Meri Gudiya 15th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Ratri confronts Adrika

Meri Gudiya 15th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the thunder striking. Ratri wakes up and sees Adrika gone. She says it means Adrika has gone to do her work. She goes to see. Madhuri shouts Avi. Avi wakes up. Turanta faints down. Avi shouts. Adrika smiles. Ratri and everyone hear Avi shouting. Ratri runs to see. She sees Turanta with the knife. Adrika hides. Ratri thinks Adrika didn’t do this right. She asks Avi are you fine, why did you shout. Avi says Turanta fell down. Shaurya comes there. He sees Turanta. He sees Ratri hiding something. Ratri says Avi is fine. Raghav comes and says Avi….

Madhuri thinks some Divya power is helping me in protecting Avi, I want to know what else I can do. Raghav sees Turanta fallen down. Shaurya wakes up Turanta. They ask him what was he doing. Turanta doesn’t remember anything. He says I don’t know anything. Maa worries. She prays. Adrika says Rudraksh was right, this house is mysterious, Dadi is the root, I have found out, Rudraksh was finding that, Ratri didn’t know it, its Dadi. Raghav says you would remember something. Shaurya asks what’s the last time you remember. Turanta recalls. He sees Ratri and shows her.

Ratri asks what are you saying. Turanta says I greeted Adrika madam, I went to give coffee to Ratri. She says you gave it in the evening. Raghav asks don’t you remember anything. Adrika goes. Everyone goes. Madhuri thinks who can tell them the truth. Avi goes to get Pari. Shaurya checks Avi’s room. Ratri asks Adrika to wake up. Adrika comes and asks how did you like my surprise. They argue. Shaurya looks around.

Ratri asks why did you do this. Adrika says I didn’t do anything, it was just a demo. Maa takes care of Avi. Madhuri thinks you knew something, you didn’t tell me, why. Maa thinks our family gets a special child every three generations, the child has special powers, don’t know its a curse or blessing, Madhuri gave her life and saved Avi, but the danger is still there, there is some spirit who wants to hurt Avi. Madhuri looks on. She thinks I could have understood these powers by dying. Shaurya says anyone can come in Avi’s room from here, its not safe. He shuts the door. He says this thing never happened before, its happening after Madhuri passed away. He checks under the bed. He gets shocked seeing a knife. He says this isn’t from our house, how did this come in Avi’s room.

Adrika says I have recognized the power. Shaurya shows the knife to Maa. Maa thinks its not an ordinary knife, I have to go to Guru ji.

Update Credit to: Amena

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