Meri Durga 22nd August 2017 Written Episode Update: Sanjay falls unconscious

Meri Durga 22nd August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aarti worrying about Gayatri. Elder bahu informs Gayatri that Aarti is coming to her. Durga gets Sanjay’s message and says what did Sanjay write and why. Sanjay ties his hands and goes to chemistry lab. He says Durga has to forgive me today. Durga thinks where did everyone go. A guy tells her about SP and asks her to come. Durga runs. Sanjay starts coughing. Durga sees Sanjay inside the lab. They all knock the door.

She asks him to come out. Gayatri says its a special day. She sends servants out. She says our relation will get stronger today, there won’t be any cheat and lies, you have to tell everything true. Aarti nods. Gayatri says you have to tell me what you have hidden. Aarti stammers and lies. Gayatri asks her to say truth, its a chance to trust her, the result of breaking her trust is bit painful. Aarti worries and says its nothing like that. Gayatri says you had last chance, its fine, go. Aarti stops and says Durga’s coach Rana Sir, we have fed him wine and caged him, now Rana has run away, SP is coming close to Durga. Gayatri says you are sensible, I know, I just wanted to hear this from you, tell me who has troubled you. Aarti says Durga.

Sanjay says sorry Durga. The guy says door is not opening, check the message SP has sent you. Durga recalls the message. Sam smiles seeing Sanjay and thinks he is eager to die. Gayatri says I can help you, you do as I say, I can forgive mistake, not smartness. Neelkant comes and sees Aarti. She signs nothing and goes. Durga reads the message and tries to know its meaning. Sanjay gets dizzy.

Durga says history… and goes to library. She checks for the keys. She falls down and keys drop far. She worries and tries to get keys. Sam looks at the drama. The man says SP has locked himself and kept harmful gas on, he can die. Sam thinks my good will happen when SP dies. Durga asks the guy to get magnet. She manages the get keys by using magnet. She runs to lab and opens the door by keys. She reaches Sanjay and closes the gas. She finds Sanjay unconscious. She asks him to open eyes. Sam says we have to take him out.

Gayatri confronts Neelkant. She orders him to sit on chair. She says you did good to save Aarti from losing to Durga, you have won Aarti’s dad’s trust and became MLA, your try would be better if you didn’t do this big foolishness, you have no mind, are you seeing your failure here. He says Rana doesn’t know anything. She says Durga was on Rana’s mind, did you control him this way, how did you let him run away, you know you took big risk. Sam gets SP out. Durga worries for him. Sam checks Sanjay and says he is no more. Durga and everyone get shocked.

Durga and Yashpal see burning coal. Rajveer asks Durga to cross this hurdle in time. Gayatri locks Neelkant in the dark place.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. So is not dead he playing with everyone emotions n good for his dad ass

    1. Aarti32

      He isn’t playing I think..he was choking bcz of dat gas..maybe his heartbeat stopped n it’ll make way for another chamatkaar..daily soap style!!
      N Sam’s smirk cannot be ignored too!!

  2. Aarti32

    Finally we got Shrish on d update pic?

  3. I dont understand what Aarti, Sp’s Mom and Dad are upto ? Does Sp’s mom know the truth of Aarti and Sp’s dad cheating with Durga? Is Sp’s mom supporting her husband for his treachery against durga or is she against him ? What does she want ? And Aarti also lied that durga troubled her. Y durga is always framed ?

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