Meri Durga 31st January 2017 Written Episode Update

Meri Durga 31st January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yashpal saying how will I arrange 2100rs. Subhadra says you did mistake to not send Durga with me, you don’t spoil Amrita’s life, did you not hear what pandit ji said, money is to spend. Yashpal says 2100 is big amount for me, it will be small amount for you, why to pay 2100 to that pandit if other pandit does same work for 21rs. Brij says all pandits are different. The teacher laughs seeing Durga sitting on first bench. He says we will see what she does, sit.

Dadi says don’t think much, this is about house respect. Brij says yes, Amrita is like my daughter, for whom will I do then. Sheela calls him to stop. Brij goes. Sheela argues with him and asks him to give 2100rs to her. He asks why. She says my dress is torn. He asks where. She tears dress and says now its torn, give me money. He says what do you want, you got this proposal.

She says no one should know this, my reputation is bad, they will doubt on me, they would have not said yes if you said my name. He asks her to explain Dulari. Sheela says you don’t need to pay. He says I can’t hear anything against Yashpal. She cries and says fine, leave me to Maayka. She emotionally blackmails. He calms her down and asks her not to cry. He says I will talk to Yashpal. He goes out to Dadi and Yashpal. Yashpal understands and says its fine, daughter is mine so responsibility is mine, I will arrange 2100rs. Brij feels bad.

Yashpal is leaving and asks his wife not to take tension. She gives him some money and says I saved this. He says you are like your name, everyone should learn from you to live by struggles. She asks shall I ask my sister for money. He says no, I will manage. Amrita hears them and says I don’t want to marry by hurting dad. He says girls have to marry. She says but my happiness, not by hurting anyone, today they asked for 2100rs for pandit, if they ask anything big tomorrow then. He says you got smart, don’t worry. I m poor, not helpless, fate gave me two lovely daughters, Lord can’t break my courage.

Durga sees maths on board and starts writing in book. Teacher starts wiping. She stops him and says I did not write till now, you did not ask and wiped it. He says everyone has written, for whom were you waiting that you could not write. Durga says I understand maths slow, write again. He asks why, did your father hire me on job to write again for you, write fast. She says but Sir… He says don’t argue, get out of class, one who focuses in class is valued, not one who focuses on kites. She sees Yashpal and hides.

Yashpal goes to meet some school staff and asks for help. The man says I understand your state, but you understand me. Yashpal says poverty is striking, I want loan for Amrita’s marriage. The man says you did not repay previous loan, you arrange money yourself now, it will be easy to get loan at marriage time.

Durga and her friends talk. They joke. Durga says I want to study by heart and fulfill my dad’s dreams, but I m not able to study maths. The boy says you are scared of maths, once you get friendly, it will look good. She asks is maths human to get friendly. He says it will be easy for you. He sees the railway track and explains Durga about parallel line. He says the track lines are at equal distance, they run together but they do not meet. Durga understands and says the same. She says you make me friendly with other subjects, you are better than teacher. Other boys ask why did you not teach us. He says you guys think I m useless. Durga asks the studious boy to teach them maths. He agrees and asks them to do homework everyday. They join hands and make a star.

Shilpa and Bantu see Durga studying and play around her to trouble. Yash recalls everyone’s words and worry. Durga thinks when I study new formula….. He recalls the boy’s words. She says I will not lose, I will get friendly with maths.

Brij comes to Yashpal and sees him crying. Yashpal asks when did you come, why are you upset. Brij says I m suppressed by my wife always, what shall I do, she always threatens. Yashpal says I understand, don’t worry. Brij asks how, maybe my wife forgot, but I can’t forget, you made me, whatever I m, my wife and children are in peace because of you. They cry and hug.

Brij says don’t refuse to take my help, forgive me for delay, Amrita is my daughter too, don’t worry, if its your shoulder to lift her doli, my shoulder will be other one, come we will have dinner.

Shilpa and Bantu think what to do. Durga learns formulae and dances happily, saying I learnt maths, I got friendly with maths, everything will be fine now. Yashpal sees Durga and smiles.

Teacher scolds Durga. The boy says I will not leave studies if Durga does not understand. Yashpal says I will give money to pandit. He drops the money in school while taking a kerchief out of pocket. He tells a teacher that he lost money. He looks for money everywhere. Yashpal panics.

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