Meri Durga 28th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Meri Durga 28th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shri scolding Shilpa for showing Durga’s result to Yashpal when he was angry. Shilpa says what wrong did I do to show result, she would have got beaten anytime by her low marks. Amrita says leave it, Durga stop crying now.

Dadi says such good proposal came home, and they agreed also, what else does Yashpal want, about money, Brij and Subhadra will give money, Yashpal you have to do daughter’s bidaai. Subhadra says school’s trustee is known to me, I will get Durga admitted in school. Dadi says she can learn kitchen work from Subhadra too. Yashpal agrees and says Durga will study too, being with Shri. Dadi says it will be good if Durga goes with Subhadra.

Durga tells Amrita that maths looks tough to her. Amrita says you will understand maths if you work hard. Shilpa argues with Amrita, Shri and Durga. Brij’s wife tells Yashpal that if Durga does not study, she can learn cooking, she will get good proposal. Yashpal says I want her to study so that she becomes big officer, not to find good proposal for her. She says Durga is a girl, she should know house work, even if she gets good marks in Bhiwani, do you have money to educate her further.

Yashpal says I did not have money to educate Brij and Subhadra, but I managed by my courage. Brij’s wife Sheela argues. Yashpal tells Dadi that he decided Durga will go to Bhiwani and study. Durga’s mum cries. Dadi says Durga can learn few things by Subhadra, let her go. Amrita pacifies Durga and asks her not to cry, everyone will change mind after anger gets calm. Cousin says nothing will change, Dadi also agreed along Yashpal, Durga is gone now. Durga cries.

Yashpal could not sleep and goes to see Durga. He sits by her side, while she is sleeping. He cries. Haroonga nahi mai….plays…..He goes. Its morning, Durga sits studying. Amrita takes care of Yashpal and asks him how will we manage by sending both his daughters. He says I was helpless I could not educate you, but sometimes tough decisions are taken for bright future, let Durga go, her future will get good, its winter, wear warm clothes, if you catch cold, how will I make you sit in doli. Amrita smiles and goes. Durga sees them and sits studying aloud. Yashpal sees Durga and goes.

Durga’s mum asks Durga to have food. She asks where is dad. Her mum says he has gone to school. Durga says how did he leave me and go. She runs and sees Yashpal on the way. She apologizes and asks him to talk to her. He asks why shall I talk to you. She says I really tried. He calls her a liar and says if you really tried hard, you would have not got 2 marks out of 100. She runs to school, while he rides his cycle. They reach school.

Durga says this time I will work hard and get good marks in maths, I will never lose, just last time, give me a chance, don’t send me to Bhiwani, please. Yashpal says no, you have to go, I can’t cheat myself again and again,when you go to big city school, you can study well, I m removing your name from school today. She says but… He goes. She cries.

Sheela is angry and asks Shilpa to shut door. She gives bread and butter to Subhadra. She says you are taking problem along, not Durga. Brij asks what are you saying Sheela. Sheela says you are becoming Sheela in brother and Bhabhi’s love, you don’t see any problem. She gives breakfast to them. She complains about Yashpal and his wife. Subhadra looks on. Brij gets disappointed hearing Sheela. Brij goes out of the room and sees Yashpal’s wife. She stops him and says its fine, have tiffin. He feels bad and takes tiffin. He leaves.

Durga stands in assembly prayers. She talks to her friends. Her friends sign and ask what happened to you Durga. Durga signs them to see their dad. She sings and says I m leaving the village. The boy asks what, where are you going. She says I m going Bhiwani forever. The boy asks will your maths become strong if you go there, don’t go, I wish Durga’s dad could not meet principal. Other boy says why did you say this, now Durga’s dad will meet principal and remove her name. Teacher asks all kids to go to their classes. Principal calls out Yashpal. Durga looks on. Yashpal goes to principal. Durga recalls Yashpal’s words. Principal says come with me, we have to go head office. They leave. Durga worries and calls out Yashpal. She says dad will remove my name surely.

Durga talks to Devi Maa. Pandit smiles hearing her innocent talk. Sheela asks Yashpal to divide the house. Durga goes to meet her friends.

Update Credit to: Amena

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