Meri Gudiya 20th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Madhuri is arrested

Meri Gudiya 20th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raghav saying she can’t be my Madhuri, she is an imposter, a fraud, a thief. Madhuri says I know you love me a lot, you hugged me and cried for two hours after I died, I have come back for you and Avi. He says stop nonsense, just go. She says I m your Madhuri, look at me, I m saying the truth, trust me, Ratri is with Rudraksh, she wanted to kill our daughter, she is cheating. She asks Maa to explain Raghav that she is her Madhuri, she has come back for all of them. Maa cries. Madhuri says I have come back for Avi, Shaurya will identify me, look at me, who got you Raghav’s permission always, I did, why isn’t anyone identifying me, I m Madhuri.

She says Ratri did all this, she had fed my family some potion that they aren’t able to identify me. Ratri is silent. Madhuri says I don’t accept this marriage. Raghav goes and slaps Madhuri. He says we all know about Ratri, she had confessed this herself. Madhuri is shocked. Raghav asks Shaurya to throw money at her. Madhuri says no, trust me, I m Madhuri, Ratri is lying, our Avi’s life is in danger. He shouts at her.

He asks her to get lost. Ratri says this is Rudraksh’s new plan, I m saying the truth, Rudraksh can give anyone’s face to anything, he is expert in this, he has sent a Mayavi as Madhuri. They get shocked. Ratri says don’t trust her. Raghav says don’t worry, I will not believe her. He shouts on Madhuri.

Shaurya stops him and asks what are you doing, calm down, her face and everything match with Madhuri, if she isn’t Madhuri, then who is she, think if she is really Madhuri, then… we shall give her a chance. Maa says Shaurya is saying right, Raghav, whatever happened here, its proves that miracles do happen, maybe she is some Mayavi who came to cheat us, just think once if she is really Madhuri, will we forgive ourselves, we didn’t come out of this sorrow, if we know that Madhuri come back and we forced her to go, can we forget this sorrow, I know this isn’t your anger, but love for Madhuri, just think, give her a chance. Sushma says marriage has happened, how can you say this.

Ratri says fine, if you are with her, then wipe my sindoor. She calms down and apologizes. She says I have fought my family and loved Raghav, what did I get, cheat, insult, I left my world for him, I got hope to break, I had made my relation with Raghav and entire family today, and fate cheated me again. Maa says we also made relations with you, I won’t let anyone snatch your relation but its imp to know complete truth to do justice, I have to know her story also. She asks Madhuri to prove that she is Madhuri. Madhuri says if I m not Madhuri, how would I know that my final rites didn’t happen, Guru ji said my body has be left in the water instead burning, after you left me in the water, a Vaid found me, he treated her for months, I was in his village, that’s why I m here, I m Madhuri, this house’s Bahu, do you believe me now. Ratri says she is lying, Raghav don’t trust her, she is some Mayavi.

Raghav says you did all homework, you asked the people who were present in the last rites. Madhuri says I m Madhuri. Raghav scolds her. He says you won’t get any chance now, get lost. Adrika asks can I say something, I m Ratri’s elder sister. She asks Madhuri to get DNA test done. Madhuri recalls Guru ji’s words. She thinks what’s this test, I can’t prove my truth, that I m Madhuri. Police comes. Inspector says we got a call from your house. Maa asks who called the police. Chacha says inspector will find the truth. Inspector says I have made Madhuri’s post mortem report, this lady is an imposter, that’s the truth, I know how to handle them, arrest her, constable. Madhuri says Raghav, listen to me, Avi’s life is in danger, say something, mumma, I came back for Avi, do you all want to treat me like this, I won’t go. She shouts Avi. Avi wakes up and says mumma.

Inspector says we will drag you if you don’t come. Madhuri asks will you all just see this. Madhuri says none can make me away from my daughter. Avi comes smiling. Madhuri cries seeing her.

Avi says leave my mumma, Dadi stop my mumma, Papa stop her, if she goes, then I will go with her. Madhuri cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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