Meri Hanikarak Biwi 10th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Mishri reaches Pandey House

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Meri Hanikarak Biwi 10th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ira wakes Akhilesh and asks him to wake up Mishri too. He pulls her pony when Ira isn’t looking. Mirchi wishes them good morning and hugs them one by one. Ira is pleasantly surprised. You are showering so much love today! Mirchi says I am only doing what Bapu showed in the video. Akhilesh covers up for her. Ira is pleased though. She gets a text. I have a day shift. I must go after making breakfast. Mirchi holds her hand. I love you Mapu. Will you come a little early from hospital today? Ira readily agrees. Do you want something from me? Akhilesh denies. She is your daughter. Ira agrees to be back home early. We will then dance on Tiger Shroff’s new song like before. They do thumbs up at each other. Ira leaves. Akhilesh asks Mirchi how the robot is suddenly turning emotional towards people. She replies that he has done so much for her. As per the movie, I should love and respect you. Wish I wasn’t a robot! You both would have truly loved me then. I love you Bapu. Akhilesh says even I love you. I don’t know how I would have handled this situation if it wasn’t for you. Everything will go back to normal once we find Mishri. I will check phone to see if there was some call. She shares that she received a call last night. It couldn’t be registered as the duration was too less. It was late so I thought to tell you in the morning. He thinks to check his phone but then Ira asks him to pack her bag first.
Mishri is on her way to the address mentioned on the pamphlet.
The goons are glad thinking they found their perfect golden opportunity in Mishri. She will earn money for us. We don’t need to worry about anything now! Her innocent face will be our plus point.
Akhilesh gives Ira her bag. She leaves for hospital. Akhilesh shows Mirchi the call list. Is this the same number? She affirms.
Devina is speaking to Adi. Don’t worry. I will send money to you very soon! She notices Pushpa and Vansh coming there and pretends to scold him. Pushpa tells her to advise Adi not to even come near theme or she wont spare him. Devina seconds her. Ira checks Pushpa’s steps. You dint go on walk today too! This is the best way to keep yourself healthy. Pushpa says I did go on Tuesday. I sat in between for Mata Ki Chowki. Ira stays put. She leaves for hospital. Pushpa calls Devina Chindi Chor. Do you wish to earn some money? Devina nods excitedly. Pushpa walks away with Vansh. Devina chases her.
Akhilesh calls back on that number. The goon is shocked to hear his voice. He mutes the call angrily. It means someone called Mishriäs father last night! He tells Akhilesh it is wrong number and ends the call. Mishri is acting smart! She is lying to us and is acting in front of us. She called at her home last night. Maybe she got hold of the poster somehow. His junior wonders if Mishri left for her home instead.
Mishri is asking passerby’s for directions.
Akhilesh tells Mirchi that the guy told her it is wrong number. Mirchi shares that a girl called from this number last night. Akhilesh gets thinking. The phone number is switched off. My doubt is becoming stronger. He asks Mirchi to track down the number. She finds out the location using her features. Akhilesh says it is the same place where we put up the posters. Mishri must be around. You stay at home. I will look for my daughter there. Mirchi agrees.
Devina asks Pushpa how they will earn money. Pushpa says we have to go to temple. I will go by car while you will wear this Band and complete my step counts. I will give you Rs. 10 for 1 step. Devina excitedly counts the amount. I cannot say no to this! She wears the Band.
Mishri comes to the location mentioned on the poster. Past memories flash before her eyes as she looks at the house. Why do I feel as if I have come here earlier too? Ira is shocked to see Mishri thus. More bleak memories flash in her mind. Ira touches her face. What have you done to yourself? I know you are doing this so I wont go to hospital. People need me there. I must go but I will be back soon. She leaves. Mishri wonders why she feels she knows this lady and the house too.

Mishri rings the doorbell. She peeks inside from the windows by the time Mirchi opens the door. She goes to check as to who rang the bell leaving the door ajar. Mishri steps inside and is greeted with more hazy flashes.

Akhilesh reaches the location. He overhears few distressed parents talking to three NGO reps. I know the gang who abducts kids. Even my daughter is missing. I have their location. The reps with go Akhilesh to free the kids. They reach the hideout. They find few kids there but not Mishri.

Mirchi is in the garden but cannot see anyone. Who rang the bell then? The goons see her from far. She has reached home!

Precap: Mishri stumbles as she feels dizzy and comes across a family photo. She notices Akhilesh fighting with the goons outside and rushes to him. He hugs her tight. Mirchi notices Akhilesh and Ira showering their love on Mishri and wishes that she too could gain Mapu and Bapu’s love somehow but I am merely a robot. Why would humans love me? She decides to replace Mishri.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Mirchi is feeling left out and wants to replace Mishri. Hope that Akhilesh speaks the truth to Ira and they keep Mirchi instead of Mirchi going rogue.

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