. Why did his words make my heart run faster? Why do I smile seeing him? Am I falling for him? Kabir calls out to her. He advises her to stay away from Akhilesh. I am already worried over a personal work. Don’t increase my concern. He goes. Mira nods. She thinks there is no point even if she falls for Akhilesh. He is always thinking about Ira. I was mad to even think of this.

Kabir wonders what is going on with him. Ira wants to tell everyone who she is while Mira is falling for Akhilesh. I don’t know how to handle this situation. He receives a call from Dr. Matthews. He tells him that he will arrange the donor for heart transplant asap. My daughter is your responsibility till then. He ends the call. He speaks of a patient no. 52. I went to meet Dr. Ira to find who this patient is. Being a genuine doc, she wouldn’t have helped me otherwise. I pretended to help her for this reason only. Now it is time to make things even.

Pushpa throws stuff in Ira’s room. I am very angry. I wont spare her! Vansh comes running there. What are you doing? She complains that she does not like Ira’s lookalike. I wont leave everything. I will mess up her room completely. Vansh reminds her that she is very short tempered. She wont spare you. Pushpa wants to mess up the entire room before the Kulfi melts in kitchen. Vansh has to stop her. He picks up Ira’s clothes from the floor. She asks him why he is doing this. Vansh finds Ira’s file there. He reads the case number. Mami did Mishri’s surgery. Mamu gave her the name Case number 52 to hide her truth from Mami. It contains all reports of Mishri. It is to be kept very safe. Pushpa asks for the file. He tells her against it but she snatches it out of his hands. He chases her outside. Kabir collides with Pushpa and the report falls from her hand. Vansh apologizes to him and also makes Pushpa say sorry to Kabir. Kabir notices the case number on one of the papers. It is the same patient’s file whose heart matches with my daughter! He picks that paper and reads Mishri’s name. Vansh takes the paper from Kabir. He arranges the file back and also takes Pushpa with him.

The patient for which I have been doing this drama in front of Ira is Mishri! Transplant cannot happen if the patient if alive. She must die so my daughter can live! I must do this tonight!

Mishri is sleeping peacefully in her room when Kabir enters. He is holding an injection in his hand. You wont live for long after getting this injection. I finally got a heart which matches with my daughter. You must die so my daughter can live! Akhilesh calls out to Mishri. Kabir gets alert and hides. Akhilesh walks up to Mishri and is relieved to see her fine. I saw a very bad dream. It felt as if your life is in danger. I have lost your Mapu. I don’t want to lose you now. He kisses her hand. Kabir is hiding behind the curtains. Akhilesh decides to sleep next to Mishri itself. Kabir manages to steps out of the room without coming in his notice. Damn it! I was just two steps away from Mishri. I don’t know how Akhilesh came there. How will I implement my plan if this continues? He is taken aback to see Ira there. She asks him about his plan. He says I have been trying to strike a deal since long but have been failing. She assures him that he will get it. you get whatever you put your mind to. He nods. What are you doing here? She says I felt as if Mishri was in danger so I thought to peek at her. Kabir says Mishri is fine. Akhilesh just went to her room. Ira says maybe Akhilesh also felt this way. This is how our relation is. We are still bound by Mishri. Whenever we feel Mishri is in some trouble, we find out before anything goes wrong. She still peeks at Mishri and is relieved to see Akhilesh sleeping next to Mishri. Kabir thinks he will snatch her Mishri very soon.

Precap: Mishri refuses to let Tanya wear her Mapu’s saree. Tanya raises her hand to slap Mishri but Mishri holds her hand. I was quiet till now but I wont be quiet anymore. I am sure you would have heard about my boxing skills? Kabir selects a saree for Mira (the same saree which Tanya was going to wear earlier). Ira receives a call and the person asks her to come over asap to his shop. Your daughter isn’t well.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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