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Meri Durga 19th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amrita coming to Madhav. Madhav sees news about Amrita and him saving the idols. She turns seeing his shirtless. She knocks on door. He sees her and quickly wears tshirt. He asks her to turn now. She says mum has sent food. He holds her hand. Music plays…. she asks him to leave her hand. He says first say you have forgiven me. She asks why. He says I told a lot in morning. She says its fine. He asks why, I knew Annapurna will not tell anyone,I scolded you a lot. She says I can understand.

Shilpa comes and hears them. He says it was good that news of idol theft spread, Yashpal got to know about it and we got idol, today my respect got saved because of you and Yashpal, thanks. Shilpa holds head and says Madhav should have thanked me, I had spread news. She goes. Madhav

asks Amrita can we have food together, like we have in office. Amrita signs no, mum would be waiting for me. He thanks her. She smiles and goes.

Rajveer waits for Durga and thinks did she get unwell. Yashpal and Durga get down the bus. Durga waves to Rajveer and makes excuse to Yashpal. She says we will go school now. She signs Rajveer and goes. Yashpal asks Durga to go to her class. Durga meets Shri and shows the copy. Shri asks did you get copy. Durga says no, I want your help to find real copy. Yashpal goes to pay Durga’s fees. He says I have some less money, I want some time, student name is Durga Choudhary. The man tells him that Durga is their school running champion. Shri comes and does not let Yashpal hear. Shri asks about Durga. Yashpal says she is fine. The man says you don’t need to pay fees. Yashpal asks what, I will pay fees soon, don’t remove her from school, its about her future.

Durga and her friend talk to make Aarti’s friends hear that she got the copy. They go. Durga follow them. Yashpal says she wants to study here. The man says no, Durga got admission from poor people quota. Shri and Yashpal get shocked. Yashpal thinks Subhadra got her admission done by poor people quota, cheat again, I did not think she can fall so low.

Teacher tells principal that Durga did not make project. Durga says I have copy, I know where it is kept, come with me, trust me. Sanjay and Aarti hear her. Durga says I will prove I did my work, you can remove me from race if you want. Principal agrees and goes with her.

Yashpal comes to meet Subhadra. She gets shocked. She acts good. He says our relation would have got over, talk to mum if you get time, she missed you. She says I can’t forget what you did for me and Brij, forgive me, I did it for Durga’s good, I got her to city and got admission in big school, I have spent much money for her education, who does so in these times. He smiles and says you are saying right, none can do this, I went to Durga’s school and got to know you got her admission in poor people quota, not by spending money, you did not spend one rupee. She gets shocked. He leaves.

Durga gets the book from sports room and says someone has kept this here. Teacher checks her book. She says I was not lying. Principal asks who did this with you. Durga says Prince…… Prince gets shocked. She says Principal sir, I don’t know who did this, my dad says people find chance to pull back successful people, maybe some kids are jealous, I got the book, its enough now. Sanjay and Aarti look on. Principal praises her. Teacher blesses her. Prince thinks how did she get that copy. Durga recalls following Aarti and Prince’s friends and seeing where they kept book.

Principal says talented and smart kids will represent our school tomorrow. He says Durga, our school respect and pride is in your hands, don’t break our hope. She says yes and gets the race uniform. Principal gives uniform to Aarti and says if Durga can’t participate, you have to do her duty, you are her standby, all the best. They thank him. Sanjay says you Durga. She reminds the challenge. He says I won’t let you run in race. She says I will run this race for my dad and win, then I will make you bend, do anything you want. She goes.

Durga says I feel someone is coming. Durga goes to meet her friend’s mum. Her friend locks her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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