Meri Hanikarak Biwi 10th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Akhilesh gets caged

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 10th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gulki seeing her sister Nirja’s pic. She says I promised you that I will ruin Akhilesh’s life, I will punish him for doing wrong with you, Manohar helped me in the drama so that I could marry Aditya. She says Akhilesh is getting mad, he will take his life, my revenge will be fulfilled, I came here as a poor helpless bride. She recalls meeting Akhilesh and Ira. She says I have worn your clothes and went in front of Akhikesh, he is going mad, he will commit suicide, I will scare him. Ira packs her bags. She says I have a function at home, you take care of everyone here, inform me about Akhilesh’s health. Gulki says don’t worry, I will take care of everyone. She acts good and hugs Ira. Pushpa tells Akhilesh that she has sent Ira to Maayka as he got scared seeing her. He says maybe she was trying to save me. She says it will be good that she stays away, I know she wants your good, but none should take Nirja’s name in front of you. He says I m fine, I m going to take Ira. Devina and her children taunt Akhilesh for his madness and defend themselves. He asks what’s all this. Devina says self defence, we can’t trust you.

Devina says shame on you for hurting your wife. He says I don’t remember, I can’t imagine hurting anyone of you. He sees Nirja/Gulki again. He shouts on her. They all get shocked by his aggressive behavior. Akhilesh says I m innocent, I didn’t do anything. Akhilesh asks am I mad to lie. Devina calls him mad. He says I m not mad. Pushpa says calm down, sit here, you aren’t mad. He says its better I leave from here. Devina asks do you want to stay as we want. He agrees. Devina says good, then get ready. She smiles. Devina chains Akhilesh and puts him in cage. Pushpa cries. Pushpa faints. Gulki takes her away. Devina and her children leave. Akhilesh feels guilty to hurt his family. Devina says Akhilesh’s madness just started, he will go to mental hospital soon.

Ira asks Bhavik about any info regarding Nirja. He says no one is ready to reveal anything. She says don’t know how is Akhilesh, my reverse psychology plan failed. Gulki calls Ira and asks her to come home, Devina locked Akhilesh inside a cage. Ira gets shocked and says I know it won’t be right to leave him alone, don’t worry, I m coming. Bhavik asks where are you going. Gulki says it won’t be fun till Ira sees Akhilesh dying. Akhilesh slaps himself for lying to Ira, for hurting Ira. Gulki thinks to give electric shock to Akhilesh. Ira comes there and gets shocked. He says I m mad, don’t come to me, go. She says don’t dare to call yourself mad, if you are locked here, its my failure. She asks for the keys. He gets away. She looks for keys. He says it can be dangerous for me to come out. Gulki connects the wires. Ira goes to break the lock. Pushpa comes and hugs Ira. They cry. Ira says I will free Akhilesh from the cage.

Pushpa says I will tell you everything about Nirja. She tells her everything about Akhilesh’s past.

Update Credit to: Amena

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