Meri Gudiya 20th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Adrika changes Ratri’s plan

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Meri Gudiya 20th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dulaari preparing Avi for school. Ratri says my house burnt and also my dreams, I don’t have courage to make the house again. Maa writes something. Adrika thinks Ratri is doing a good drama. Avi gets ready and thinks of Madhuri. Pari sees Ratri’s drama. Avi says I miss you mumma. Madhuri thinks Adrika and Ratri’s intentions are bad, I won’t let Avi go out.

Avi smiles seeing the butterflies in her room. Maa writes is Avi not the reason. Ratri says I want to go before Avi comes, if she sees me leaving, then I will not meet her eyes. Shaurya says she is right, go, route is bad, it will be late. Ratri thinks why isn’t Avi coming. Adrika comes and sees Avi playing. She throws a lizard near the bag. She says now it will be fun, you will come downstairs. Raghav says stay back for Avi’s sake for some more days. Ratri says it will hurt a lot if closeness increases, its good to end it for Avi’s sake. Shaurya says she is right, Avi is a kid, Avi is right. Maa recalls Guru ji’s words. Avi shouts seeing lizard. She goes. Adrika says come downstairs now. Avi comes shouting. Ratri hugs her. Avi says there was a lizard in my room. Shaurya asks Turanta to check it well and remove it. Turanta goes. Ratri asks Avi to have water. Avi asks who is going. Ratri says I m going. Turanta thinks how did fake lizard come in Avi’s room.

Ratri consoles Avi and hugs. She spikes the water. Ratri says you are my life’s aim, but one who has come has to go, no one can stop anyone, you are lovely, you will help me a lot. She sees everyone coming. She asks Raghav to feed water to Avi, she is feeling thirsty, take care of her. She says I won’t be here to teach now. She gives the water bottle.

Madhuri says Raghav please stop, don’t feed water to Avi, the water has poison. Avi drinks the water. Adrika calls Ratri and says we will miss the flight. Ratri greets Maa again. Maa asks her not to cry. Ratri says I can understand your emotions, by what right can I stay here, I can never take Madhuri’s place, but I could have become Avi’s mum. Shaurya looks at her. Ratri says I have to go some day, forgive me. Avi sees Ratri going.

She says don’t go aunty and runs after her. Ratri smiles. Shaurya smiles that Ratri is going. Avi faints. Everyone gets shocked. Pari cries and her eyes get red. The toys start dancing. Raghav shouts Avi. Ratri runs to her. Adrika stops Ratri and says don’t get happy, my plan is successful, Avi is dead, she won’t get up after ten mins, I had changed your potion bottle. Ratri is shocked and asks what. Adrika says go and do the drama now. Raghav takes Avi inside the house. Madhuri thinks I won’t let anything happen to Avi, I m coming.

Raghav asks Avi to get up. The doll falls down. Doctor says I m sorry. Pari drives the car and goes out of the bedroom. She falls over Avi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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