Meri Durga 16th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Meri Durga 16th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Subhadra asking Durga to work hard and make this lie turn true. Durga nods. She calls Amrita and tells her that she did not pass in exam, she failed. Amrita gets shocked and sees Yashpal being very happy that she passed. Amrita asks Durga not to worry, work hard and pass, I will explain Yashpal. Shri comes to Durga and asks her to promise, she will work hard after the school fair. They sit to study. Yashpal says I m very happy today. Amrita gets sad and thinks I can’t tell truth to Yashpal.

Teacher tells Rajveer that Durga failed, I will need your help to make her pass the test, I feel we should meet to discuss about her, its a very serious matter. She shows Durga’s paper. He recalls Durga’s words. He gets thinking. Teacher says evening 6pm and goes. He says how did this happen, Durga you will pass, I have a solution for both of us. Durga asks Hanuman to make some way to cut Subhadra’s lie. Rajveer says even fate will show you same way for which you were born. Annapurna says you are going to meet Durga and did not let me make anything. Yashpal says I don’t want to distract Durga. I will just see her from far and come home, don’t worry, everything will be fine, we should become strength of children.

The fair at Durga’s school is organized. Yashpal comes there. Durga walks behind. They don’t see each other. Durga talks to her friend. The man asks Yashpal to get ready, and shave the beard. Yashpal says no one told this to me. The man asks him to remove moustache also. Yashpal asks what, no. The man says you have to. Durga wins the games/competition. Shri hugs her. Rajveer calls Durga.

Shilpa sees Madhav coming and waits for him. She says Madhav will be coming any time now. Sheela calls Shilpa. Bantu takes Shilpa with him. Amrita comes there and slips on stairs. Madhav holds her. They have an eyelock. Madhav taunts Amrita. Amrita asks who asked you to save me, it would have been good if I fell down than taking your favor. He says I should have made you fall and taunts her. He says I value time unlike you, I have to reach office on time, I hope you will come office on time. He goes.

Durga goes to the girls. Rajveer says there are two teams with five players, I will say the game rules. He says this handkerchief will be in this circle, the player who picks this and crosses line will win, if opposite team touches him before reaching the line, that player will win. He starts the game. Aarti and Durga see each other. Rajveer says Aarti and Durga have competition now, whoever wins now, their team will win, are we ready, go. Aarti and Durga see each other. Yashpal gets clown makeup done. He gets sad.

Everyone cheer for Durga and Aarti. Aarti takes the kerchief and runs. Durga touches her. Durga wins. Everyone cheer for her. Yashpal dressed as clown comes there. He sees Durga and smiles. Durga hugs Shri happily. Yashpal stops himself and thinks Durga will be upset seeing me this way. He prays for Durga.

Durga dances and enjoys the time. The girls make fun of Durga. Yashpal looks on.

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