Meri Durga 30th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Meri Durga 30th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Madhav asking Billu who paid money to tease the girls. Sheela worries. Billu says I will tell tomorrow. Madhav asks can’t you understand, I will beat more. Sheela signs Madhav that she will pay more money. Madhav beats Billu. Sheela thinks I m gone if Billu tells anything. Madhav asks Billu to stop crying and say truth. Amrita asks someone for Billu’s house and comes there. Madhav asks Billu to say truth and pays him money. Sheela shows money to Bollu and signs him not to say.

Amrita comes there and sees Madhav. Rajveer asks everyone are they set, this is their chance, the winner will represent our school in inter school championship, if winner can’t play by any reason, then first runner up will play, its first step to get grace marks, stay focussed. Durga thinks to get those marks. Rajveer wishes them best of luck.

Sanjay wishes all the best to Aarti.Aarti thanks him. She says Durga looks much confident, you are my best friend, stop this girl from taking part in race. Sanjay says dine, she has cheated us to get shoes, now she will run barefoot. He runs with Durga’s shoes. Durga asks him to return shoes and runs after him.

Durga gets hurt. Her foot bleeds. Sanjay stops and gets shocked. He sees teachers coming. He drops shoes and runs. Amrita sees Madhav giving money to Billu and says he knew I m getting proof against him, so he has come here, I will call police. She callspolice and complains about Billu. She thinks I have to stop Madhav here till police comes.

Rajveer asks for Durga. Sanjay goes with Aarti. They see Durga hurt. Rajveer gets worried. He asks how will you run with such wound. Durga says I will tell later, I will run.

Madhav slaps Billu. Sheela shows money to Billu. Amrita comes there and hits on Madhav’s head. Amrita beats Madhav. Madhav says wait, I came to make him say truth. Amrita asks why were you paying money. Madhav says you feel just you are right. She asks him to talk to police now. Billu says Sheela gave me money to tease her. Madhav and Amrita get shocked. Madhav askss him to say truth. Billu says I m not lying.

Durga cries in pain. Rajveer looks on. Durga recalls her family and says I will run. She falls back. She hears announcement. Amrita checks place and finds Sheela’s earring. She tells Madhav that Billu is saying true. Madhav gets shocked. Billu says don’t give me to police. Madhav says I can’t believe Sheela can do this with you. Billu says take money back, sorry, Inspector comes there. Madhav sends police. Billu thanks Madhav and hugs him. Madhav and Amrita leave.

Rajveer holds Durga and says you can’t run. Durga says I have to run for my dad’s dream, I promised my dad that I will get 5 marks. Durga goes to participate in race. Amrita thinks of Billy’s words. Madhav comes in her way. She asks him to move. He says listen to me. She says Sheela has sent goons, how can she do this, I will tell dad. He asks her to this and do things. She apologizes. He holds her hand and stops her.

Rajveer says maybe your bone can break if you run. Durga says it won’t be bigger than breaking dad’s dreams. She runs in race. Amrita tells Yashpal about someone sending Billu after her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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