Meri Hanikarak Biwi 12th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Chuttan creates nuisance in Pandey House

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 12th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chuttan meets his friends on his way. They ask him if he will walk his way till Andheri. It takes Rs. 100 fare to reach there. Will your father give that much money? Chuttan notices An auto driver speaking about going to Andheri. He tells his friends he wont walk but fly till Andheri. They ask him what he means. He tells them to see for themselves. He gets onto the back of the auto.

Ira is still having stomach ache.

Chuttan is on his way to Andheri. Hanuman ji’s poster is pasted on one of the boxes.

Chuttan is on his way to his real home. A Bal Gopal is bringing the Bal Gopal for his house.

Chuttan picks a peacock feather on his way and puts it over his ear. He reaches Pandey House. Let’s see how rich people stay in such a big house!

Chuttan looks at the big house in awe. Is this a house or airport? Who can have such a big house? My entire locality can fit here. He steps inside. Is someone at home? I have brought Bal Gopal’s idol. He keeps walking as he hears / sees no one. This is a palace! No one is here. Rich people are different. They must be sleeping in their rooms peacefully. He places the idol in the house temple and keeps the feather on the idol as well. I would keep servants for my Mother India if I had such a big house. I wouldn’t have to go out to play also as the house is so big! He jumps on the sofas. It is good that no one is at home. He is happily jumping from sofa to sofa. He decides to rest on the soft sofa for a while when he gets tired.

Mishri and Vansh are with Ira. Mishri asks Ira why this stomach ache keeps on happening. Ira tells her she is fine. Mishri and Vansh advise her to rest. We will bring medicine. Ira tells her it isn’t needed. I will rest for a while. I will take medicine if I wont get well. Mishri offers to sing lullaby for her Mapu.

Devina comes downstairs looking for Ramesh (servant) when she hears someone snoring. She thinks it might be Adi but she is shocked to see Chuttan. Who is he? She startles him with her scream. Who are you? What are you doing here? You sadakchaap! He calls her Batakhchaap. I am not at fault. I kept calling out to everyone but no one came out. I came to deliver the idol. Devina asks him where the idol is. He points at the house temple. She notices his dirty hands and shouts. You must have messed up our idol with your dirty hands! He calls her Kaki. Only my hands are dirty whereas your both eyes are dirty. She points out that this is eye shadow. Don’t you know how to talk to kids? He replies that one must talk to kids with love but she isn’t doing that. Why should I be nice to you? She tells him to get out if he is done.

Chuttan sits on another sofa. Even I am not interested in staying here. Give me my money. I will leave then. Devina decides to teach him a lesson or he will mess up her home. She lies to him that cash is in the car. I will come with you downstairs. He asks her why she dint tell him before. You wasted so much time. She warns him not to touch her. You go ahead. I will follow. She very smartly locks him out of the house. He tells her she dint do the right thing. Did you lock up from inside? She tells him to leave. You wont get even a penny! He tells her she does not know him. She calls him Sadakchaap again. See you later. She goes. Chuttan decides to teach her a lesson. I will take the payment for Bapu’s hard work.

Chuttan enters inside Pandey House from the kitchen window. Till date, no one has been able to snatch my money! See how I will extract it from you now! He notices Devina eating salad in the living room. I must teach her a lesson! He notices green chillies on the slab and smiles. He tells Bal Gopal she isn’t doing anything wrong. Why should I let go of my hard earned money? He puts chillies in Devina’s plate stealthily. She isn’t really looking at the plate and picks a chilli absentmindedly while talking on the phone. She runs to drink water. Chuttan laughs.

Pushpa is praying in her room. Chuttan comes in quietly and looks at her room. He picks a beautiful diya kept on the drawer and picks it. This diya will be lit in my house temple now.

Mishri and Vansh go to make turmeric milk for Ira as she hasn’t eaten anything since morning. Chuttan runs upstairs just when they come downstairs. He picks a toy car from Mishri’s room. He calculates their price. Bapu said the idol costs 2k. I still need to steal something more worth Rs. 800. Mishri and Vansh are headed upstairs while Chuttan stands outside their room.

Precap: Ira keeps her hand over Chuttan’s when he is trying to touch her purse. He murmurs Mayi and wonders why he is calling her that. He collides with Mishri as soon as he steps out of the room. She demands for the purse and he refuses. They have a tussle and Mishri gets pushed. She gets hurt on her head. Chuttan’s eyes widen in shock.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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