Meri Hanikarak Biwi 12th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Ira beats Randhir

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 12th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Akhilesh calls out to everyone. See who I brought home! Ira gets happy thinking Mishri is home but is shocked to see Randhir. Why did you bring him here? Where is Mishri? He assures her that they are still searching for her. He is helping us find her. Ira blames Randhir for Mishri’s disappearance. He pleads innocence. I am going through the same pain. Even Sharda is missing. I got out of jail because of Akhilesh Sir. Ira warns him not to act. It’s a sham! Akhilesh stops her from hitting Randhir. He is equally disturbed. Don’t trouble him by saying such things. He apologizes to Randhir on Ira’s behalf. She asks him if he has gone mad. Akhilesh asks her what has happened to her. Pity him now atleast. He spent 2 days in jail. Plus his wife, who cannot walk, is missing! He is helping us! She tells him she will never forgive him if anything happens to Mishri because of his decision. Randhir smirks. Akhilesh tells Ira he will bring Mishri home safely. From then on, only the two of us will stay here! you have done enough damage till date. From now on, we share nothing! Our relation is over. Pushpa notices his crossed fingers and realises he is acting / lying. Akhilesh blames Ira for this separation. You wont be a part of Mishri or my life. Ira is in disbelief. What are you saying? She asks Pushpa to say something but Pushpa says I wont say anything between husband and wife. I only want Mishri! Ira wipes her tears. I will find her. I have no hopes from Akhilesh. He tells her against it. I don’t want her to be a prey of any of your actions. Randhir and I will look for her. Ira says I love her more than myself. How can I harm her? You broke my heart today. He asks her to leave the house. He closes the door on her face. Randhir celebrates his victory mentally. Now I must send Akhilesh and Pushpa from here so I can take Mishri and Sharda with me. Ira bangs at the door but then leaves dejected.

Randhir acts in front of Akhilesh. He tells Randhir to call his relatives to find out if they have any news of Sharda. Randhir agrees.

Akhilesh feels bad for misbehaving with Ira earlier. He hurts himself as he hits his hand at the cupboard. Pushpa tends to his wound. I knew that you must be punishing yourself after breaking Ira’s heart. I saw your crossed fingers and understand that you were acting. Why were you so mean to Ira? Akhilesh says I was acting in front of Randhir to win his trust. She asks him if he is sure. He nods. I also know that Mishri is locked in the basement of our house only. I saw a reflection of some shiny object when I was speaking on phone earlier. Flashback shows Akhilesh noticing the reflection but decides against bringing Mishri. I will have to lay a trap for Randhir. Flashback ends. Pushpa is eager to take Mishri but Akhilesh stops her. We have to expose Randhir. He would want to flee with his wife and Mishri and eventually he would want us to leave him alone at home also. Ira is out of the house. Only I know how Hanikarak she is. Pushpa asks him what he means. He tells her to instigate the Hanikarak version of Ira somehow. Pushpa says how I can do that. Akhilesh tells her a plan.

Randhir says everything is going as per our plan. It is time for climax. These foolish people don’t doubt us at all! God is great. Crocodile tears helped me easily. I will take Mishri from here and earn money through her only. Sharda tells him to stop this plan. These are nice people. They will forgive us. Mishri is just like our daughter. He speaks badly to her. I wonder why and when I married you! Go and tell everyone everything. You will see my dead face then. She agrees reluctantly. He tells her to let him continue his plan. I will go outside and tell them that my relatives know where Mishri is. They will leave to find her. We will be able to execute our plan then. She nods and cries unhappily.

Ira is shaken by Akhilesh’s words / actions. I wonder what has happened to him. He wasn’t like that. He broke all ties so easily. She receives Pushpa’s call. Pushpa asks her if she had been crying. Ira asks her if she dint hear what Akhilesh said. Is our relation so strong? It broke so easily? Pushpa asks her how she can cry when Akhilesh misbehaved so much with her. I wouldn’t have spared Akhilesh’s father if he had said any of that to me. Pick up a stick and beat him! He should forget the word Hanikarak. Don’t call yourself my daughter if you will continue to cry like this. Ira wipes her tears. You are right. How could he talk to me like this? Pushpa hides her smile. Ira vows to teach a lesson to Akhilesh. Pushpa blesses her and ends the call. Ira finds a stick.

Pushpa tells Akhilesh her work is done. Randhir isn’t doing anything. Akhilesh assures her he will make a move very soon. As per plan, Randhir tells Akhilesh about a fake location where Sharda is. Mishri would be there only. Akhilesh thanks him. Pushpa and Akhilesh leave for the said location and tell Randhir to call police. Randhir thinks his plan worked. He calls Sharda asking her to bring Mishri. Everything will go as per my plan now.

Sharda and Mishri come to the living room. Randhir calls her a golden egg. I will earn crores through her. He goes to remove the fuse so no one sees them leaving. Sharda requests him to think once again. These are nice people. They have helped us a lot. He warns her to be quiet. They head for the door when Ira enters. She shouts. I wont leave the house, Akhilesh Pandey! Why is it all dark? Come out! I will show you how dangerous I can be. Sharda runs to plug the fuse again. Ira starts hitting Randhir thinking him to be Akhilesh. He tells her he isn’t who she thinks him to be but she refuses to spare him. Lights come on. Ira runs to help Mishri. Are you fine? She glares at Randhir. I knew that you have kidnapped her. I wont spare you! Sharda comes back. Randhir aims gun at Ira. Don’t move. I will complete my plan. Mishri will go with me. Ira warns him not to even think of touching her daughter. He asks her if she wants to die. A gunshot is heard.


Update Credit to: Pooja

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