Meri Gudiya 8th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Ratri surprises Avi

Meri Gudiya 8th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Avi sleeping. Ratri and Raghav have a talk. Ratri says coffee is good, but I will add some sugar in it. Madhuri thinks Raghav isn’t able to see her bad intentions. She makes the chair away. Ratri falls down. Raghav gives his hand. Avi laughs. Raghav asks Avi to not laugh and say sorry. Avi says you are also laughing. He says I m not laughing, say sorry. Avi says sorry. Ratri says it was funny, anyone will get a laugh. He gets a reminder. He sees Madhuri’s pic. He says its Madhuri’s birthday. Avi says its mumma’s birthday, won’t we celebrate. Ratri says why not, we will celebrate it. Raghav says yes, we will surely celebrate it. He asks Avi to go and sleep. He asks Ratri to take in guest room, call Dulaari if she needs anything. He goes. Ratri sings birthday song for Madhuri. Raghav asks Avi to go to school tomorrow. Avi sleeps. Ratri says it will be Madhuri’s birthday celebration for them, but for me, it will be first step of revenge, I will make Avi like me, then Raghav can’t stay away from me, but what should I do.

Its morning, Ratri takes Avi to the school. She says I will see Bunty. Bunty bullies the kids. Ratri says I have something for you, take the milkshake, drink it. Bunty drinks it. She smiles. He asks what can I do for you aunty. She asks him to return tiffins and free the kids. She asks him to see Avi, she is her best friend, take care of her. Bunty goes to Avi. Ratri recalls drugging the milkshake by some potion. She sends Avi. Madhuri thinks Ratri is entering Avi’s life. Ratri meets Rudraksh. He says so much hard work and efforts, I can’t digest this, if you hide anything, then I can suspect you. She asks what are you hiding from me. He says I will answer you soon. She says fine, I will also answer you at the right time.

Ratri and Raghav come to pick Avi. Avi says Ratri has handled Bunty. Raghav thanks Ratri. He says you worry for Avi a lot, sorry I got late. Ratri asks him to focus on his work. She says we will have an icecream party. They go. Ratri asks Avi to come fast and see the cake for Madhuri’s birthday. Avi sees the cake and says Madhuri didn’t celebrate birthday like this. Ratri asks why, the cake is big and beautiful. Avi says you don’t know anything.

Ratri gets angry. Maa sees Shaurya and signs. He goes. Ratri cries and says I try to make Avi smile, but I fail, what shall I do. Maa signs Raghav to console her. Raghav says its not your mistake. Ratri says no, I told about surprise and made her expectations high. He says no, Madhuri never celebrated her birthday, actually her day and night was just around Avi, she felt complete with Avi, none could match it, she used to find new ideas to make her birthday special for Avi and make her smile, don’t get disheartened, you tried your best, but I can’t help you, sorry.

Avi misses Madhuri. Madhuri asks her not to cry, Raghav will do something. She hears some sound and goes to see. Ratri gets a clown’s disguise and dances with some people. Bum bum bole….plays… Raghav and everyone come and look on. Ratri falls down and makes a funny face. Avi laughs. Ratri signs Avi to come. Avi leaves Pari and runs to Ratri. Pari falls there. Avi hugs Ratri. Madhuri thinks no Avi, Ratri is our biggest enemy, not a friend.

Adrika asks what are you doing Ratri. Ratri asks her not to try to understand this. Raghav and everyone clap for Ratri. The servant removes old toys and also Pari. Shaurya asks whose idea was it to remove the old toys. Ratri gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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